28 July 2014

Hidden Object Games: Fright CE

A Hidden Object Game at a basic level involves finding hidden objects in a picture. The HO games I play do involve this task, but also navigating scenes searching for clues/objects, solving puzzles and mysteries etc. (I'm into more of the sub-genre called HOPA, or Hidden Object Puzzle Adventures)

Today's game is...

... Fright Collector's Edition

From Lesta, creators of the Nightmare Realm series, comes a terrifying new thriller! After a suspicious accident, you find yourself stranded at a run-down motel with a group of strangers. You quickly realize that your group is not the first - people have been disappearing in this same area for the past 10 years! The first was a little girl… the very same girl you saw in a dream just before your accident. But before you can put the pieces together, a terrifying new threat begins targeting your group one by one. Can you survive to uncover the mystery of the motel and escape before it's too late? Find out in this chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Overall an enjoyable game, and slightly creepy. It was my kind of HOPA, in that items were more interactive - using them together, one leading to another etc. There were no instructions for the mini-games - from memory, all bar one were intuitive (I had to skip it as I couldn't be bothered assing about). The other puzzles were very easy though (which is a shame).

I had hoped for a darker/creeper game, and for more of a challenge. I still had fun. It's enough that I will take a look at other Lesta games.

Download a free one hour trial here

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