10 November 2014

Halloween for the Busy

Those who know me, know I LOVE Halloween. This year Halloween landed on a Friday night, which is great!... Except I was sick, which was awful.

So, I rescheduled Halloween for Friday 7th November.

Unfortunately, a busy week meant I was NOT as prepared as I would've liked - more than anything this is just disappointing for me (as things were not decorated properly before my VIP guest arrived).

Previously years' Halloween posts have been filled with photos that meant I had more TIME to prepare: see 2013 and 2012.

What follows is my 2014 belated-Halloween. Maybe my quick and easy ideas will help you out next year, or for a spooky themed party :)

- Intestines (or fingers) with Blood = cocktail sausages with tomato sauce. I added in some plastic severed fingers around the edge of the plate (cos, Halloween).
- Mashed and Seasoned Maggots = Hummus
- Crispy Skin = crackers
- Compost = 3-layer dip
- Monster Munch = Monster Munch... it already has a great name

- Toxic Weeds = Salad
- Fresh Scalps (cooked to a crisp) = Pizza
- Fried Flesh with Pus = Potato Wedges with Sour cream.

- Graveyard Delight:
I used Crofters Chocolate Mousse cups. Crumble oreos on top (for dirt). Find a tombstone shaped biscuit (Griffins Chocolate Thins worked for me), and write 'RIP' in icing on them (I bought a set of icing pens from Countdown - it had three: white, milk, and dark chocolate icing pens). Add a jelly worm or two.

- Petrified Ghosts
Good ol' strawberries-dipped-in-white-chocolate-with-ghost-faces-drawn-on

I've seen everything I did done far better by others... BUT I managed to pull it off without the luxury of time (even if my ghost strawberries look so so very sad haha).

Movie of the night: would be 'Housebound', awesome kiwi horror (if it was out on DVD), so it was 'The Conjuring'.

Here are some resources you can download for free. I have gathered these from various places on the net. They are NOT created by me... except the anti-vampire holy water one (I used a random jpg of a vampire skull that was not mine to create it):

* 'Anti-Vampire Holy Water' jpg - I printed this on A4 and taped it to our water cooler
* Halloween Garland PDF - this is from TalkCraftyToMe.com. I used the non-lettered circles as the labels for my food (with a skewer and tape).
* Old school witch trio one and two jpg - I can't remember where I found these, but cute generic witch themed pics, that can be cut out and used as labels on bottles of treats etc.
* Drink/Wine bottle labels PDF - Witches Brew, Spider Venom etc - perfect for wine or soft drink bottles.

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