13 June 2013

Stana Katic + Plastic Surgery

(Ed: 26 August 2013. Wow, this post gets HEAPS of hits... I just wanted to add that I published this post as nothing like it existed already - at least, nothing I could find on google. I was curious - all explained below by missing Stana's appearance in The Shield. I don't want to appear malicious at all...)

'Castle' is one of my guilty pleasure shows. It's a bit dumb, but it's fun!! Stana Katic plays, of course, Detective Kate Beckett to Nathan Fillion's Richard Castle.

I have noticed Stana Katic pop up in a couple of movies, like when I was watching 'The Librarian III: The Curse of the Judas Chalice'  (2008). However, I was stunned last night. STUNNED.

We're watching 'The Shield' - I missed it when it was originally airing. Stana Katic popped up in two consecutive episodes: season 3 (2004), episodes 14 and 15. We saw her name in the starting credits, and then waited for her to show up... and waited... and waited.

Episode 14, we didn't see her. Episode 15 was looking like a miss too... until we realised that the woman on screen, the one who looked nothing like Stana Katic, sounded exactly like Stana Katic. A quick trip to IMDB told us that, yes, that was in fact her...

I'm not totally sure why I am blogging this - random, I know! Like I said: I was stunned by how different she looked. 

So, from 2004 to 2009's 'Castle' major stuff happened...

This first image is from 2004, S03:14 of 'The Shield' - profile doesn't look like her

Also from 'The Shield'

Finally a front-on shot, from 'The Shield'. Do you recognise Castle's Stana Katic here?!

To me it's not just the nose. I know a nose changes a face... But this seems like different brow/eye area, face shape, nose...

Let's take a look at a year later, 2005. Stana was in an episode of 'The Closer'. Looking a little more recognisable?!

2005, an episode of 'ER'.

A year later, 2006, Stana plays Diana Palos in the unaired pilot for a potential TV show called 'Faceless'. I'm starting to see Kate Beckett now!

And an episode of 'Brothers and Sisters' in 2006... Potentially shot before 'Faceless' (above) maybe? old nose vs. new nose??

Moving into 2007, she is in 'Heroes'

2009 'Castle' started...
Season 1

Season 2 (2009/10)

Season 3 (2010/11)

Season 4 (2011/12)

Season 5  (2012/13)

So, 2004 vs. June 2013...

I'll stop judging people now!!


  1. I don't think the 2 "The Shield" photos are the same woman. The profiles don't match. I was curious about her when I saw her on s01e03 of "The Closer". If she had work done I don't blame her. I doubt she would have been so successful without it. Do you think Jennifer Aniston would have been cast on "Friends" with her old nose? I think there should be a site for before and after of Hollywood stars. I went to Stana's website to see if she mentions it, but couldn't find anything. I think anyone should be proud if they improve themselves. We really can't take credit for our genes can we? Thanks for posting, like I said I was struck by the difference myself.

    1. I know, right?! It's crazy! Seriously, that is Stana from her appearance on The Shield! Like I said, I missed her the whole episode and had to go to IMDB and then google, to realise it was her!! The profile is very different!

  2. It IS Stana. I'm watching the shield right now & was flabbergasted. She had a lot of work done,
    that's more than just obvious

    1. I was the same as you -- I was stunned enough to write this post lol

  3. On review, the first commenter is right re the second shield pic. That's not Stana. I think it's the strike team's lawyer. But who cares anyway? I should go out, get a life... ;) ...:(

  4. Reply to first commenter:
    Yes, of course Stana wouldn't have had a shot at the big stage with the face she was wearing 10 years ago.

    But there are 2 problems. The first, obvious one, social pressure, which already existed long before the mass media started the constant bombardment & thus became a relevant factor with regards to culture shaping.

    Secondly & more important imho is the "be yourself" factor. The more you modify your outer shape, the farther you distance yorself from who you actually are! Which often leads to identity confusion, if that wasn't the reason for the whole BM in the first place already.

    I prefer not to know how Stana really feels, or how she really looks like under that ton of make up.

    i hope she's lucky; i doubt it