08 December 2014

Delicious 10 - Emily's New Beginning

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

Today's game is...

... Delicious 10 - Emily's New Beginning (Platinum Edition)
Release Date: 19/11/2014

Updated 17 May 2015

The 'Delicious' Series is one of my all time favourite series. Each game adds to the story of Emily, with her family and friends. And as a new instalment is added, the gaming only gets better!

I will be posting more about Emily/Delicious games - visit my navigation page, or scroll through my Emily posts here.

Play Delicious - Emily's New Beginning and welcome a beautiful new member of the Delicious family! After living on a pink cloud for over a year Emily decides to reopen Emily's Place. However, with a baby to take care of, it proves to be different and quite challenging. Can you help Emily combine running her restaurant with being a good mom? Enjoy Delicious - Emily's New Beginning now!

* Capture memorable moments such as the baby's first steps and her first birthday
* Discover various new restaurant locations and delicious new menus
* Catch up with Francois, Angela, and the others and surround yourself with love
* Combine parenthood and running a restaurant with all its daily challenges

I'm so excited to finally be playing the new Emily! I want to give a big THANK YOU to GameHouse, who GAVE me the game O.O  { does the Dance of Joy }

(PS: I am not affiliated with GameHouse; they found my blog post, liked it, and offered me the new game! Internet FTW!)

I chose to play this in Normal mode (for the first time round). Download a free one hour trial here.

New Elements to Gameplay 

Customer Types
There have always been different types of customers, but New Beginning takes them to the next level :) Not only is it about patience and tips, but also whether they like Paige or not, AND what products they prefer! On a scale of "serve me NOW" to "It's ok, I've got all day":

'Socialites' have very low patiences, give a very high tip, and they DON'T like Paige (boo!)

'Yuppies' have very low patience, give a very high tip, and they like Paige

'Professionals' have low patience, give very high tips, and they DON'T like Paige (boo!)

'Kids' have very low patience, give very low tips, and they like Paige

'Hipsters' have low patience, give high tips, and they DON'T like Paige (boo!)

'Regulars' have average patience, give average tips, and they like Paige.

'Soccer Moms' have high patience, give a high tip, and they DON'T like Paige (boo)!

'Local Farmers' have high patience, give average tips, and they DON'T like Paige (boo)! (Platinum Edition)

'Foodies' have very high patience, give high tips, and they like Paige.

'Seniors' have very high patience, give very low tips, and they like Paige.

When a customer orders one of their preferred products, they tip with silver! Watch the progress bar for each day/level to see silver vs. gold.

Product Choices
We now get a Customer Forecast at the start of each day (with percentages of which customer type to expect)! Use this to set an appropriate menu for the day; optimising the menu = earning most stars possible. That's right, we set the menu! With the forecast percent, there is also a little blue circle with a number in it - that tells you how many products you have picked on the menu that cater for that customer type. Tip: Don't forget to change around the menu as one of the trophies is to use ALL products in the game... and there are 148 of them to use!

And last but not least, Paige 
When she's tired of playing by herself, she crawls around the restaurant and entertains the customers. For some crazy reason not all customer types like Paige - they will lose patience. At some point Emily will have to go pick Paige up or she will get upset. And if Paige is crying/upset, EVERY customer will lose patience! Happy customers mean bigger tips. At the end of each day we get to see Paige's Influence on customers: positive and negative.

Other Elements

Emily's family and friends are back! I have a helpful list of characters here.

Level completion
Every level/day can be completed by reaching different goals to get stars: one (bronze/well done), two (silver/great-job), or three (gold/perfect) stars.

Memorable Moments are back
When the camera appears, click to snap a picture. These are added to Paige's Baby Book.

Trophies are back, yay!
I love trying for the extra achievements. The trophies this time around are straight forward - I'd like to see some more challenging trophies, like from previous Delicious games e.g. pick up all the eggs in one day, serve all customers in the order the enter, spotting GameHouse objects, pick 50 pieces of fruit in one day etc. There have been different types of trophies throughout the series - this time they are based on the characters. To unlock all 20 characters:

Elvis - use your register 1000 times
The Foodies - get a three-customer bonus two times in a row
Edward - hint "knock knock" (SPOILER: in The Patio restaurant, knock on the door 4 times - Edward comes to the door to check on Paige).
Jimmy - collect 1000 silver coins
Evelyn - clean a table while a customer is waiting for it
*Brigid - play with every single product in the game (all 148 menu items from all the restaurants must be used at least once!)
Antonio - finish the second restaurant
Francois - finish the first restaurant
The Ducks - collect every other person (there are 19)
Carl the Mouse - find the mouse on every level (there are 60)
Emily - collect 10,000 silver coins
Soccer Moms - let Emily walk 15 miles
Patrick - finish the third restaurant
Angela - achieve three stars on all 60 levels
**Snuggy and Rosie - collect all the memorable moments (there are 18)
Julie, the violinist - buy all shop items in all restaurants (there are 63 items)
Richard - finish the fourth restaurant
Dainton Wu - finish the fifth restaurant
***Kate - find 10 hidden objects in the game
Sid, the cleaner - burn 10 dishes and still complete the day with three stars

