29 September 2013

Getting e.l.f. products to NZ with YouShop

(Updated 25 September 2013) 

---> My order arrived 25 September

Having fallen in love with the e.l.f. (Eyes Lips Face) Complete Coverage Concealer Palette I decided that I wanted a) another palette to keep in my handbag for touch-ups, b)  to try other products, and c) to give my favs as gifts.

I can source e.l.f. locally online - and not at bad prices. For example, I purchased my concealer palette for $15. But this retails on the e.l.f website for US$3 (or approx. NZ$3.60 at the current exchange rate). Then the $15 rate kinda hurts - it's 5x the price!

E.l.f. have an Australian site that does ship to NZ. As a point of comparison, the concealor palette is AU$5.99 (or approx. NZ$6.90 at the current exchange rate). Still cheaper than from a local site... but the shipping kills it: to NZ standard shipping is AU$20.55 and registered shipping is AU$26.55... Get bulk buying!!!


... I've had a YouShop account for a while now. Actually, from since it was launched in NZ. I'd never used it... until yesterday.

Youshop is a service through NZ Post whereby you get given an address in the USA and the UK (it's for a warehouse) and a unique ID (to be used in front of your name and as a suite number). Buy something online from the UK or the USA, use your appropriate YouShop UK/USA address as the delivery address, then when it arrives at the warehouse you pay some shipping.... and your parcel is on the way to NZ! The concept is brilliant - suddenly all those awesome websites that won't ship to NZ are your oyster!

You can track your parcel's arrival at the YouShop warehouses via your online account, and pay the shipping via credit card (which is based on volume and weight), and then watch as it's redelivered to your doorstep. They will even combine parcels and/or repackage for you! (at an extra cost).

Here is how things worked out for me:

11 September 2013
I used my account to place an order with e.l.f. USA.
(Tip: I made a rookie mistake once when I almost used Youshop for the first time. I used my YouShop address as my billing address... my credit card company declined the transaction a few days after I ordered as it didn't match my actual billing address. I had to wait for a refund. Le sigh. Lesson learned: billing address NZ, shipping address: YouShop).

This time I chose to pay via PayPal (just in case the above nonsense happened again), and my transaction went through. I've had the shipping notification already! So far so good.

Financially, here's where I stand so far:
*NZ$42 for 15 beauty items, including shipping (bought enough for free shipping, and then I got a mega-crazy-awesome discount of US$20 off!! Who does that?! Swoon).

Let's just take a moment to marvel at the cost.. less than NZ$3 per item!!!! O.O

a) I hope I like all the products, but at $3, if I don't, who cares?!!?
b) It will be interesting to see what my YouShop shipping is, and how long it takes to get redirected to me in NZ

18 September 2013
Update time!! Today I received an email from YouShop informing me that I have an item waiting for me in the warehouse, and that I need to pay shipping…

Shipping total NZ$35 (took 7 days, over a weekend)

That brings my e.l.f. order to a grand total of roughly NZ$75

Not bad for 15 makeup items. The new average per item is NZ$5

When I first saw the YouShop shipping I had a moment of worry: maybe I should’ve just ordered from the Australian e.l.f. site with their AU$20.55 shipping?! But I did a comparison of products/prices, and if I had ordered from the Australian site it would’ve cost me roughly NZ$119 (with shipping). Even if the Australian site had also offered a $20 discount, my total with them would’ve still been: NZ$99

Now I will pay Youshop and see how long it takes to get from Portland, Oregon, to Auckland, New Zealand!! Exciting!

20 September 2013
I paid my YouShop shipping on 19th, and I got notification that my parcel had left the warehouse 20th... Now I little girl waits...

23 September 2013
My parcel has reached NZ! NZ Post estimated 1-3 days for delivery!

25 September 2013
My order arrived today (photo posted above)! So exciting. All the items were there - all 15! All up, less than 15 days from USA to NZ. And financially all up NZ$5 an item.

I can't wait to make my next order. I'll review some of the e.l.f. products I got as soon as I have time.

... And she lived happily ever after


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