18 March 2013

Things I am Barely Putting Up With

It's a M*nday and I'm feeling grumpy, so what better way than to rant than here...

1. I am a woman, in her 30s, who is barely putting up with blemishes!! I went through all that sh*t back in high-school. Now I use amazing beauty products... and yet today I sport an awesomely inflamed blemish! Now, I did leave out the part about me making it red and angry by constantly touching it. Still, COME OOOON! Was it too many Mini M&Ms easter eggs over the weekend (they are soooo good)? Did I not drink enough water?!

(Note: at no point did I use the P word... that being 'pimple'. This is beyond a simple pimple. Cyst sounds far too horrendous.)

(ED: old school remedy of toothpaste still works a treat! Combined with hydrogen peroxide cream my blemish is looking less mad at the world. March 20)

I give the royal finger to blemishes *also, shakes fist and curses*

2. Insomnia. WTF. Despite being tired and absolutely ready for dream-land, I was trapped in tossing-and-turning-land until after 1am this morning... only to wake up around 5am. I need sleep. I WANT sleep. Why deny me??! No one likes it when I turn into 'B*tch Michelle'.

I give the royal finger to insomnia *also, shakes both fists, falls to knees and curses*

Maybe the blemish CAUSED the insomnia... Could they be working together to chip away at my already fragile self-esteem and sanity?! Discuss below (don't - I already said I was fragile! I'm a sleep-deprived woman in her 30s, with a blemish!!).

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