28 June 2014

Auckland Art & Craft Fair, Jun 2014

MissionTo bring together a selection of New Zealand's best Designers, Artists & Crafters twice a year and enable them to have a professional, high-end platform to sell their unique goods.

Overview: The Auckland Art & Craft Fair is a one of a kind, special event happening twice a year during Summer & Winter. Designed to showcase a selection of New Zealand best independent and contemporary Designers, Artists & Crafters selling their products direct to the public for one day only.

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My second time at the twice-annual Auckland Art & Craft Fair was just as amazing as the first. The problem was trying to remain restrained when all I wanted to do was buy everything!

This fair's haul (pictured below) includes: retro CSI diorama (I coveted these last time!), ninja bear 'Totoro', brassy bracelet, Goblin King brooch (Jareth!!), and two sunglasses cases/pouches (I liked them both and couldn't decide! Naughty, I know).

Here are some of my favourites from the day - I'll definitely be looking them up again!

Bonjour SweetieBlogShop |
Jane's diorama's are unique and fun. There are numerous scenes, from the macabre (crimes/CSI, zombies, graveyards etc.), to everyday randomness. Here's a close-up of the retro CSI diorama I bought (it was a bit of nostalgia too, as my mum had one of these dioramas... sans the blood and gore!)

She also does necklaces/pendants:

Plastic FairyFacebook | Shop |
I spoke with Plastic Fairy - Facebook is the best place to contact her (as she has trouble finding the time to photograph and list all her products on Etsy or Big Cartel). On the first lap of the fair I spotted her Jareth fabric brooch (from the movie 'Labyrinth'). On the second lap I decided I had to buy it. With only $15 of 'market money' left (the brooch was $18), she immediately said it was mine for $15 - as a true fan of Labyrinth, she wanted me to have it (I did call him Jareth, even though he was labelled simply as The Goblin King. So points for me!). She had so many fun fabric brooches it was hard to pick just one (and not just celebs, but animals and objects too).

Chibli Crafts and Design / Ninja Bears | Blog |  Ninja Bears | FacebookShop |
What are Ninja Bears? Ninja Bear takes many forms and is super stealthy. Ninja Bear has the ability to control earthy elements. Ninja Bear is friend to you and will protect you from evil things. So cute, honestly I could've bought 5 or 6 of these bears! I restrained myself in this case, and just got the Totoro, or Toto Ninja Bear: is a friendly wood spirit Ninja. Likes to plant trees and sleep under them. Toto Ninja is very helpful and kind. This Ninja is at one with nature. Here's a shot of the stall:

Mademoiselle M | Website | FacebookShop (Etsy) | Shop (theMarket) |
I came away with a gorgeous bracelet - the geo bracelet made with an antique brass rectangle and handmade enamel (in light pink), and double antique brass chain. You can get one here. Today they were selling for $20, which was a bargain price - they are online for $28, which is still an awesome deal.

Whatnots | Facebook | Shop |
"Almost everything I make will have linen in it somewhere, I love the colours, the texture, the little bobbly bits, I could go on. Whether its combined with bright pops of colour or the soft muted shades it always looks beautiful on linen... All my listings are appliquéd with freehand machine embroidery, probably best described as drawing with the sewing machine. Each appliqué will have its own quirks and wobbles and the edges will fray a little but i think this just adds to the charm." I love the quirky nature to her designs. I didn't get anything last time (and regretted it), so this time I bought myself TWO sunglasses cases (or pouches for anything really). On the back of the dotty/spotty one, it says with stitching 'Slighty Dotty' (which is about right when it comes to me :P )

Gwyneth Hulse DesignFacebook | Shop |
Loved GHD's geometric aesthetic. Next time I might treat myself...

Work Shop | Website | Facebook |
Work Shop is a small hybrid boutique store on Karangahape Road (central Auckland). They design and create most of the products in the store front and stock prints from some amazing up and coming illustrators.

Claire Leblond Designs | Website | Facebook | Shop |
Beautiful handmade and uniquely designed dolls - all are made with vintage and upcycled fabrics. I'd like one of these one day, like 'Daisy' (pictured below)

iDear | Website | Facebook
If you like a good pun, you're in for a treat!! iDear began 3 1/2 years ago as a way to combine Ali's love of words with her love of paper products. iDear cards and paper goods are witty, quirky, funny and cute. Ali gathers inspiration from her love of playing with words, pop culture, song lyrics and everyday conversations. 

Adventures of Alex O & Co | Blog | Shop (NZ) | Shop (Worldwide) |
Recycled/Upcycled blankets galore! Lots of NZ wool blankets turned into iPad and pencil cases, pillows, and hot-water-bottle-holders. Twice I have regretted not buying something with a fox on it (I think their foxes are adorable).

Audrey Loves RubyFacebook |  Shop
Cute sterling silver jewellery.

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