10 October 2013

WoW 2013 - World of WearableArt

I went to my first WoW (World of WearableArt) show last weekend. What I couldn't believe is that I haven't been before!! It was an amazing show! I can't wait to go back next year.

Those that had been before had said it me: it's not just fashion, it's a SHOW. It's not until you actually see the show that you fully realise what that means. There are these magnificent pieces of wearable art being showcased among tightly choreographed acts - everything from dance, to contortion, to acrobatics... Different sections of the competition have different themes, and this is reflected in the fantastically chosen music and scenery.

There is no photography allowed during the show, but here are some pics I snapped up to the show.

Believe it or not these are boots in a very normal shoe shop! Barbie Heads if you will. I pair of these boots would set you back more than NZ$300...

Here's trouble! There were eight of us traveling to the show together. Our designated ticket buyer was savvy indeed - buying two sets of four at the arena, so we could easily talk to each other (instead of a long row of eight)!

It was a short walk from dinner to the arena. Outside was adorned with gorgeous lanterns.

And there were a couple of last years pieces of wearable art on show outside!

The lobby

Inside there were also some displays: the hedgehog bra... not the most comfortable I'd imagine!

Tuatara bra...

The I-don't-know-what-bra!

And this incredible armour...

Here's a shot of the packed arena before the show started.

I took a quick snap of one of the sections: the Avant Garde. This has a picture of all the pieces of art that were in the AG section.


Here are some official images from the show. You can see how magical it is!

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