30 September 2013

Week Three Down

I hear you Grumpy Cat!

I'm heading into my fourth week of the Diet. How did week three go? You don't care? I'm telling you anyway.

Pretty good actually. Three soup dinners (potato and leek is a revelation!). There may have still been some pizza... a  missed meal... and baked beans on toast (I think..). Lunches = good.

Let myself down with a few snacks. I was so excited to find a kiosk in the middle of a mall that sells my favourite UK candy (Roundtrees Randoms) that I bought a heap of bags, then remembered the Diet (still ate a few here and there - they're made with real fruit juice... yeah, I know, I'm stretching).

I did finally face the music (terrible, piped in, department store music) and bought a couple of new (cough larger sized cough) bras today. I was avoiding it, cos, you know, I'm on the Diet! But I am sick of being almost cut in half by the lace from hell. Satan's lace. I should have done it months ago, for comforts sake! Instead I suffered in lingerie silence. Upside is, working my way back into the ones that are trying to kill me aka that don't fit at the moment.

Anyway, I'm feeling better about what I am eating; better about myself. I know I'll get there. The next huge step will be adding in some exercise ugh.

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