More on *Brigid - play with every single product in the game
This one is a bit tricky to keep track of! To get Brigid, you need to use every menu item - so make sure you serve every dish from every restaurant at least once. If you are short, go back to the LAST level of each restaurant and switch around the menu items (don't worry about pleasing customers, just focus on swapping around dishes). Remember, there are 148 products or combinations of products that you have to play with e.g. the 3 ice-cream flavours can be served in different combos (on the trophy page, check Brigid to see how many you are missing - when you click on her it should say xx/148).

More on **Snuggy and Rosie - collect all the memorable moments (there are 18)
Some of you have asked where to find these. Memorable Moments occur before or after a level - so, if you've been skipping any of the story, you may have missed some Memorable Moments.
  1. Paige's Tower: Intro scene of level 1-6 (Emily's Place) Paige is playing with the blocks Uncle Antonio gave her.  
  2. Funnel Head: Intro scene of level 1-8 (Emily's Place) Paige is playing with Edward's tools.
  3. Raffy the Giraffe: End scene of level 1-9 (Emily's Place) Paige is back from the zoo with her new toy giraffe.
  4. Our Tiny Mirror: Intro scene to level 2-3 (The Patio) Paige mimicking Francois the drama-queen.
  5. Fashion?: Intro scene to level 2-8 (The Patio) Paige in the outfit Angela bought her.
  6. Butterflies: Intro scene to level 2-9 (The Patio) a butterfly lands on Paige's nose.
  7. Three Generations: End scene of level 3-2 (Patrick's Garden) Paige, Emily, and Evelyn wearing daisy-chain crowns.
  8. Dirty! Dirty!: End scene of level 3-3 (Patrick's Garden) Paige and Patrick getting dirty in the garden together.
  9. Swing!: End scene of level 3-4 (Patrick's Garden) Brigid and Uncle Antonio swinging Paige between them.
  10. Paige's First Steps: End scene to level 4-2 (Wu's Cuisine) Paige's walks to Emily!
  11. Baby Fashion: Intro scene to level 4-4 (Wu's Cuisine) Wu finds Paige's pacifier on the floor and Emily pretends its her hair-clip!
  12. Paige's First Birthday: Intro scene to level 4-8 (Wu's Cuisine) 
  13. Present from the Grandpas!: Intro scene to level level 5-3 (Wu's Place) Uncle Antonio and Grandpa Edward give Paige a Mr Potato Head toy.
  14. Puzzle Time!: End scene to level 5-4 (Wu's Place) Brigid and Paige do a puzzle together. 
  15. A Familiar Mess: End scene to level 5-9 (Wu's Place) Emily's family runs amuck in the restaurant!
  16. Sitting on Santa's Knee: End scene to 6-2 (The Farmhouse) Paige sits on Santa's knee.
  17. Christmas Outfit: End scene of 6-9 (The Farmhouse) Angela dresses Paige up for Christmas.
  18. Christmas Family Picture: End scene of 6-10 (The Farmhouse) A wonderful disastrous family photo.
More on ***Kate - find 10 hidden objects in the game
Achieving the Kate trophy is a strange one - I am STILL not 100% sure HOW I managed to get it! However, replaying the game, I achieved the trophy again... The trophy seems tied up with two levels in which we have to find some objects that Paige has lost.
  • Level 1-6 (Emily's Place), Paige's eight blocks: red block x2, purple block, blue block, green block x2, yellow block, and teal block. I double-checked carefully as I found each object (e.g. clicked on a block, left the level, and checked the count under the Kate trophy) - and these eight blocks gave me 8/10 for achieving the trophy!
  • Level 4-7 (Wu's Cuisine), Paige's presents: the pink one by the cash register and one by the wine counter. Again I carefully checked the count under the Kate trophy - these presents tipped me over, and I was given the trophy!
Have you achieved the trophy by finding different objects?? Share in the comments below :)

And, of course, the Mini Mouse Game is baaaaack :) Find the mouse on every day for 100 bonus. Did we know before that the mouse's name is 'Carl'?! It took me a few levels to figure out what the pink thing on him was - it's a dummy of course!

Secret Game
There is a hidden game on the main menu page! Did you find it?? Simply click randomly and repeatedly around the main menu to find Paige's secret game: Wee Woo Splash (There is no particular 'thing' to click on; just click around until it opens). Click to put out fires :)

Restaurant 1: Emily's Place

Emily has been itching to get back to her cafe, especially now that it's been remodelled after being closed for a year. Patrick has ordered stock for her and now Paige is playing in her play pen. After the 1st day Emily is a bit disappointed that she didn't have many customers. Evelyn visits (sitting quietly in the corner, sewing), and then Brigid (who chastises Emily for not throwing an opening party, and later for having Paige in the restaurant!).

