26 August 2013

Move Wish List #17

I thought it was about time I put together one of these lists! I have by no means watched all the movies on my last wish lists, but there are always more...

These films are released over the next few months in the US (and hopefully not long after, here!)

(Last Updated: 25 December 2013)

Drinking Buddies (2013)  90 min   -   Comedy | Drama | Romance
Luke and Kate are co-workers at a Chicago brewery, where they spend their days drinking and flirting. They're perfect for each other, except that they're both in relationships. Luke is in the midst of marriage talks with his girlfriend of six years, Kate is playing it cool with her music producer boyfriend Chris. But you know what makes the line between "friends" and "more than friends" really blurry? Beer.
Director: Joe Swanberg
Stars: Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, Ron Livingston
Why watch IMO: It's the cast that's got me here.

Blue Jasmine (2013)  98 min   -   Drama
A life crisis causes a vapid and narcissistic socialite to head to San Francisco, where she tries to reconnect with her sister.
Director: Woody Allen
Stars: Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard, Sally Hawkins
Why watch IMO: What can I say - I like Woody Allen movies! He's assembled a great cast too.

Closed Circuit (2013) 96 min   -   Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Martin and Claudia are lawyers -- and ex-lovers -- who find themselves put at risk after they join the defense team for an international terrorist's trial.
Director: John Crowley
Stars: Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Jim Broadbent, Ciarán Hinds
Why watch IMO: Great cast, and sounds like a great thriller!

Riddick (2013)  119 min   -   Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators. Activating an emergency beacon alerts two ships: one carrying a new breed of mercenary, the other captained by a man from Riddick's past.
Director: David Twohy
Stars: Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Jordi Mollà
Why watch IMO: Dude, it's Riddick!!!! WITH Starbuck!

The Family (2013)  Action | Comedy | Crime
The Manzoni family, a notorious mafia clan, is relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program, where fitting in soon becomes challenging as their old habits die hard.
Director: Luc Besson
Stars: Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron
Why watch IMO: Luc Besson + that cast...

Machete Kills (2013) Action | Crime | Thriller
The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space.
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Stars: Danny Trejo, Alexa Vega, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba
Why watch IMO: The first Machete film was a riot. This one can only be more hilarious and bloody!

The Counsellor (2013) Thriller
A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.
Director: Ridley Scott
Stars: Brad Pitt, Goran Visnjic, Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem
Why watch IMO: Ridley Scott + that cast

Out of the Furnace (2013) Thriller
When Rodney Baze mysteriously disappears and law enforcement fails to follow through, his older brother, Russell, takes matters into his own hands to find justice.
Director: Scott Cooper
Stars: Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson
Why watch IMO: The cast - loving that Woody Harrelson is appearing in more films lately

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) 105 min   -   Drama | Music
A week in the life of a young singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961.
Directors: Ethan Coen | Joel Coen
Stars: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund
Why watch IMO: New Coen Brothers film!

American Hustle (2013) Drama
The story of a con artist and his partner in crime, who were forced to work with a federal agent to turn the tables on other cons, mobsters, and politicians - namely, the volatile mayor of impoverished Camden, New Jersey.
Director: David O. Russell
Stars: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence
Why watch IMO: Sounds like an interesting plot, with a stellar cast.

The Monuments Men (2013) Adventure | Comedy | Drama | History | Thriller | War
In a race against time, a crew of art historians and museum curators unite to recover renowned works of art stolen by Nazis before Hitler destroys them.
Director: George Clooney
Stars: George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Bill Murray
Why watch IMO: George Clooney directing a great cast, with an interesting story.

Her (2013) Comedy | Drama | Romance | Sci-Fi
A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly-purchased operating system that's designed to meet his every need.
Director: Spike Jonze
Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Rooney Mara
Why watch IMO: Spike Jonze..

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy
An office worker who lives inside fantasy worlds where he gets to live an adventurous life while romancing his co-worker sets off a global journey to fix things when both of their jobs are threatened.
Director: Ben Stiller
Stars: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Patton Oswalt
Why watch IMO: Heard a lot of buzz for this remake. I hope Ben Stiller can pull in off. Awesome cast!

Jack Ryan (2013) Action | Drama | Thriller
Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Stars: Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley, Kenneth Branagh
Why watch IMO: Chris Pine as a young Jack Ryan. I buy it.

August: Osage County (2013)  130 min   -   Comedy | Drama
A look at the lives of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose paths have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Oklahoma house they grew up in, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them.
Director: John Wells
Stars: Meryl Streep, Dermot Mulroney, Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis
Why watch IMO: Not sure if this will end up being some cheesey chick-flick, but I love that
Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Juliette Lewis will be working together!

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