15 September 2013

Calexico 12 Sep 2013

I took my Dad to see Calexico at the Powerstation on Thursday night. It was my first time seeing them live (Dad's too), and the show was: WOW! Definitely will not forget it. We partied the whole time (I possibly drank a little too much). A-mazing gig (I just needed some maracas).

Set List:
  1. Epic
  2. Across The Wire
  3. Splitter
  4. Roka
  5. Dead Moon
  6. Para
  7. Minas de Cobre  (For Better Metal)
  8. Inspiracion
  9. Maybe On Monday
  10. Bathysphere (Smog cover)
  11. Sunken Waltz
  12. Two Silver Trees
  13. The News About William
  14. Dub Latina
  15. Crystal Frontier
  16. Alone Again Or
  17. Puerto
  18. Corona (Minutemen cover)
  19. Not Even Stevie Nicks/Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)
  20. Sinner In The Sea
  21. Guero Canelo

Security guard let me into the small VIP area upstairs side of stage, then left; told me to keep watch haha

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