Francois returns right on cue - Day 3 we have the 1st extra challenge (preparing for the opening party), and we get a cleaner, Sid (yay!). On Day 4 Uncle Antonio visits, bringing with him news of Snuggford's hottest new restaurant, owned by celebrity chef Dainton Wu. Poor Emily worries about how she will compete with a master chef. Antonio's arrival also marks the start of a competition of sorts, between him and Edward, for Paige's affection (this won't end well...!).

Day 5 Francois has the idea to hand out samples during a bingo tournament at The Lodge. Emily decides on pies, which leads straight into the next challenge - bake 4 pies and give them to Francois (who will take them to The Lodge). This works a treat, bringing customers to Emily's Place!

There are a few other easy challenges - Day 6: find Paige's blocks (there are 8 to find, so keep your eyes peeled), Day 7: retrieve Paige (put her back in her playpen 6 times), Day 8: find and deliver the correct tool to Edward when he asks for it (there are 8 - I have to admit: finding the right tool, spotting the mouse, grabbing Paige, AND serving customers, kept me on my toes!)

As it gets busier, Emily is finding it harder to keep an eye on wandering Paige. Edward suggests using the patio out the back as a restaurant (seems a shame after renovating the cafe ;) ) - he'll stay inside to bake pies, and if Paige wanders from the patio into the cafe he'll be there to look after her. On Day 10 we get to see the patio restaurant, complete with an authentic pizza oven from Uncle Antonio's 1st restaurant! But it's not quite ready yet, so it's back to Emily's Place for one last day...

Mice by Day
01. Behind the pot of plant to the right of the front door.
02. Peeking out from the top of Paige's play pen.
03. Peeking over Emily's counter top - the smaller counter on the right.
04. Look at the top of the stairs, in the little window (just below the light).
05. Looking inside from the main window - just above the first table. If there are customers sitting at that table, the mouse is covered by their speech/order bubble.
06. Just to the right of the cash register.
07. Peeking out from the stain-glass window at the top of the screen - above the Emily's Place window (aim for the stain-glass above the S'Y of EmilY'S).
08. Peeking through the glass of the open front door - by the gold door handle on the door to the left.
09. At the end of the bench table with two stools.
10. Look to the centre table with the flower display behind it - Carl pokes his head around the right hand side of the flower display, near the floor.

Customer Preferences - 3 customer types to serve here.
Drinks: Coke, orange soda
Food: Hamburger, apple pie, frozen yoghurt, bag of chips

'Soccer Moms'
Drinks: Coffee, chocolate milk
Food: Bagel, donut, bag of nuts
Item: Glam magazine

Drinks: Tea, espresso, ginger ale
Food: Granola bar, cherry pie
Item: Newspaper

Restaurant 2: The Patio

The Patio restaurant is Italian themed! I have to admit one of my favourite restaurants in the whole series is 'Antonio's', Uncle Antonio's Italian restaurant from Delicious 6: Emily's Childhood Memories. So The Patio makes me happy :)

We also get introduced to new types of customers: Kids, Hipsters (crack me up!! hehe), and Foodies.

The Patio gets off to a cracking start - I like the challenge when things get spread around the restaurant. Emily has to get from the pasta to the desserts to the drinks to the gelato, to the pizza oven, to the bread, AND to Paige! All this and wipe tables, until we get Sid on Day 3.

Brigid is still giving Emily a hard time for having Paige in the restaurant. On Day 2 Antonio says he will help around the place... This is more him appearing at different stations and looking busy hehe i.e. it's not real help like clearing tables would be!

Day 3 Francois has another great idea - to sell university students pie and pizza, 'Pie Squared'. Sid is back to clean tables (yay). And the Hipsters are out in force (70%... I clicked up a storm keeping that dummy in poor Paige's mouth so she wouldn't bother them)! Day 4 Evelyn takes Paige for the day, and Richard visits! Turns out he is the one funding all Dainton Wu's restaurants!! Uh-oh...

Day 5 Julian Lessard, one of the Lessard Brothers, visits - he is a CRITIC and a clean freak! The 1st extra challenge at this restaurant is: to quickly clean 9 tables as soon as customers finish - when customers leave, there is a countdown on the table that must be beaten.

Day 6, the competition between Antonio and Edward ramps up as they try to make Paige choose between them (Edward and a cookie vs. Antonio and a lolly-pop). Thankfully Paige is smart ;) It's also at this point that I realised the pizza oven has 2 trays... which means 2 pizzas can be cooked at the same time (yeah, Paige is smarter than me :P ). Annnnnd I also hit the 15 mile mark, getting the Soccer Mom Trophy for Emily walking 15 miles!

