10 May 2013

Living in a cookie store

Every now and then I remember my dream, and boy do I have some weird ones!

Last night's:

I moved into a cookie store on the main street of Howick… then realised I had to get out of bed when the store opened and had to pack away all my things… Also the bathroom was upstairs where a large Asian family lived (the son owned the Cookie store – he told me he won a lot of money at a high school competition called The Edge – my brain knew this was a rock band type of thing)… There was a big market day on the Sunday in Howick – people were everywhere, and the cookie van had to drive through where my bed was… I knew that, although the bus stop was literally outside my door, it would take ages to get to work – it was all a big mistake and I wanted my money back. I also encouraged him to decorate the cookie shop with fancy tea cups…


I puzzle myself sometimes, but there are some simple underlying connections: Howick is my hometown, I love cookies and often talk about the wonderful cookie store in the city centre, I've been thinking about moving a bit, I don't drive so there is some anxiety around transport, at work we all have fancy tea cups on our desks... Or maybe I am destined to move into a cookie store hehe

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