06 December 2013

Time Management Games: Spooky Mall

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

Today's game is...

... Spooky Mall
I'm a fan of TMGs that have a horror theme (e.g: Haunted Domains, Daycare Nightmare, Vampires vs. Zombies) - just a nice twist :) This is another 'upgrade a mall, restock the shelves' game, with spooky fun customers (that like to buy in bulk, and apparently try to shop-lift all the time, so watch for that!! hehe). Very simple game to master, especially once you have all the upgrades. It would've been a nice touch to make the food in the mall 'spooky' also, but still, Spooky Mall is a fun game that kept me entertained.

Download a free one hour trial here

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