11 December 2014

The Delicious/Emily Series - Characters

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

The 'Delicious' Series is one of my all time favourite time management game series. Each game adds to the story of Emily, with her family and friends. And as a new installment is added, the gaming only gets better!

I will be posting more about Emily/Delicious games - visit my navigation page, or scroll through my Emily posts here.

Family and Friends
Here is a quick role call of the characters we meet, and who continue to play a role throughout the game series (thanks Wiki!). There are SPOILERS, so don't read if you are planning to play the series for the first time.

  • Emily O'Malley (nee Napoli) is a woman with a love for cooking, who hopes to one day open her own restaurant (and we get Emily's Place!). She is the game's main character, and is kind-hearted, though sometimes a little naive. No one would dare say she's not a hard worker though and when she has her mind set on something, she really goes for it. The whole Delicious series follows Emily's ups and downs, and is the what gives the games its heart!
    • Delicious 1 introduces Emily.
    • In Delicious 2, Uncle Antonio needs Emily's help to get out of a financial fix.
    • In Delicious 3, Emily works towards her dream of building her own Tea Garden in Dolphin Bay.
    • In Delicious 4, Emily's car breaks down on her way to star in her own TV cooking show.
    • In Delicious 5, Christmas is in the air -- and so is romance for Emily!
    • In Delicious 6, Emily strolls through memory lane, from the 1970s forward - can she save her parent's farm?
    • In Delicious 7, it's been a year since Emily opened her own restaurant and it's time to travel to Paris to discover love...
    • In Delicious 8, Emily gets married!
    • In Delicious 9, Emily (and a few of her friends and family) go on a honeymoon cruise.
    • In Delicious 10, Emily has a baby AND runs her restaurant.
    • In Delicious 11, Emily and Patrick decorate their dream house AND open a new restaurant.

  • Francois Truffaut is Emily's best friend. Francois is an interior decorator, and he advises and helps Emily with decorating her restaurants. He is always there for Emily - helping with cleaning and entertaining customers. In Honeymoon Cruise, he runs the restaurant on the cruise ship. In Home Sweet Home Francois works as Emily's nanny!
  • Patrick O'Malley ends up becoming Emily's husband! He's a florist who had a long-standing crush on her before revealing his feelings in True Love; he and Emily became engaged at the end of that game. Their romance grows in: Wonder Wedding, Honeymoon Cruise, New Beginnings, and Home Sweet Home.
  • Angela is Emily's younger sister. While she is extremely flirtatious and irresponsible in her early appearances, she settles down and gets married in True Love, to an older man named Jimmy. In Childhood Memories, Angela is shown to be just as much of a troublemaker when she was growing up. Despite their differences, Angela and Emily are very close, though Emily is frequently exasperated with her sister's antics. Angela has helped out in several of the restaurants before - however, several "crisis events" involve Emily trying to prevent Angela from causing trouble in between serving her customers. In Honeymoon Cruise she runs the cruise ship's boutique. Angela gets her own game, Fabulous - Angela's Sweet Revenge Platinum Edition, a four level teaser game in July 2015.
  • Edward (Edwardo) and Evelyn Napoli are Emily's parents, who are retired. Edward is laid-back and enjoys his retirement, while Evelyn is a bit more high-strung: many of her early appearances focus on her attempts to get Emily a boyfriend. Edward and Evelyn are shown to have very similar personalities to their older selves in Childhood Memories, and both have helped out in Emily's restaurants - Evelyn as a cleaner and Edward as either a cleaner or entertainer. Evelyn tends to over-protect her daughters, while Edward tries his best to stay out of his wife's way.
  • Brigid is Patrick's mother. It has been mentioned in a couple of the games that she and her husband, Paddy, are divorced. She dislikes Emily and does not want her to marry Patrick in Wonder Wedding, but she warms up to Emily eventually. In Honeymoon Cruise she runs the spa. Uncle Antonio and Brigid end up dating, and opening their own Spa together in Snuggford.
  • Jimmy is Angela's husband; they marry in True Love. Jimmy is a bit of a shady character! In Honeymoon Cruise, he buys/owns the cruise ship Emily and Patrick go on for their honeymoon.
  • Kate is Patrick's little sister. In True Love, Emily mistakes her as Patricks girlfriend! In Honeymoon Cruise, Kate has designed her own perfume to be sold in the Boutique.
  • Paddy is Patrick's dad, who makes his first appearance in Wonder wedding. Paddy and Evelyn are separated.
  • Uncle Antonio Napoli is, funnily enough, Emily's Uncle, and father of Marcello. He owns a number of restaurants, but when his son bails on him, he needs Emily's help to get things back on track (Delicious 2). When Emily wants to open her own tea garden, he helps her with advice and gets her a job so she can apply for a loan. He's mentioned in Taste of Fame (he's on vacation at the Getaway Islands). He pops up in Holiday Season, saying he'd rather not talk about his vacation (apparently Getaway Islands was going to be another game in the series but ran into trouble!). He plays a big role in Childhood Memories. He appears for Angela and Emily's Wedding, but he doesn't have a speaking role at either. In Honeymoon Cruise he has a crush on Patrick's mother, Brigid. He and Brigid end up dating, and opening their own Spa together in Snuggford.
  • Rosie was first seen as a puppy that Angela gave Emily. In Wonder Wedding she's grown up :)
  • Snuggy is Emily's feisty cat. Emily took her in when she found the cat outside her restaurant, Emily's Place. 

