20 November 2013

Halloween 2013!

I am soooo late in posting this! I've been meaning to ever since Halloween...

Another fun night in our house, with spooky food and drink, and a scary movie

There was a clearly a 'Psycho' moment in our bathroom hehe (the food colouring washed right off too thankfully!!)

I bought a few new decorations this year (to add to our collection). Most things were found on sale at Spotlight, Martha's Backyard, and various Dollar stores.

Here are some free printable labels I found on the web and use. I didn't create these myself:
Halloween Bottle Labels (PDF) - great for wine bottles etc.
Blank Halloween Labels (PDF)

Halloween gives me an excuse to watch scary movies. I like a good scare - nothing too gory (torture-porn is NOT my thing; horrid!). Some of my favs are:

Honorable mentions:
Really scares me:

We ended up watching Drag Me To Hell - lots of fun.

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