Day 7's forecast is an even split between all 4 customer types hmmmm how to work the menu?! I like to favour the higher tipping types by giving them more menu items. Angela also makes an appearance for the 1st time - she decides to do some spying on the celebrity chef! She takes Paige "to complete her disguise", so we have another Paige-free day to just concentrate on customers. Angela fails at her mission though, as Dainton's restaurants have a strict no-kids policy... Have Emily's old customers gone there because of Paige?!

Day 9 there is an extra challenge: feed the hipsters! Ha! They sit at a table and order 8 products separately - serve them quick smart. At the end of the day they tell Emily that her food is "amazeballs", but that the kid "has to go" :(

Day 10 Patrick has an idea: run a family restaurant from his garden. Up until this point in the game he has just been popping in and out - I'm guessing restaurant 3 will feature him :)

Mice by Day
01. Hiding between the pizza oven and the prep table, on the floor.
02. Behind the pot plant.
03. Peeking between the pasta prep station and the dessert prep station.
04. The centre back table - just behind the condiments on the table, at the bottom of the vine/tree.
05. To the left of the cash register.
06. In the bottom left corner, by the gelato cart.
07. At the bottom right of the bread station.
08. Behind the spoked wheel of the gelato cart.
09. In the extra tray of the gelato cart (the one off to the side).
10. Pops up by Sid, the cleaner.

Customer Preferences - 4 customer types to serve here
Drinks: Citrus juice, Virgin Daiquiri
Food: Pizza Hawaii, Pizza Mozzarella, Strawberry Gelato, Orange Gelato,

Drinks: Water,
Food: Penne Bolognese, It's Hot! Pizza, Bruschetta, Tiramisu, Chocolate Gelato

Drinks: Iced tea, Cafe Latte
Food: Ravioli Carbonara, Pizza Pepperoni, Vienetta, Lemon Gelato

Drinks: Iced Coffee,
Food: Pizza Funghi (mushroom), Quattro Formaggi (4 cheeses mmm!), Garlic Bread, Stracciatella Gelato, Pistachio Gelato

Restaurant 3: Patrick's Garden

The garden restaurant is very cute! Patrick works collecting and watering flowers, while Paige gets a teepee/tipi to play in.

Another one of my favourite things about the Delicious series of games is gathering ingredients - sometimes it's picking fruit from a tree, and other times it's following a chook around until an egg is laid. Enter the chicken :)

Day 2 rocks straight into an extra challenge: find 16 daisies so that Emily and Evelyn can make daisy chains for Paige. These pop up before your eyes so click fast! Evelyn potters around the garden, and Sid the cleaner is back to help out.

Day 3 Paige has made a mess digging up freshly planted strawberries, so the extra challenge is to clean up 4 dirt spots. Antonio visits at the start of Day 4 - turns out The Patio has become the hottest hang out for college kids! Meanwhile, we get Soccer Moms today (who don't like Paige), and the introduction of sandwiches (when the bread runs out, more must be baked in, and then removed from, the oven).

Day 5 Francois finds a bouncy castle on the side of the street, which means the extra challenge today is to inflate it! Of course, it turns out the bouncy castle was meant for a birthday party and they are accused of stealing it! I bet you can guess what Day 6's challenge is?! The party - feed all 12. And just to make things tricky, Richard and Dainton turn up for a table too!

Day 7 brings with it the another Lessard brother/critic. This brother likes happy customers, so the day's challenge is to keep 25 customers happy. We get to see the Lessard brothers' review later, and it's amazing: "Em's Garden is the place to be for a nice, relaxing meal with the family. The food is wonderful, and the staff will make you feel right at home. Finally, a true alternative to those stuffy, old places run by Dainton Wu."

It's getting colder, with Emily and Paige donning scarves. By the start of Day 9, Emily and Patrick discuss the end of summer... and with that the end of Emily's Garden (until next summer).

During Day 10 a firetruck races past the Garden... That can't be good... And then half way through the day there is a fireman to serve... Annnnd theeeeen ANOTHER firetruck goes past, followed by a 3rd truck, and a group of 4 firemen to serve! (and a 4th firetruck - I'm going to lose count soon!). Tip: the firemen like Paige :)  If all that wasn't a hint enough Emily gets a call - we head back to Emily's Place to see the it guttered by fire! Edward and Antonio are safe outside. It looks like we won't be heading back to Emily's Place anytime soon :(

(By the end of Day 10 I unlocked the Emily trophy by collecting 10,000 silver coins).

