09 November 2013

Time Management Games: Bistro Boulevard

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

Today's game is...

... Bistro Boulevard
I really enjoyed this game, although it still does bother me a little that you don't cook the food or control your staff in this game. The idea is to set-up your restaurant appropriately with decorations, tables, chairs, kitchenware etc. as well as hiring new chefs and waiters, and training them! AND making sure you have set a good menu for the next day (you are told what ingredients people are going to want to order, and it's up to you to learn and use the right recipes. All of this is done using the money you have used the previous day. 

So all of this organisation suits me (and my OCD hehe), but I do wish I was able to participate more during the opening hours of the restaurant - all you do then as the player is sit groups of people that arrive (and unlike some of ther other dining games, there isn't colour matching with bonus points, it's just making sure your group fits at the table).You do have a time limit, so the more well trained your staff are, the more tables you have, and the faster kitchen equipment all means your customers are happier and can be served/seated faster!

All this works towards making your restaurant 5 stars, along the way completing various tasks (all the tasks are listed for you from day 1, so you can complete them in any order - some tasks will require you to be further along with your restaurant e.g. certain items can only be purchased when you have earned 1 or 2 of your stars already). Completing all tasks gives you a star, so does hitting the targets for your decorations, staffing, recipes, and having a certain number 'perfect days' (a perfect day is when your recipes, quality of food, and service are rated perfect).

Turn one modest diner into a promenade of five-star restaurants! Hire staff, pick the menu, and decorate your restaurant to impress your customers. Experiment with ingredients to discover new recipes. Upgrade your kitchen with high-end equipment to cook fancy recipes and speed up your service. Personalise your dining room with hundreds of decorations. It’s all you to up in Bistro Boulevard, a fun Time Management game!

-Fast-paced game play, Unique upgrades, Build your own restaurant!

This screenshot shows how you can learn different recipes, by guessing (or using a hint) ingredients. You've also got to make sure you put together recipes to match the ingredient each days customers want to eat! (I like that).

Download a free one hour trial here

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