16 September 2013

One Week Down

It's been a week, and the Diet is still going... strong?

Here's where things went a bit... wrong (I’ll stop rhyming now).

Wednesday night I had a lovely dinner out with a friend. I ate pizza and deep fried fish... Hmm

Thursday night I had a delicious Japanese dinner out. I was mostly good, sticking to sushi... and only a few deep dried squid tentacles (mmmm tentacles). I did drink a LOT of wine though (insert Hangover here. Sushi is not very absorbant).

So, on Thursday at lunch I had been really good: while everyone ate pizza, I had my salad. Well, on Friday (feeling a little seedy) I had a piece of cold leftover pizza (Shame Pizza I will call it).

Saturday I found my stash of Russian fudge (the only kind of fudge IMO). As punishment for taking a bite of a piece, it tasted TERRIBLE... and then I saw it had expired. Shame Fudge. However, the mini bars of Whittakers L&P chocolate were fine (I had to check?!), so I ate them... hmmm (Oh and dinner was wedges with sour cream and Quorn nuggets... deep fried...)

And here I am, back at Monday. Right on cue a staff member has brought in homemade chocolate brownie. I have resisted.

Conclusion so far: I didn't do as well as I wanted to. I kinda wanted to be high and mighty and say: "I ate healthy all last week". I can't do that. But I made a vast improvement on my diet (yes, believe it or not I was eating much worse/more than even my slip-ups above!). This is what I am choosing to concentrate on – the improvement. I haven't given up. This week is another challenge. And at least all my fudge has expired. Really, that's the lesson in keeping a fudge stash – check the expiry. It's not a good food item to stash.

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