Mice by Day
01. Right in the centre garden - in the empty dirt spot.
02. Behind the fence, to the right of the garden door.
03. Just above the bush that is behind the oven.
04. Pops up just above the brick shelves that hold the sandwich ingredients.
05. Peeking out from the right side of the fruit prep station.
06. Along the top of the fence, peeking up from a brick pillar (above the purple leafy flowers).
07. Out the top of the oven.
08. Peeking out from the left side of Paige's teepee.
09. Peeking over the little stone wall, by the table up the stairs.
10. Behind the fence - above where the tulips/daffodils grow.

Customer Preferences - 4 customer types to serve here
Drinks: Chamomile tea, Fruit Infusion tea
Food: Apple slices (it says Apple sticks, but those look like slices to me), dried apricot, apricot (jam/juice), strawberry (jam/juice), roasted pepper sandwich

Drinks: Mint tea
Food: Fried egg natural, dried bananas, pear (jam/juice), hummus sandwich, falafel sandwich, grilled eggplant sandwich
Item: Tulips

'Soccer Moms'
Drinks: Jasmin tea
Food: Fried egg herbs, raspberry (jam/juice), blackberry (jam/juice), swiss cheese sandwich
Item: Roses, sunflowers, daffodils

Drinks: Black tea, Green tea
Food: Carrot sticks, blueberry (jam/juice), tuna sandwich
Item: Hyacinths, lilies

Restaurant 4: Wu's Cuisine

Emily asks Edward and Antonio about the fire, and it seems their competition for Paige's affection was responsible - they both bought her a ride-on car and then decided to race in them themselves (doh!). While zooming around the restaurant, the oven was knocked and fire spread... Richard overhears and has an idea (famous words in the world of Emily hehe).

She is given a job at Wu's Cuisine - let's see if she can't change their minds about their no-kids policy by the end of Day 10...)

Another couple of new customer types are introduced: Yuppies and Professionals.

Day 1 there are 2 customer types to serve (Foodies and Hipsters), and no Paige in sight. Sid the cleaner is there right away, and there is a nifty little bell to ring (by the kitchen door) when the cheese platters/cheese cake etc. runs out (Dainton comes out of the kitchen and prepares more of anything running low in that area). The day ends with Angela bringing Paige by, and Dainton being "Mr Attitude" about it (as Angela puts it!). But until Emily has the money for a new place, Dainton is the boss...

Day 2 starts with Angela dropping off Paige - she has to go to Morocco because one of her outfits is being photographed for Glam magazine. Emily 'hides' Paige off to the side... At the end of the day Dainton yells at Emily about the mess in the kitchen - poor Emily is defeated, until Paige takes her first steps!

Day 3 we juggle 3 customer types, while Francois manages to get accidentally hired as the new Maitre D'! This leads to an extra challenge: clean up after Francois 7 times! By the end of the day Dainton has fired Francois (and Francois is relieved!).

When Day 4 begins Emily is almost caught out by Dainton, thanks to Paige's dummy on the floor. She... improvises, and gets away with it (just)! Day 5 Emily is dying to add her pies to the menu, but Dainton's not having it... She's already hiding a baby in the restaurant, so she thinks she can get away with selling pies too!

Day 6 Edward smuggles in the first lot of pies. The extra challenge is to collect 8 packages of pies throughout the day. Halfway through the day, 3 pieces of pie have been ordered :) At the end of the day Emily asks for tomorrow off for Paige's first birthday! Dainton says NO.

Day 7 Francois arrives with 9 presents for Paige's birthday annnnnd promptly trips over. The extra challenge is to find all the presents. At the end of the day Dainton announces he's going out of town for a couple of days (thanks to Francois, but Dainton doesn't know that!), telling Emily to take good care of the place! (Note: before I had found all the presents on this level I was rewarded the Kate trophy for finding all the hidden objects - I'm honestly not sure WHY I got it?!)

Day 8 Wu's Cuisine is decorated ready for Paige's birthday :) Paige is adorable as she opens presents. Now that Dainton is out of town, Paige in a high chair at the counter, and the challenge is to feed the party (x12). Richard comes in at the end with Yuppie customers raving at how much fun they had - turns out Richard doesn't have a problem with Paige/kids, just Dainton.

The thing about throwing any party, including parties in the Delicious series, is there is always clean-up the next day! And that is Day 9's extra challenge - the recycle bin will show what order to pick up the rubbish. Dainton returns, walking straight past the mess and into the kitchen (phew!). At the end of the day Dainton trips over Paige's doll, and Paige reveals herself!

Day 10, the last day in Wu Cuisine and, wait for it, Richard has an idea hehe. Will he help get Emily's Place back up and running?? Paige is not in the restaurant today and there are no other challenges, so it's just about preparing and serving. At the end of the day Dainton and Richard are arguing - Dainton can't believe that Richard wants him to partner with Emily... that is until it's revealed that Emily tripled the profits!!

