09 September 2013

Where I start the D word

DIET. Diet is the D word. I hate what it implies. So, without all those sh*tty connotations, my use of the word means this: I am watching my diet, what I eat. I am cutting out the crap, and using moderation. Sensible eating. Not some crazy 'diet plan'.

That's my idea anyway.

I can honestly say that it is a RARE occurrence when I am happy in myself. That's obviously not a good thing. For the last 20 years I have had body issues.

What really hit home was when a (sadistic) doctor made me weigh myself on Friday, and I had a very unsettling realisation: I am 30 kgs heavier than when I was still upset about being overweight.


It's not like anyone needs to tell me what that means. I know what it means. And on a shallow level: I see myself everyday and don't like what I see.

So, in Bridget Jones-esque fashion I am writing about this struggle. Not everyday... just if/when I need to share I am guessing.

I could join Weight Watchers, or something like that. There are lots of things I could do. But I have decided to do one month my way and see what happens.

Here's my plan:

One month of healthy eating to break bad habits. Four weeks of avoiding my favourites (chocs, fast food, lollies etc.). I don't believe in cutting something entirely out of my diet for weight loss (everything in moderation), however I want to try a month of restricting those foods; reduce my cravings (hopefully). 

I stand at day one. Fittingly it's a M*nday (a hateful day). I haven't been that hungry. So far so good (Brekky: 1 x Banana Anchor Fast Start, Lunch: 3 x fresh teriyaki chicken spring rolls from St Pierres, Snack: 1 x Le Snak - pretty high in fat, but I ran out of muesli bars, and 2 x Coke Zero 355mls).

Why blog this? Because I am hoping just being open like this will help me keep my promise to myself. I've put it out there.

Wish me luck xo

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