11 January 2015

NYE Degustation 2014

It's become a tradition to have a fancy degustation dinner on New Years Eve. This year we went to Kazuya - its mysterious window display had always intrigued us, and we could walk there (New Years Eve was the perfect excuse to try it).

Kazuya came runner up in the 2014 Metro Restaurant of the Year Awards for Best Degustation, and Best Service. NZ Cuisine Magazine awarded Kazuya's manager/sommelier Mojo Horiuchi Best Personality of the Year 2014.

We decided to do the nine course selection, with eight matching wines + one sake! The whole meal was amazing! I think my favourite was the scallop and the duck.

The Menu reads: Trio Amuse Bouche, Bubbles in the Glass, 'White', 'Texture', Three years old Hokkaido Scallop, Cambridge Duck Charcoal Grill, Wakanui Beef, Trio Cheese, Seasonal Sorbet with Tangelo, 'Pastry' Ice-cream with Valrhona and Strawberry, Petites Fours.

1. Trio Amuse Bouche
In the delicate fondue dish was an equally delicate olive oil and artichoke 'dip' (for lack of a better word). This was perfect with the edible cabbage paper. On the spoons, 'seasonal vegetable spherifcation' (culinary process of shaping a liquid into spheres which visually and texturally resemble roe) - this was made with beans. And on the plate is 'editable charcoal' (choux pastry). 

1a. Fresh baked bed, with unsalted butter, salt, and smoked salt - perfect to finish off the artichoke and olive oil dip.

2. Bubbles in the Glass - a celery foam, with a tomato jelly, editable flowers and nori.

3. 'White' - Tuna sashimi with powdered olive oil.

4. 'Texture' - over 30 textured seasonal vegetables (prepared many different ways) and prosciutto.

5. Three years old Hokkaido Scallop with corn, prawn, and for-the-life-of-me-I-can't-remember-what-the-crunchy-stuff-on-top-is.

4. Cambridge Duck Charcoal Grill, with mushroom porpetti, and marsala sauce. 

5. Wakanui Beef, with potato puree, truffle oil, chlorophyll sauce, and black garlic. 

6. Trio Cheese

7. Seasonal Sorbet with Tangelo

8. 'Pastry' Ice-cream with Valrhona and Strawberry

9. Petites Fours

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