Extra's that pop-up in the game (alphabetically listed):
  • Aaron Mahoney, and his daughter Marissa are introduced in Home Sweet Home. Aaron runs the Ski Resort, and his daughter Marissa was a competitive skier. Emily works at the Ski Lounge, and helps Marissa tell her dad that she hates the competitions. Marissa takes up surfing, while Aaron continues coaching a youth ski team.
  • Amelie is a character in True Love. She and Emily met in Paris when Emily was visiting Jean-Paul, and they became fast friends. Both of them were tricked by Jean-Paul. Amelie can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Betty first appears in Taste of Fame. She's the owner of Betty's Drive-Thru. In Holiday Season she comes to Emily's winter party, and get jealous when she thinks that Angela is hitting on her husband, Elvis. She appears in Childhood Memories along with Elvis, Mo, Tashi, Charles, Matthew, Maggy, Bill, and the kid as customers (none of them have speaking roles). Betty can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Billy, Billy Jr and Samantha Beauford. Billy Beauford is Snuggford's Roller Coaster King. His son Billy Jr helps Emily out by entertaining customers with his skateboard tricks. Samantha works as a cleaner. Both start out causing Emily trouble - but Emily helps them both.
  • Brad is the owner of the beach club and temporarily Emily's boss in Emily's Tea Garden. He fancies Emily and tries to get her to go out with him, but Emily ends up lying to him to get him off her back. In Honeymoon Cruise, Brad has a food shack on a beach in Greece. 
  • Carmen and Carlos met Emily in True Love. Carmen runs the restaurant at Madrid airport, Carmen's Comedor (Isabel is her mother). Emily helped bring Carlos and Carmen together. Both can be invited to Emily's Wedding. Charles 
  • Charles is a resident of Snuggford. He is the owner of Charles' Candy Shop and the father of Matthew. He was introduced in Taste of Fame, and he pops up again (in a much better mood!) in Holiday Season as Santa. He also has a cameo in Childhood Memories. Charles can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Chuck the Delivery Guy is in the restaurant supply/delivery business. He can be invited to Emily's Wedding. In Honeymoon cruise he has a promotion as an international delivery guy! He continues to delivery important parcels through the game series.
  • "Cruise Kids" are Eric, Emma, and Jayden. They hang out in The Kid's Club in Honeymoon Cruise. Eric and Emma strikingly resemble a young Emily and Patrick. 
  • Dainton Wu is a celebrity chef and owner of restaurant Wu Wu from New Beginnings. 
  • Desmond and Ashling are newly weds that Emily helps stay together in Wonder Wedding. 
  • Dorian the Wedding Photographer... it's pretty easy to guess who he is from his name! He appears in Wonder Wedding (obviously!). 
  • Earnest and Enid Templeton are characters from Home Sweet Home. Earnest is the Den Leader of the Snuggford Scouts Pack 167, and his daughter Enid is a scout. Emily works at the Scout Camp, and helps Enid.
  • Eddie and Freddie are brothers that help out Angela in the boutique in Honeymoon Cruise - they don't mind cleaning or sewing!
  • Elvis enters the series as an entertainer in Taste of Fame. He is amusingly obsessed with hamburgers in Holiday Season ("Ketchup?!!!!"). Him and Betty make a cute couple. Elvis can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Evelyn Sleezley is the manager of the bank where Emily gets the loan for her Tea Garden. Mrs Sleezley tries everything in her power to get Emily to fail. 
  • Flannery is the owner of Flannery's Tavern in Wonder Wedding. He can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Freddy Fries is a villainous tycoon/mobster and the antagonist of Delicious 2. 
