06 March 2014

Hidden Object Games: Shadow Wolf Mysteries

A Hidden Object Game at a basic level involves finding hidden objects in a picture. The HO games I play do involve this task, but also navigating scenes searching for clues/objects, solving puzzles and mysteries etc. (I'm into more of the sub-genre called HOPA, or Hidden Object Puzzle Adventures)

Today's games are...

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon

Called into a small city from the capitol, you have been put in charge of solving a string of mysterious murders! Around the same time as the murders, a wolf has been appearing around town and spooking the townsfolk. With rumors of a werewolf swirling, it's up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and set the record straight in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon! 

Developer: ERS Game Studios

I actually started with a trial of the second in this series, Bane of the Family. Once I figured that out, I went back to the beginning, with Curse of the Full Moon. Loved this game for many reasons: the story is intriguing and suitably werewolf-y :) ; the graphics were good (I will note there are some images of werewolf attacks that might not be suitable for kids) ; the challenges and object finding/using were a nice balance of ease and tricky, which kept me entertained. I was trying to pick which chapter of the game was my favourite - and I just can't; all the chapters flow so well together! Curse of the Full Moon got me hooked - I immediately bought the next to games to play!

Download a free one hour trial here

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Bane of the Family

Return to the De la Fer estate to help the count unravel the curse that has been passed down through his family in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Bane of the Family! Tackle this challenging Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and track down an all new werewolf that is wreaking havoc on the town. Can you break the curse and save the family?  

After finishing the first in the Shadow Wolf Mysteries (Curse of the Full Moon), I immediately started on Bane of the Family. Like the first game, we get a lot of different settings/chapters - this time exploring a manor, ship, port, hotel... the list goes on! These changes only add to the adventure/fun, plus objects are often taken from one scene to the next (just to confuse you :P). Expect fantastic graphics and detail, and a great balance of puzzles with hidden object games. Can't wait to play the third Shadow Wolf Mystery!

Download a free one hour trial here

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding 

Stop a vengeful werewolf in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding! After being called to Paris to help your friend Veronica, you find yourself in the middle of a shocking mystery. The ancient werewolf Mephistus has appeared in town seeking revenge on Veronica and her fiancé just days before their wedding. Explore the gorgeous streets of Paris as you uncover the truth behind the ancient werewolf curse in this thrilling Hidden Object game!

The third game in this series doesn't disappoint! Very entertaining and interactive game, again with great graphics and detail. Cursed Wedding adds a few different sorts of challenges/puzzles to the series (creating the fortune cookie is fun!). The difficulty level isn't very high (if you are after an easy game). I played all three in this series over a weekend - really enjoyed them. Definitely worth my money.

Download a free one hour trial here
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