It's agreed: a new restaurant with Wu's name and Emily's personality, that Paige is allowed in :)

Mice by Day
01. Peeking in from the lefthand-side window (just above the table).
02. On the red carpet inside the front door, to the right.
03. Peeking out from the flower display near the kitchen.
04. Hiding at the soup station.
05. Peeking out from the kitchen door, near the floor.
06. Peeking out next to the wine by the counter.
07. Just above the crepe station.
08. Peeking in from the lefthand-side window (just above the table... again?!).
09. Hiding above the recycle bin.
10. Peeking between the crepe and the salad station.

Customer Preferences - 4 customer types to serve here
Drinks: Cocktail,
Food: Cheese Platter, Potato Wedges, Seas Bass, Scallops, Cream Cheese Dates, Red Velvet Pastry

Drinks: Another Cocktail (original name hehe),
Food: Wagyu Beef Salad, Berry Crepe, Clam Chowder, Shrimp, Pate

Drinks: Red wine,
Food: Caviar Salad, Caramel Cheesecake, Banana Crepe, Fresh Pea Soup, Deviled Eggs, Chocolate Delight

Drinks: White Wine,
Food: Hasselback Potatoes, Potato Soup, Broccoli Soup, Rib-Eye, Salmon

Restaurant 5: Wu's Place

I love the Japanese theme, complete with sushi conveyor belt (or sushi train)! We jump forward 2 months, with the finishing touches being made on the new restaurant.

A new customer type is introduced: Socialites

Sid the cleaner starts right away on Day 1. Day 2's challenge is dealing with a moody Paige, who is getting her first tooth. Emily stands up for herself and Paige, putting Dainton in his place... But it still doesn't feel like this is Emily's place...

Day 3 Edward and Antonio visit with a joint gift for Paige - no more trying to upstage each other! It's a cute Mr Potato Head that Paige clearly loves... until she loses all 8 pieces; finding them is today's extra challenge. At the end of the day there is another run-in with Dainton - I don't think this joint restaurant business is working out...

Day 4 Enter the Socialites! And Brigid visits, keeping Paige busy with a puzzle. Day 5, There is another Lessard brother?! The extra challenge is to serve him before Dainton does, 5 times! Unfortunately Emily and Dainton bicker over the bill and Lessard bro #3 leaves.

Day 6 The extra challenge is for Emily to accept 5 packages for Dainton, and she even offered to store them upstairs - are they finally getting on?? That question is answered when Patrick, Emily and Paige head upstairs to their apartment! Day 7 ends with Dainton changing Emily's menu, making her furious. And if that wasn't bad enough, Richard enters with the Lessard review and reads "... the bickering owners have no clear vision for the menu. 6/10 stars."

Day 8 starts with both Emily and Dainton looking a bit defeated - they are even polite to each other. By Day 9 Dainton has cracked! Emily's family cause a ruckus, and while Dainton can't work that way, Emily can't imagine anything else. Dainton calls Richard...

Day 10 starts with Dainton and Emily shooting evil looks at each other, until Richard visits. He's got what looks to be the cash register receipt, and whatever $$ is on it makes both Dainton and Emily surprised. He tells them to take a day to think about it.

At the end of the day Dainton offers to buy Emily out, and Emily accepts! To quote Patrick "it's the end of an era. No more Emily's Place." Emily takes a moment to say goodbye...

The road-trip to find a new home and restaurant starts!

Mice by Day
01. Behind the privacy-screen at the right of the screen (where the stairs are), just above the table.
02. Peeking out from the top of Paige's corner.
03. Peeking in the window at the very bottom right hand corner.
04. On top of the privacy-screen that is by the front door - to the very left.
05. Peeking around the side of the sake/tea station.
06. Between the Udon/Mie and fry station.
07. Hiding behind the bamboo plants that are by the conveyor belt.
08. Outside, peeking around the front door, near the door handle on the right-hand side door.
09. By the bridge that goes over the pond, at the end with the tables.
10. Look at the top of the stairs, in the little window (just below the painting).

Customer Preferences - 4 customer types to serve here
Food: Salmon Caviar Gunkan (sushi with salmon roe/eggs), Mie (a spicy noodle dish), Gyoza (dumplings, my fav!), Clam Nigiri (nigiri is sliced raw fish, hand-shaped onto of rice. In this case, with clam), Egg-Paste Maki (maki is rolled sushi, and in this case the filling has been rolled in egg, not seaweed), Green-tea ice-cream,

Drinks: Daiginjo Sake (sake is alcohol made from fermented rice, sometimes called 'rice wine' - Daiginjo is a premium type of sake)
Food: Tuna Maki (rolled sushi with tuna filling), Tofu Maki (rolled sushi with tofu filling), Udon Noodles, Yasai Tempura (tempura battered and deep-fried vegetables), Lychees (a sweet fruit)

