03 November 2014

Elbow 1 Nov 2014

Elbow have been playing together for 24-odd years - but it's Guy Garvey, the lead, that is the onstage personality of the band. It's been a while since I've been in the audience of a gig with such fun banter from a band (or in this case, just from the lead)! I'm glad I made it to the Powerstation (stupid cold) Saturday night, for a fantastic/fun concert (plus, I took my Dad for his 63rd birthday and he had a blast!).

Compulsory crap iPhone photos (we were on the mezzanine level):

Set List:

01. Intro (Slow Moving Water)
02. Charge
03. The Bones Of You
04. Fly Boy Blue/Lunette
05. Real Life (Angel)
06. The Night Will Always Win
07. New York Morning
08. The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver
09. Scattered Black And Whites
10. Mirrorball
11. The Birds
12. Grounds For Divorce
13. My Sad Captains
14. Lippy Kids
15. One Day Like This

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