29 March 2013

Team Day #2

Every month my work tries to get together for a day - currently 18 staff members - to discuss the brand, get updates, and bond.

Last team day we stayed in the office, but had an amazing presentation/session with our brand marketing company Radiation, and a session on communication.

Yesterday was a 'mystery' day - we were told casual clothes were okay... and I was asked if I get motion sickness... So, we guessed a boat would be involved...

Boat suspicions correct - make that a ferry ride... but to where?

Mystery solved! I've never been to Waiheke before!!

First challenge of the day - arts! We are to create a wine: design a label for the wine bottle, and the wording for the back... All with keeping to our brand values! Fun :)

Off the ferry on Waiheke and to a bus - next mystery is where will the bus take us?!

Mystery #2 solved! Brooke's parents' house!

The house is amazing inside and out! Art and sculptures everywhere. We are all blissed out :)

Awesome kitchen - which we got to cook in (the second challenge!)

Champagne waiting for us on arrival, followed by hot-cross-buns!

The view is incredible - there is a huge folding glass wall/door that opens the house up to the outside

Challenge number 2 turns out to be a master chef type challenge, complete with three mystery boxes (for the three teams of four people). Our team goes with the blue chilly-bin... and finds out we are preparing the entree. Everything in the box must be used: whole pineapple, lemons, cherry tomatoes, corriander, bacon, chorizo, whole fresh prawns, spinach leaves, pasta... I'm on the sauce for the prawns, rosemary helps and is on pasta, the boys start on preparing the prawns

Team 'Main Course' (they got weird ingrediants, including chicken, chocolate, cognac!!!)

Team 'Dessert'

 I'm on sauce duty (luckily we find out early that the CEO is allergic to corriander!! So we save that as a garnish for everyone but her). I manage to scavenge from the pantry some salt, pepper, sweet chilli sauce, olive oil, and garlic. This all goes in a bowl with lemon and pineapple juice. 

Dessert looks amazing!

What a view to look out on while we eat and drink merrily :)

Starting to plate our entree

Drizzle of olive oil to finish it off

The boys did an amazing job on the BBQ

Om nom nom!

Judging time... We won for our Entree!!!

It's a hard life - we are now heading down the property for some wine tasting. This is looking back at the amazing house.

More art from the house

Easter treats

Our left-overs and food scraps go to the roosters that occupy the park

We decide to take the top deck of the ferry for the ride home

Party boat!!!! We ran into Guy Williams on the way home too - small world!

Back to the city for some drinks at the Mecure - another great view

Not all the team made it to the end - but a few of us were still going :)

It was an amazing day - I work with fantastic people and we are so lucky we can have days like this. It makes such a difference to the normal work day too - you come back reinvigorated and impassionated.

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