25 February 2014

What Diet?

OK, so it's been a while since I posted about 'the D word'... and honestly, I've been slack. I've not been consistent with watching my diet or with exercise.

And this might sound strange/contradictory, but it hurt when a friend said she was worried about me re: diet and exercise. I don't want people to lie to me and say I look good or whatever..., and being worried about implies caring..., but I wanted to yell "fuck you!!!".

I could've lied and said that I like the way I am and I am happy and... more lies...

I guess it hurt, because it's the truth - if anyone should be on a diet, it's me. I know this. I struggle with this.

At the same time I refuse to make myself miserable with yo-yo dieting and ridiculous restrictions that are impossible to keep up.

Annnnd I am sick of being the unhappy fat person that is uphappy about being fat but does nothing.

I was actually prompted to write today after reading this in stuff.co.nz:

I am on the journey of losing weight because if I don't I'll end up with diabetes - a place I don't want to be. So with shear guts, determination and setting goals that are achievable, I've started my journey.

I have a great GP who is encouraging and not judging. I visit monthly, weigh myself and he encourages me. I need to lose 40kg in total and I am half way there.

I have an amazing husband who calls out while I am on my cross trainer: "Way to go girl."

I started at five minutes and could do just a 1km with resistance zero. I thought that was the toughest thing.

Now, four months on I can do 7km in 30 minutes with resistance four. Six days a week I get out of bed have a cuppa, put on the trainers and off I go.

I have a food routine. I never used to have breakfast, but now I have a bowl of porridge with full cream milk. Yes, full cream. That's the dairy for the day. It tastes good and lasts the whole morning. No brown sugar.

When I first started, apples became my best friend and I would eat one when I needed something sweet and felt flat.

Lunch is two slices of wholegrain bread, a protein and salad sandwich, and some fruit with a cup of tea.

Dinner is a protein, low GI carb, mainly kumara, pumpkin, or wholegrain rice with unlimited vegetables. I choose the tasty colourful ones.

Food must look good and taste yum. Just because the meal has to be healthy doesn't mean it tastes yuck.

When I need a yummy snack, I have half a cup of nuts or a cracker with marmite because the crunch is what helps. But sometimes you just want the real sweet treat and that's what it is; a little, occasionally, is OK.

I managed Christmas without putting anything on.

I drink tea and coffee with no sugar. But if I want a slightly nicer drink I have diet lemon lime and bitters. And a wine every now and then.

I set myself short realistic goals in 5kg increments. The loss is a bit slower now, but I will keep going. It will take 12 months to get to my big goal, but at the moment I am focusing on the small losses, excited to think I can do this.

My five sons are encouraging me. My daughter-in-law cheers me on. The grandies love me.

I will achieve, but I also realise that it will never end: I am pre-disposed to easy weight gain. I need to keep this focus forever and that's the hard bit. The diabeties is in remission, but only while I maintain the discipline - that's the hard bit.

I have recognised my enemy, sugar, and it's everywhere. If the packet says low fat, the chance is it's loaded with sugar to make it taste good.

My friend is fresh vegetables and fruit. I eat in-season produce so the price stays low.

For those who struggle out there, go to your GP, be honest and work to set a path that, although hard, will get you there.
She has worked hard and achieved. Losing 20 kgs seems such an attainable goal to me - amazing effort!! Losing 5 kgs would be amazing... #inspired

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