09 July 2014

On Turning 35

My wallet/purse is a furry grey Totoro. It cost me NZ$5. My latest hand-bag was also on sale... for NZ$230.

I compulsively buy the Kleenex tissues with cute puppies & kittens on the box. I'm always pissed off if I have to settle for a non-puppy/kitten tissue box.

I try to mostly write with a pink-inked pen.

I never got round to liking tea* or coffee.

I am completely up-to-date on all 'Regular Show' and 'Adventure Time' cartoon episodes.

I have no less than 2 pairs of shoes with cat faces on them.

I have never been married nor had children.

My favourite wind-breaker has little cream ducks all over it.

I still write fanfiction sometimes. This is mainly because I love to write and create new stories, but never have managed to create, and stick to, a new world with all new characters.

I'm adding to this post while in bed, at 8:30pm the eve of my birthday. I happen to be wearing fuzzy winter PJs; PJs rock! (Also, I am tired :P )

Have just realised that all the points so far seem to be fighting against my age, and make me sound like I'm still 5 years old! I like to embrace the things I like - whether that is proclaiming myself a crazy cat lady, or buying a brooch at a craft fair that is of Jareth's head (David Bowie in the Labyrinth).

Be yourself. Act your age where it counts, otherwise don't grow up: it's a trap

*I got given an amazing 'tea for one' set, and gorgeous teas for my birthday. And I love them! I might be a (herbal) tea drinker after-all.

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