19 May 2014

Hidden Object Games: Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

A Hidden Object Game at a basic level involves finding hidden objects in a picture. The HO games I play do involve this task, but also navigating scenes searching for clues/objects, solving puzzles and mysteries etc. (I'm into more of the sub-genre called HOPA, or Hidden Object Puzzle Adventures) 

Today's game is...

... Grim Tales: Bloody Mary

You’re driving home from work when you get an urgent call from your favourite niece, begging you to pick her up from her boarding school. The teachers have gone missing, her classmates are becoming violent, and shadow creatures are haunting every corner. Search the school, but remember this one simple rule: Never look into a mirror after sunset. Bloody Mary is always watching.
Developer: Elephant Games

A nice hidden object game, and my first in the 'Grim Tales' games. Great graphics, and differing locations - including 'mirror worlds'. I didn't play this quick enough, so I lost the plot a few times over a couple of weeks (thank god for hints!). This is a pretty straight-forward game though, with most the games being simple - it would've been nice to have had a couple of more complex challenges.

Download a free one hour trial here

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