24 April 2013

High Morning Tea

I like planning events, yet I am not an event planner; I manage a database! My organisational skills, paired with my creativity, have helped me put on some great events though (mainly for work!).

Today's event was a work colleague, Carla's, birthday AND wedding celebration.

My work allocates everyone a 'birthday buddy'. The identify of your buddy is meant to be a secret - I have Carla, but she will have someone else.

We usually celebrate birthdays here with morning tea (cake, candles and singing), and by decorating our birthday buddy's desk.

Carla got a little extra, because we wanted to celebrate her impending wedding too!

Yesterday two of us looked in many-a-$2-shop for props, and last night I baked heart-shaped scones (well, I tried!). as well as making everyone place cards.

 Setting up the Boardroom today. First job was putting together this amazing cardboard cake-stand (by Talking Tables) that the CEO found.

Once the stand was together, I worked on setting up the rest of the table. I used organza down the middle, with strings of pearls, and little white/pink ribbon rosettes.

 Looking good! Doilies, paper fans, pink flamingos, lace parasol, blowing bubbles, tea cups and pots, party-poppers...

 Found this darling 'wind chime' - tea cup with dangling spoons!

Time to start adding the food - mini-cupcakes, scones (with jam and cream), cucumber sandwiches, and sausage rolls (along with some lollies).

I also made sure everyone had a 'fancy' hat - the guys got top hats and pink bow-ties, the girls got a mixture of facinators. Carla, the bride-to-be, had a mini-veil.

Finally, time to enjoy! (Just don't tell anyone I had Coke Zero in my teacup)

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