04 December 2013

Cards from the past (my past)

Once upon a time, before I used twitter, twitpic, instagram etc.. any card I made that I liked (and of course then gave away), I would photograph, colour print, then stick into a small scrapbook, often along with a paper/design sample from what I used. I guess so I could look back for inspiration. I think I started card-making late 2007, thanks to a certain crafty friend :)

Sorting out my craft 'stuff/supplies' the other day I came across the scrapbook, which hasn't had an entry for years (because any photos of my cards end up on the net: twitter/instagram, my blog, then pinterest!!).

I took some snaps of scrapbook I liked, before deciding it was time to bin it (in favour of non-clutter):

(I remember making these for Evette - first for her Hen's Night, then the 'E&P' for her wedding)

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