11 January 2015

A Holiday

It's been a while since I've had a proper holiday. Last year it was two weeks over Christmas; no major plans, just relaxing. But not since 2006 have I had more than that... Until this Christmas. Three whole weeks of nothing special, except everything is/will be.

I might not be going 'away' anywhere; it's all still special to me. My three weeks is MINE. So far it's been filled with: lounging in bed while reading three books, shopping for (and buying) a beautiful new duvet cover with matching pillows and a throw, lunches with friends, celebrating my brother's birthday, family Xmas champagne brunch, getting my hair done, seeing a movie in Gold Class (my first cinema visit since August!), 9 course degustation with matching wines (more on that here), dinner out with my boss (not weird... much!), wandering in Ponsonby, shopping for a few new work clothes, mini-golf, finally watching the TV show 'Treme', tidying/sorting my room as well as hanging a heap of photos, trying new restaurants; such wonderful food, AND watching a boat-load of random movies I'd always meant to:

(In no particular order... except of that in which I watched them!):
Psycho (1960) - my dad swears to how scary this was, and unheard of: a movie with a serial killer like that! And, yes, I see that... BUT I am from a different generation and have seen too many other movies... I am glad I finally watched this though.
The Interview (2014) - pretty DUMB film really. I watched this thanks to the hype. The hype is why most people will watch it. I did laugh at a few bits, but it was a stupid film. Sorry Franco and Rogen.
The Birds (1963) - Another classic I had never seen. Great film!
Rare Exports (2010) - possibly my new favourite Christmas movie! For some reason I thought this was a violent/gory film - it wasn't that bad (to my relief).
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) - loved the first movie. A good sequel.
Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - I liked this much more than I thought I would! Great sci-fi/action, and Tom Cruise, I tip my hat to you Sir.
The Great Gatsby (2013) - opulent and beautifully shot. Fantastic sets. Some nice moments, but as with 98% of cases: book is better.
The Intruders (2011) - interesting film in that it wasn't the horror movie I thought it would be. Well told, and well acted.
Pacific Rim (2013) - one of the best b-grade movies I've seen. I call it that, despite it's budget etc - it's elements were cheesy, but it was cheesy-goodness.
Open Grave (2013) - not a bad watch: strangers wake up and don't even remember their names... 
The Skin I Live In (2011) - oh this was a good one! But sooooooo fucked up!!!!!! Watch it... I dare you.
Blackfish (2013 documentary) - such a tragic story. A must-see for all fans of SeaWorlds across the world.
Hercules (2014) - this is the Hercules we picked to watch (over this one). It was "okay"...  Love Ian McShane. 
Lucy (2014) - I'd heard mixed things about this, so reserved any high-hopes. From that point of view, I enjoyed it. It was different, and fun.
The Apartment (1960) - I'm trying to think of a way to describe this film... It did make me laugh in places, but it was very sad. 
The Kings of Summer (2013) - loved this film! I would file it with Stand by Me and Mud. Awesome cast too.
Anonymous (2011) - interesting tale, but forgettable.
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011) - I had put off watching this, then braced myself.... And was pleasantly surprised. I liked this film and will look forward to the sequel.
The Big Sleep (1946) - brilliant film noir!
Blue Jasmine (2013) - Cate Blanchett is amazeballs in this film.
The Book Thief (2013) - enjoyed the book, and liked to see the characters come to life. But, again, the book has many more layers.
The Heat (2013) - pretty forgettable I am sorry ladies (Bullock and McCarthy). 
Byzantium (2011) - another take on vampires... Not bad actually, but not great either.
Deliver Us From Evil (2014) - a recommendation from my littlest brother. I liked this film - it's not a horror, but it has horror elements (possession). Eric Bana was great... and surprisingly, Joel McHale looked pretty bad-ass.
Nightcrawler (2014) - oh my, very creepy, and so well played by Jake Gyllenhaal.
The Pretty One (2013) - what a lovely surprise! This is one of my new favourite films. Great cast and story... tragically magic... Zoe Kazan is amazing.
The Maze Runner (2014) - another YA drama... Again, I judged it too soon! I enjoyed this a lot, and have ordered the first book to read.
Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) - laughed a lot, I have to say. Makes me want to re-watch the first film.
Ruby Sparks (2012) - enjoyed this smart, and different film. Brings a whole new meaning to an "imaginary girlfriend". I could see where this was going, but the impact when it gets there is still strong. And after not knowing her name pre The Pretty One (from the other day of viewing!), she is fantastic in this AND wrote it!

They were spread over 3 weeks (don't judge me!!).

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