  • Fresco is the friendly owner of Fresco's Diner Express, inside the train Emily is on from Madrid to Paris (in True Love). Of course, Emily helps him out on her train ride. Fresco can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Georgeopolos and Jenny-Lee are a couple from Honeymoon Cruise. Jenny-Lee is Brad's ex, but she learnt her lesson! Now she's happy with Brad's friend, Georgeopolos. 
  • Gillon is a friendly Irish shepherd that Emily meets in Flannery's Tavern (in Wonder Wedding). He is always accompanied by his dog Bridin. Both can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Hank is Brad's older brother and the owner of Hank's Western BBQ and Grill in Emily's Tea Garden. He is the first one to employ Emily, and later recommends a job at Brad's beach club.
  • Hung Yao is the owner of the seafood restaurant in Emily's Tea Garden. Francois recommends this restaurant to Emily, saying that he went to school with Yao's son. 
  • Hunter, Stacy, and Andy can be invited to Emily's wedding. Emily had a crush on Hunter growing up, and Stacy is a friend from high-school that helped out in Childhood Memories. Hunter and Stacy ended up together, and now have a little boy called Andy. 
  • Iris is Patrick's clingy ex-girlfriend, introduced in Wonder Wedding. For a while there is seems that Brigid, Patrick's mum, favours Iris over poor Emily! In the end, she can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Isabel and Antoine run the restaurant at Madrid airport (Carmen's Comedor; Carmen is her daughter), where Emily stays and helps out in True Love. Both can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Jean-Paul is the reason Emily returns to Paris in True Love (she finds a love letter from him that had been delayed by 16 years!). Unfortunately he cheats on her with two other woman, including Amelie! Emily's heart is broken... but not for long ;) She invites him to the wedding to show him she is completely over him! She also invites Nadia, who worked with Emily at Jean-Paul's restaurant. 
  • Jewel Jacobs is a supposed fashion guru that visits Angela's boutique on Honeymoon Cruise. 
  • John Tones is the Tom Jones of Delicious. He is the entertainment on-board Jimmy's ocean liner in Honeymoon Cruise. He is also an old friend of Edward's and an old flame of Evelyn's... He certainly "rocks the boat" hehe :P  
  • Josh is kid who idolises Francois in Honeymoon Cruise. After a falling out, the pair make up. 
  • Ludwig Green is the father of Richard and the main antagonist in Taste of Fame. He is the boss of Channel Four Studios and hosted Emily's cooking show, as well as 'Live with Ted Dorton', an old talk show that was taken down when Emily was a kid. He's revealed as Richard's father in Holiday Season. 
  • Maggie Tyler, the Mayor is Snuggford's mayoress. She is introduced in Taste of Fame. We learn later that Postman Bill is her husband. Maggie can be invited to Emily's Wedding. In Home Sweet Home, Maggie helps Emily and Patrick with their housing code problems.
  • Marcello Napoli is Antonio's son and Emily's cousin. In Delicious 2, he's gambled all of Antonio's money and disappeared without a trace, leaving Antonio in debt. 
  • Matthew appears in Taste of Fame. He also makes a cameo in Childhood Memories. Matthew is the son of Charles, and ran the counter in the Candy Shop until he and his father had a falling out. Emily helps to mend their relationship, and Matthew happily returns to work with his father. 
  • Mo owns Mo's Farm, though admits he's not much of a farmer. He is introduced in Taste of Fame, when Emily's car needs to be fixed. Emily works at Mo's Farm, and returns to it in Holiday Season. Mo & Tashi are a couple. Mo can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Moon Blossom and Hemingway are Snuggford residents that are introduced in Home Sweet Home. Moon Blossom runs the Farmers Market. Her son, Hemingway, is friends with Paige. Moon Blossom and Sun Lotus fall in love, and plan to have a Bliss Ceremony. 
