03 November 2014

On Being Single

I came across this article today and thought I'd share it because it resonated with me.

The title is a nice summation: Just Because I'm Single, Doesn't Mean I'm Desperate.

I'm single. At this point in time, the Kismet of the universe hasn't thrown me and another together to form a romantic relationship. Nor have I joined online dating, dressed up and gone out to clubs/bars, or done anything else that could be considered actively trying to find The One.

I'm okay with being single. Yes, every once and a while I think how great it would be to have someone.. BUT, I don't. And that's okay with me. I'm not going to settle, my body clock is screaming for babies, I don't have a crush on anyone...

I have time - selfish time - all to myself. Time to work on loving myself for who I am before I expect someone else to.

Here's a quote that sum it up perfectly for me:
The thing is, being single isn't sad, pathetic, or lonely. It is in fact the default human condition. We don’t emerge from the womb holding someone's hand, right? People aren't actually single because there's something wrong with them, contrary to popular belief. An infinite number of internet articles and dating books would have us believe that we're single because we have a bad attitude or we're too picky or we're trying too hard or we're not trying hard enough or we're not looking for love or we're looking for it in all the wrong places or we don't have enough of a life or we have too much of a life, or any number of other reasons. And those reasons stick because they make us think we have something about ourselves which we can fix. But the fact of the matter is that love is a random, chancy process, and there's nothing that anyone can do to guarantee success. And that's fine, but sometimes it kind of sucks. So why can't it be okay to admit that?
Read the full article at Hello Giggles.


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