04 September 2014


I was sitting at my desk, trying to make something IT work, when a discussion broke out over 'crazes'. When I was a kid in the 80s, there was always the next craze; the thing we all HAD to have or collect. My generation wasn't the first, and certainly wasn't the last, to be whipped into a frenzy by TV adverts.

Case in point is the reason why this conversation even started: sitting by my desk is a packet of 'Aquabeads Jewels'. These are not mine, though I seem to have made more than my fair share. The set belongs to a 6yo who LOVES them... because they are a new craze, much like these loom bracelet thingies I see everywhere...

For me it was slap bracelets (remember them?! Ouch!), friendship bracelets, and later on it was troll dolls...

There were also these collectible babies (1986/87)... I couldn't quite remember the name for them, but I used what I could remember to Google: "little plastic babies collecting smell like baby powder".

Annnnd then it all came back: Oodles! (thanks Google!).


"Even my poodle's got Oodles!"

I LOVED these weird little babies. My friends and I collected them like crazy.

I definitely had the lying down baby with the yellow booties, and the cheeky one with the yellow bib. I have no idea what happened to them! (or my troll dolls etc. etc.).

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