Drinks: Junmai Sake (sake is alcohol made from fermented rice, sometimes called 'rice wine' - Junmai is a premium type of sake), Lotus Blossom tea,
Food: Mackerel Nigiri (nigiri is sliced raw fish, hand-shaped onto of rice. In this case, with mackerel), Avocado Maki (rolled sushi with avocado filling), Seri Muka (means 'pretty/beautiful face' in Malay: two-layered dessert with sweetened glutinous rice at the bottom and pandan custard at the top. Pandan is a type of plant), Sesame Balls

Drinks: Jasmin tea,
Food: Salmon Maki (rolled sushi with salmon filling), Omelet Nigiri (omelet on hand-shaped rice), Spring Rolls, Cucumber Maki (rolled sushi with cucumber filling), Ika Tempura (tempura battered and deep-fried squid/calamari)

BONUS: Restaurant 6: The Farmhouse
Emily, Patrick, and Paige's new home is in full Christmas mode! There is a 10 day lead up to 'The O'Malley Family Christmas Bash'.

Paige is growing into an adorable toddler, and is excited to decorate the Christmas tree with her dad. Day 1's challenge is to find all 7 decorations - Patrick will tell Emily which one he needs, and when. Sid the cleaner is in action from Day 1.

On Day 2, 2 Santa's arrive to surprise Paige (there is still a little rivalry between Edward and Antonio!). Santa is in the house Day 3 - you'll need to watch for orders of presents there (they will still pay at the counter). The last new/bonus customer type enters also: Local Farmers. The day ends with picture perfect singing and dancing :)  (it's not a Memorable Moment, but it should be ;) )

Day 4 starts with a visit from Jimmy and Angela. Clueless Jimmy gives Paige a crazy early christmas present - and we learn that Paige is 2yo. Day 6 brings a visit from Richard - the challenge is to feed him 15 times! He makes Emily an offer...

Day 8 Dainton arrives with dessert - some assembly required! The day's challenge is to create the dessert. Day 9 Angela takes Paige to get a Christmas outfit, so we don't have to worry about her bothering the Local Farmers.

Day 10 is full on! I had to redo this one a few times before I got 3 stars. For a more detailed look at this difficult level, see my post here. The ending is a hint of things to come. I honestly can't wait for the next game in the series!

Mice by Day
01. Hiding by the Christmas tree, at the top of the step-ladder.
02. Peeking in the window to the left of the front door, near the table.
03. Behind the centre table, peeking out from behind the gold patterned banister.
04. Next to the barrel of candle wax.
05. Behind Santa.
06. At the lefthand end of the main counter - if Sid is standing there, it's just behind his head
07. In the righthand window near the top - if you have the stars, it will be right by the star on that side.
08. To the left of Paige's toy block.
09. In the righthand window, in the left-pane.
10. By the chocolate milk/Gluhwein.

Customer Preferences - 4 customer types to serve here
Drinks: Chocolate milk,
Food: Candy cane,
Items: Santa figure, red candle, cool present, insane present,

Food: Pumpkin soup, bonbons, roast,
Items: Reindeer figure, white candle, gold candle, classic wreath

Drinks:  Gluhwein (aka German mulled wine),
Food: Pumpkin pie, green pea soup, gingerbread man
Items: Modern wreath, snowman card, green candle

'Local Farmers'
Food: Carrot cake, fruit cake, turkey
Items: Awesome present, cute present, tree card

My final thoughts - Brilliant edition to the Delicious series!
Love: the new depth to customer types and setting the menu, The Patio and Wu's Place, that the mouse's name is Carl
Wish: the trophies were more challenging/varied

(Now I'm going to replay this in Advanced Mode and see how I go!).

Here is a list of all the Time Management Games I have played/reviewed, or, click the blogger tag below to load all the posts on Time Management Games! 


  1. What level has Evelyn cleaning tables?

    1. Hi Ma, are you trying to unlock the Evelyn 'trophy'?

    2. I figured that one out. Now I need the 10 hidden objects to unlock Katie. Thanks

    3. Great! How did you go unlocking Katie?? She seemed to just unlock for me without me finding ay objects...

    4. I know, each time I check I am closer. Don't know how.

  2. I have a very hard time getting three stars in level 5-10. Any suggestions.

    1. Me, too!!! Two years later. I am starting to hate this game just for the level. It feels impossible.

  3. I have played the whole game multiple times and I only get 1 memorable moment. Is there a secret to unlocking them or what? I'm so frustrated by this

    1. Hi Jennifer, I have been replaying the game and have been noting down where ALL the memorable moments are! I will try to post an update tonight :)

  4. Oh Jennifer! How frustrating! My experience with Memorable Moments is - the camera icon appears on screen, with the scene circled- there is a limited amount of time to click the camera to take the photo.

  5. I love all of these hints. Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks so much Bobby :) I had fun playing and writing this post.