  • Monsieur Alfonse is the owner of the French restaurant in Emily's Tea Garden. He and uncle Antonio used to be close friends until Antonio mistakenly blamed him for stealing his recipe. 
  • Mr Farrell and Gladys are reunited in True Love. Mr Farrell is the previous owner of Emily's Place, when it was a five-and-dime. They are both regulars at Emily's Place. Both can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Norma is a friend of Marcello's. In Delicious 2, she often helps Emily by entertaining her customers. When Marcello comes back she makes him work with them to make up for his actions. 
  • Officer Jackson is one of "Snuggford's Finest". He is a regular at Emily's Place (often ordering two donuts hehe). He first appears in True Love. He can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Paul appears exclusively in Holiday Season (though he can be invited to Wonder Wedding). He briefly had a relationship with Emily (proposed to her, and went out with Angela, her sister!), and at the end of the game, the player is giving the choice whether Emily should end up with him, Richard, or Francois. Both Emily and Angela think Paul too clingy. 
  • Phillipe met Emily on a train from Madrid to Paris in True Love. They clashed, shared a cabin, and very almost became involved! Phillipe can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Postman Bill Tyler becomes a regular face in Taste of Fame, delivering letters, cylindrical parcels, and then parcels. He is married to Maggie with Mayor! He can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Richard Green is a character who appears exclusively as a love interest in Holiday Season. He is the son of Ludwig Green, the main antagonist from Taste of Fame, and owns of the Snuggford Hotel. He has a tumultuous relationship with Emily throughout the game, and the player is given the choice at the end whether Emily should end up with him, Paul or Francois.
  • Reverend Baylor marries Patrick and Emily! 
  • Sharon and Grace Stepford are introduced in Home Sweet Home. Sharon is a Councilwoman, President of the Snuggford Hills Neighbourhood Association, and the O'Malleys' neighbour. Her daughter, Grace, is Paige's friend. Sharon causes a LOT of problems for the O'Malley's... but they make up in the end.
  • Sun Lotus is a Snuggford craftsman, who makes a beautiful stained glass window for the O'Malley's in Home Sweet Home. Moon Blossom and Sun Lotus fall in love, and plan to have a Bliss Ceremony.
  • Tashi is one of the natives of Snuggford. She and Emily become close friends during Taste of Fame. In Holiday Season she is one of the guests to Emily's dinner party, and occasionally visits her to catch up. She also makes a cameo in Childhood Memories, where she shows up as a customer if the upgrade is bought. Tashi and Mo are a couple. Tashi can be invited to Emily's Wedding.
  • Ted Dorton acts as a co-host with Emily in Taste of Fame. He later takes over her show, and even interviews her in Holiday Season. 
  • Ziggy is a guitarist who entertains Emily's guests in the Delicious, and Delicious 2. 

In Taste of Fame, it is revealed that Emily and her family and friends live in the imaginary town of Snuggford. While Snuggford's actual location is not ever revealed, it is a town that experiences all four seasons and is in the mountains (considering it has a ski slope and an annual skiing contest). In Delicious: Emily's True Love, Patrick asks Emily to attend the Sundance Film Festival with him, which strongly implies that Snuggford is located in or around the U.S. state of Utah.

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