19 April 2013

I want to share this

I've been at my new job for just over 2 months. On Tuesday we all found out a colleague had accepted redundancy as part of the restructuring of a team. I was stunned; she was someone I clicked with... an amazing woman.

I just received this email:

I'm glad that my time at work didn't end before you joined. I'm really keen to not only keep in touch but get to know you better. I really want to plan Waiheke too [ed: a girl's weekend at her beach house]. I found out about work the week before we were over and so pleased we got to do that together. I re-read your card this morning and immediately ruined my no-more-tears pact. Whoops. Off for a 90 minute coffee walk with a mate. You will love her ... Will def bring you into the warped mates circle!

So sad to see her go, but so glad that we will keep in touch.

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