11 September 2013

Favourite... Concealers

(My skin: Fair colouring, Normal - though prone to both dry and oily areas, Hormonal break-outs usually around my chin/neck, Dark under-eye, in my thirties so some anti-aging concerns)

I will always be trying to lessen the appearance of my dark circles, along with imperfections/blemishes. I’ve still got my Boi-ing and Ooh La Lift .. (both by Benefit), but I have some new tricks in my book! (Here is my previous post on concealing dark under-eye circles).

I tried both these products on a whim, and now they have become my (current) new routine, which I start after I have applied primer and foundation to my face:

1. e.l.f. (Eyes Lips Face) Complete Coverage Concealer Palette (in Light, the fairest shade). 
Savvy beauty shoppers rejoice- now there is no need to buy new concealer from season to season for meeting the different needs your skin tone may have. e.l.f. introduces a sleek quad compact filled with four brilliant, customisable concealers ranging from light, medium and dark shades. A must have for anyone's makeup kit these highly pigmented, professionally formulated concealers offer ultimate coverage to disguise a range of boo-boos and flaws including blemishes, dark circles, redness and uneven skin-tone for a flawless, makeup artist finish!

 I’ve read a lot about e.l.f. on the beauty blogosphere, but it’s not in shops here (in New Zealand, I could be wrong…). However, it is available to purchase online, national sites or international sites. I went with one of my local favs, Gracie Lou.

I love this palette! I have managed to use all four of the shades – for under  dark circles under my eyes,  redness around my nose (darn you hay-fever!), blemishes around my chin and neck, and for general touch-ups on the go… And what gets me is the price = cheap!!!! The palette comes with a small brush, but I use my finger tip to apply. I take this with me when I leave for work – and like it enough that I will buy a second palette just to keep in my handbag. The price makes this completely possible.

2. Benefit Fake Up Concealer (in 01, the fairest shade)
Benefit Fake Up Concealer is an intensely hydrating concealer that banishes dark circles and creases, without collecting in the natural creases of your face. Smooth and easy to use, the nourishing formula is enriched with vitamin E and silicon to cover up exposed pores and imperfections. Perfect for pale skin tones, light-reflecting technology also means that this multi-tasking concealer can be doubled up as a highlighter, leaving you with a bright, even and radiant complexion. 

This adds a brightness under my eyes, and feels soothing. Such an easy product to apply (it’s in a stick just like a lipstick): I apply it directly, then blend it lightly with my fingertips. This one has a slightly higher price tag, but so far it’s lasting well and has kept my attention.

These products, and my steps, have helped reduce the appearance of dark circles, though not completely. I am happy with the results so far… but will be keeping a look out for the ‘next best thing’. Boi-ing and Oh La Lift are still in my beauty case (no concealers were hurt in the writing of this post).

Have you tried either of these products - what did you think? If you struggle with under-eye circles, what do you use?? Comment below :) 

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