23 September 2013

Two Weeks Down

Okay, I'm heading into my third week of The Diet and I need to remind myself once more: I'M ON A DIET!

Last week was mixed. Would I call it a success? Perhaps not. I resisted some things, but not others.

I managed to keep up relatively healthy lunches (2 lunches from Pita Pit, my homemade couscous salad...).

There was a birthday at work: I coudn't resist a slice of carrot cake, but I did resist the chocolate (can't really reward myself for eating one piece of cake instead of two haha).

Pizza snuck into dinner a couple of times. So did potato wedges with sour cream mmm.

Conclusion: week one definitely went better than week two. It is so easy to slip back into old (bad) habits.

Week Three needs to be back to basics, and back to some increased willpower or I will not see any results. This diet can't be about undoing all my good work with a few binges. As I said in my first post, this is about eating better so I feel better.

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