09 July 2014

Tea for One

The phrase 'tea for one' is NOT about being single (ed: there isn't a chip on my shoulder, right?! :P ). It's about brewing a wonderful cup, just for yourself.

I've never been a tea or coffee drinker. Every now and then I go for a green tea with lemon... but it never stuck.

I got an early birthday gift of a tea selection from T2 and a gorgeous tea pot/cup set.

Now I'm completely and utterly sold on tea infusions (I still can't quite do straight tea ugh)! I'm pinning tea and tea related products, and I've just bought my first tea pot, albeit an el cheapo (I had a $10 off voucher, so got the below for $14 from Mighty Ape).

It will do the trick for now i.e. allow me to offer fancy tea to more than just myself. I am hoping to do so tomorrow night after dinner with my parents.

The teas I am enjoying right now (from my T2 selection):

Creme Brulee: Black tea, hazelnut praline (hazelnuts, sugar), flavour.

Strawberries and Cream: Hibiscus petals, rosehips, elderberries, apple pieces, strawberry pieces, freeze dried yogurt pieces, flavour (actually a fruit tisane, i.e. no tea in it).

And, my favourite, Green Rose: Sencha green tea, rose petals, cornflowers, dried currants, dried mango pieces, dried papaya pieces, flavour.

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