  6. Where are all the hiding objects in the game

    1. Hi Lashanti! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply!! I went back and have been replaying the game as I got Kate's trophy completely by accident - so I wanted to try to see HOW I got it! I have some notes on it, and I will remember to post tonight (fingers-crossed!) :)

  7. How can I get the bonus restaurant? I get to the end of 5-10 and game just ends. i have unlocked all trophies and gotten expert on all lvls. at end of 5-10 she is in her car - driving to new house but after they talk, i'm back at menu screen with no Farm Restaurant.

    1. Hi Cynthia! You need to own the Platinum Edition of the game to get the extra restaurant (bonus 10 levels). You must have the normal edition... ?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I am having difficulty getting Julie Trophy. It tells me I have purchased 62/63 shop itams. As far as I can tell I have purchased everything.

    1. Hi Laura... hmmm, tricky! I found that I had forgotten to get the Entertainer at one of the stores. Have you purchased all the Entertainers?? They are easy to miss.

    2. I am having the same issue I have went back through 3 times to make sure that I wasn't missing anything but there isn't anything to purchase but it says I only have 62/63

  9. What does the duck trophy mean and how is it achieved?

    1. Hi Angela! You will be awarded The Ducks when you have been awarded all the other trophies - there are 19 to get before you are awarded The Ducks automatically :)

  10. Regarding the Brigid trophy, what does "play with every single product in the game" mean? I have 3 stars on all levels, all the mice, all the memorable moments... I can't figure out what this trophy is asking you to do. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ann, this one is a bit tricky to keep track of! To get Brigid, you need to use every menu item - so make sure you serve every dish from every restaurant at least once. If you are short, go back to the last level of each restaurant and switch around the menu items - remember, there are 148 products or combinations of products that you have to play with. I hope that helps? (check Brigid to see how many you are missing - when you click on her it should say xx/148).

  11. Thank you, Michelle! Wow. That will be tough to figure out!! At least now I know what they mean. Thanks again!

  12. My pleasure Ann! It can be a bit frustrating but it all adds to the challenge :) Let me know how you go

  13. Thanks so much for your "Delicious" walk-through(s)! They are my favorite games. Really appreciate the effort you put into them. Thanks again!!!

    1. Hi Diana <3 Thank you! I LOVE these games too. I can't wait for Emily's Home Sweet Home! More walk-throughs coming soon :)

  14. I absolutely LOVE all the Emily games and play them similar to you!! Right now I am stuck on Home sweet home level 57, how do you get 1,500 in tips?? I feel I have tried everything !!

    1. Yay Sarina! Another Emily fan :) I'm just heading into level 51 tonight. I'll let you know how I go when I get to Level 57. I have read a few comments on the board about level 57 having a glitch?? I might be wrong though - I'll keep you posted xo

    2. Sarina, I feel your pain - I've also tried everything to get 1,500 tips! It turns out this is a bug!! on this GameHouse link, it says to redownload the game... I'm trying that, though I am nervous I will lose all my progress... I'll let you know how I go! https://support.gamehouse.com/entries/94457927-I-have-a-game-play-issue-when-playing-Delicious-Emily-s-Home-Sweet-Home

  15. I'm playing this game from my phone and I want to buy the full story of one of the games, which one is better, Emily's New Beginning or Emily's Home Sweet Home?

    1. Hi Nat! Oh what a hard question to answer!! My opinion is, get Emily's New Beginnings - I say this because I really liked setting the menu items (not all players did!). But, you really should just treat yo'self to both :D xo

  16. Hi! Thanks for the informative post! I'm wondering how to purchase elvis the entertainer in the first location. I'm stuck with $450 shopping money no matter which levels I replay. I can't get the trophy without him! Would you know how to get more shopping money?

    1. Hi Carol, thank you :) Okay, there is no way to make extra money - no matter how many times you replay and get a top score, you will only be rewarded the money ONCE. There will be ONE level somewhere that you do not have three stars on. Use your map to find out which level and replay that one to get your missing cash :) Good Luck!

    2. Ahhh I see. That's strange because I went back to check, and I have reached 3 stars on all the first location levels... wish I could show you a screenshot. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks for your help!

    3. Nevermind I got it! Turns out I wasn't done with the entire game yet and your current shopping money can be used at previous locations. Thank you!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Yay Carol!! I am glad you worked it out :D

  17. Hi Michelle I cannot find the roll of black tape needed by Edward in Level 1-8. Please advise where it is hidden?

    1. Hi Gan, I had to recheck this one - it's well hidden!! You'll find the black tape in the very right-hand corner of the screen - it's nestled under the drink counter, next to the bagel counter. :)

  18. I can't get the Brigid trophy. It says I'm missing two items. However, I have the duck trophy. How is this possible?

  19. Is there a difference between the silver coins three stars and gold coins three stars? Do you get more shop money if you achieve gold coins past the three stars? I'm wondering if I need to go back and redo those levels.