05 March 2014

Beta Trials for 2 HOPA Games

Recently Big Fish have emailed me with the chance to test 2 new Hidden Oject Puzzle Adventure Games (along with thousands of others!). Both trials ran for approximately one hour - I played both until the end. It was these trials that actually started me searching out other HOPA games - I was thoroughly impressed with the graphics and play game of each... and when they come out, I'll be buying them!

My opinion on both: good stories that had my interest; nice graphics; fun challenges; I will definitely be looking out for the full releases!

Dark Dimensions: Somber Song 
Townspeople flee as their town is covered in black smoke. Can you stop the dark dimension before it’s too late?

Riddles of Fate: Into Oblivion 
The 7 deadly sins have plunged peaceful Riddlestone into chaos! Rescue the royal family and save their people from destruction.

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