07 March 2015

Delicious 10, Emily's New Beginnings, Level 6-10

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It's been a little while since I revisited Delicious 10, Emily's New Beginnings (see my post here). I had an email regarding the difficulty of achieving 3 stars on a particular level - the very last level!

Traditionally the last level of any game is usually hard... The platinum edition of Delicious 10 includes a bonus sixth restaurant, with 10 extra days to play (yay!). This is set in 'The Farmhouse'. And the tenth/last day is very challenging.

I thought I'd write a wee post to tell you how I managed to get 3 stars, firstly in Normal mode :)

Level 6-10, The Farmhouse
*By this level everything in the restaurant should be upgraded
*Forecast: 33% children, 33% Local Farmers (exclusive to Level 6), and 34% Regulars
*For 3 stars you need to earn $2,500 (you will need to serve all 33 customers to earn this)

Let's revisit these customer types:

+Local Farmers have high patience, give average tips, and they DON'T like Paige (boo)
+Regulars have average patience, give average tips, and they like Paige
+Kids have very low patience, give very low tips, and they like Paige

These descriptions are important, and I used them to get 3 stars (twice now)... Just so you know you aren't alone, I did a few screen grabs of my efforts hehe

Way back when the game first released and I clocked it, I achieved this:

Tonight went something like this:

Attempt 1 (so close)

Attempt 2 (bad!)

Attempt 3 (still not as good as 1st attempt)

 Attempt 4 (gah! Must've changed the wrong thing on the menu!)

Attempt 5...

Attempt 6...

Attempt 7...

Attempt 8!!

I won't lie, I attempted this more than 8 times! Some attempts had me restarting the day before I got anywhere near completing it.

In the end I bet my original 3 star score of $2,529 with the grand total of $2,557:

So, HOW then?!

On my 8th, and winning attempt, I set this menu:

33% Children: red candle, santa figure, insane present, cool present, candy cane, chocolate milk
33% Local Farmers: turkey, fruit cake 
34% Regulars: green candle, pea soup, modern wreath, pumpkin pie, snowman card

Why did I allocate it that way you ask?!

Yes, I allocated 6 items to Children, only 2 items to Local Farmers, and 5 items to Regulars, despite the almost equal percentages that they will appear in the restaurant.

I did this because: Children have very low patience AND they give very low tips - by including more items they prefer, I increase the money they would normal give me. Local Farmers and Regulars tip the same, an 'average amount' - I guess I gave Regulars more items than Local Farmers because a) Regulars have an average patience so I needed more chance of a preferred food tip incase I lost a heart or 2, and b) they are forecast to appear 1% more hehe. 

Patience levels are important: make the Local Farmers wait - they have a high patience. Don't let Children wait (very low patience) - always serve them first, and be careful with Regulars (average patience). 

Use the entertainer on all Local Farmers that sit down, and KEEP AN EYE ON PAIGE - you don't want her making them mad (how they could be mad at her I'll never know :) ). 

Also watch/think about when customers are going to finish and pay - a few times I left Local Farmers waiting just that little bit longer (they didn't lose any hearts) so that I could get money from 3 customers at once. You NEED those bonuses.

On the note of bonuses: never serve an incomplete order (always deliver the whole order at once), try to collect money from more than 1 customer at once (but, tread carefully- watch those hearts or the amount they give you will keep going down!), and let Paige charm Children and Regulars. Get that mouse for a bonus $100 - he's by the chocolate milk (or gluhwein if you use a different menu).

Remember to keep an eye on the Children that go to Santa - they always order a toy, and then pay for it later (and I chose the insane present and cool present, which Children prefer, guaranteeing more money on those orders).

Restart the day if you lose a customer - every dollar matters.

It's a tricky day, it really is. I started every attempt trying to be prepared: get the pea soup up to 5 servings, cook a turkey, grab a candy cane, and make a couple of candles - you can always remove them from your tray if they aren't ordered. 

And lastly, watch your clicking and your tray - the number of times I was clicking but already thinking of the next move, and it turned out Emily hadn't made the wreath/pie/candle properly (so I delivered an incomplete order). And sometimes I'd click for her to serve a table, but she didn't actually move.

There you go! I can't promise my menu will work for you first try - sometimes I do think there is a little luck involved (you know, the one time a customer does order something you have prepared already etc.).

Good luck and let me know if you have any tips: did a different menu work for you? 

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  1. Hi, do you know the difference in difficulty for this game? I tried changing from normal,casual advanced but seems score stay the same? Any idea whats the difference in changing difficulty?