23 June 2014

IMPORTANT: YouShop & Sephora - Getting Products to NZ

Updated 5-Jan-2015: a friend reports her friend successfully received an order from Sephora using YouShop. Maybe it was just my bad-luck?! Annnd, I admit I've continued to use YouShop to purchase from other sites :P


Ed: I just had this response from YouShop (NZ Post), which is not really any help, nor shows any sympathy. It doesn't even acknowledge that previously Sephora DID deliver, and now thanks to the generic nature of the YouShop addresses, does not. I have now searched for 'Sephora' on their website, and found NO listings/warnings etc. Le Sigh:
"Unfortunately there a few Companies in the USA that will not deliver to the YouShop address. We have no control over this sorry. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for contacting New Zealand Post."
When asking YouShop if they plan to change their addressing methods, or alert their users of US companies that won't use the YouShop address:
"We won't be changing our address at this stage. Usually the Company that will not ship to our address does not let the transaction go through. Unfortunately we can not force a Company to send items to our address."
A RIDICULOUS  answer! I believe I have used YouShop for the last time.


Well, my favourite thing online just died a painful death: SEPHORA WILL NO LONGER SHIP TO YOUSHOP.CO.NZ ADDRESSES.

And if you are a Buyusa.co.nz user, the same applies (I approached them when YouShop fell through, and they have reports of the same issue with their service - very honest of them to admit so off the bat).

I immediately contacted YouShop, but they haven't acknowledged or responded to my email.

I've had 5 or 6 successful parcels from Sephora using the YouShop service. My latest order was cancelled by Sephora, after they took my money of course. I am now in a battle with Sephora to release the hold they placed on my funds US$72.

The official line is, and I quote:
"...We regret that we are unable to ship to the shipping address you have provided as it is associated to multiple people. This was a business decision and we are unable to make an exception. We apologize for the inconvenience."
And in response to my reply:
"...We apologize we are unable to accept the shipping address you have provided. To place an order successfully with Sephora.com the shipping address must a private address (home or work) at this time we are unable to accept freight forwarding or hotel addresses." 
My love affair is over :( It's disappointing to no longer have a line to brands like: tarte, which you can't find easily in NZ (trademe is the best bet). But more so, is the song and dance I am going through just to get my money back :( Some people might say "serves you right for 'cheating'" - but they accepted my order, took my money, then cancelled it... SO JUST REFUND ME!!!!

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  1. Did you get your money refunded?

    1. Hi Paige, yes in the end - but it was a DRAMA!! They had to contact my bank (apparently!). I'll admit I have since used YouShop to shop at other sites, but I'm not going to risk it with Sephora again.