22 March 2015

Time Management Games: Delicious

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

Today's game is...

... Delicious 1 (Deluxe)
Release Date: 16/07/06

The 'Delicious' Series is one of my all time favourite series. Each game adds to the story of Emily, with her family and friends. And as a new instalment is added, the gaming only gets better!

I will be posting more about Emily/Delicious games - visit my navigation page, or scroll through my Emily posts here.

Have you always dreamed of opening your own restaurant? Are you no stranger to multi-tasking? You'll love Emily, who makes her dreams come true in Delicious Deluxe. This delicious game contains two game modes and seven different restaurants. The more success Emily achieves, the more tables, employees and even stars you may acquire! Roll up your sleeves and help Emily!

* Seven restaurants
* Two game modes
* Bonuses like chocolate, bigger trays and stars
* Five types of customers

Download a free one hour trial here.

This is the first game in what has become the Delicious/Emily time management game series. I can't actually remember playing this game before... Emily has certainly come a long way since 2006, but I am keen to go on the Delicious journey from the very beginning :)

Elements to Gameplay

The Basics
The aim of the game is to help Emily in her restaurant, earning enough money to continue to the next day. There are eight restaurants, each with five days - so basically, 40 levels.

Customers will enter the restaurant and think about what they want to order. Once they 'tell', click the various food/machine icons to prepare the orders, and add the items to your tray.

The tray starts off a very limited size (three items will fit), so you may need to go back and forth to deliver an order. Serving/delivering an order is as simple as either clicking the customer at the counter, or clicking the table. You will get bonus money for delivering a complete order in one go, so be careful how you load up your tray.

An observation by me: having played all the other Emily games I found it strange that I can't add menu items to my tray that haven't been ordered already! i.e. I can't be prepare three bagels in advance if a customer has only ordered one bagel.

To collect money: customers at the counter will pay as soon as they receive their complete order, whereas customers at a table will pay when they have finished their food. Click the cash register to accept their money - for a money bonus try to collect money from several customers at once.

The last step is to clear-up after customers leave a table. Simply click a table that has a mess (indicated by a red exclamation mark !), and Emily will clear-up. New customers will not sit at a messy table, so make sure you keep tables clear.

Two Modes
We need to start by playing 'City to City'. As you move through the restaurants, you will unlock restaurants in 'Day In, Day Out' mode (note: there are no options for gamer level e.g. Beginner, Normal, or Expert, like there are in later Emily games):

'City to City' - Emily's dreams have come true. She has used her savings to buy her first restaurant! If you have a customer-friendly approach and work hard, you will be able to open many more. Perhaps you can even open one in the big city. This is normal restaurant to restaurant game play.

'Day In, Day Out' - Once you have played City to City restaurants, you unlock this mode. The idea is to play a restaurant for as long as you can, making as much money as possible.

Customer Types
There are five different types of customers:

'The Ordinary Man' - everything about him is ordinary, including the tips he leaves.

'The Older Lady' - she has a lot of time on her hands and doesn't mind waiting for her food. She stays and talks for quite some time, but her tips are great.

'The Business Woman' - fast, fast, fast... That's how she likes to eat and that's the kind of service she demands. Keep an eye on her as her mood can change in an instant.

'The Student' - he likes to hang around but he doesn't like to be kept waiting for his banana shake. Otherwise there will be little left of an already small tip.

'The Tourist' - it takes a while for the tourist to make a decision. You will have a lot of time to prepare the order. It is holiday time after all and that means you can relax.

Make sure you look at a customer's face to see what kind of mood they are in. Efficient service, chocolate truffles or cherry liquor chocolates will put them in a much better mood.

Work towards Upgrades
Emily's Tray - this can be upgraded from three spaces up to six spaces, making delivering orders easier!

Chocolate - this will boost a customer's mood. For a little pick-me-up use chocolate truffles. To make even the biggest sourpuss happy, use a cherry liqueur chocolate.

Restaurant Stars - Emily can earn up to two stars for each restaurant. Each star will raise the prices in the restaurant, helping you to earn more money faster!

Restaurant: Emily's Dream
The first restaurant is straight forward: it's all about taking it easy and learning the tricks of the trade. The reward for completing this restaurant is a larger tray.

Day 1: the target of $500 should be easy (I made $951). We get two tables, three menu items (Tea, Salad, and a Bagel), and two customer types introduced (Ordinary Man and Older Lady). Day 2 the target is upped to $600, and an extra table is added. Again, hitting that target should be a piece of cake - and for Day 3 it means getting Cappuccinos added to the menu. Day 4 means a table for two is swapped for a table for four! (incidentally, the most I had sit at that table in Day 4, was three people). Day 5 is the last day for Restaurant 1 - we get Chocolate Cookies added to the menu.

Menu items:
Tea and Cappuccino
Bagel, Salad, and Chocolate Cookies (only get 3 in a jar to serve)

Once you have finished Emily's Dream it is unlocked in 'Day In, Day Out' mode (as are all the other restaurants when you have finished them), AND three new restaurants are unlocked for play in 'City to City' - you can choose which order to play them.

Restaurant: The Knapsack
A Delicious tomato soup will go down well during lunch. Don't forget to stir the soup from time to time or it will boil over and you will have to clean it up. The reward for completing this restaurant is a larger tray again.

Day 1: a small target of $1,000, and we meet the Tourist (who waddles around like The Penguin hehe). Day 2: we swap out a two-seater for a four-seater, and by Day 3 there are 3 x four-seaters in the restaurant. Day 4: we get a new menu item: Spicy Pumpkin Soup, and Day 5 we get a Banana Shake.

Menu items:
Tea, Cappuccino, and Banana Shake
Bagel, Salad, Spicy Pumpkin Soup, and Spanish Tomato Soup (which needs to be stirred when an exclamation mark appears, or it will boil over!)

Restaurant: Dozy Diner
Don't Panic when the customers come flocking in. Your service will cheer every customer up. The reward for completing this restaurant is chocolate truffles to boost your customers mood.

Once you've completed Dozy Diner, in the next restaurant you play you'll see you start with one chocolate truffle (bottom right corner) that you can give away to an unhappy customer - just click the truffle, then click the customer. By the way, the truffles do (re)generate throughout the day! At one point I ended up with three :)

Day 1: an easy target of $1,200 (I scored $1,756), and only three tables (1 x four-seater and 2 x two-seater).  Day 2: we're up to 2 x four-seaters and 1 x two-seaters and a target of $1,250. Day 3: Apple & Nut Pie is added to the menu. Day 4: 3 x four-seaters! Day 5: we get an oven so we can bake more cookies and pie when the 3 on the counter run out.

Menu items:
Tea and Cappuccino
Bagel, Salad, Chocolate Cookies, and Apple & Nut Pie (only get 3 in a jar to serve until Day 5, when the oven is introduced)

Restaurant: Ristorante Picante
('Ristorante' is Italian for Restaurant; from what I can tell 'Picante' is Spanish for spicy or flavourful or having a salsa type sauce - however, I think piccante is Italian for spicy - is Emily having a Language crisis?! hehe)

Everybody loves delicious crunchy cookies. Bake more in the oven when you run out (you can only have three of each on hand). Make sure they don't burn! The reward for completing this restaurant is one Star!

Day 1: the target is $1,500, and we serve Business Women, Ordinary Men. Here was me still breezing through - I didn't make the target my first try! ($1,452 grrr). Second time through I made $1,688. Day 2: table for two is swapped for a four-seater (now we have 2 x four-seater and 1 x two-seater). The target remains the same. Students skateboard in, adding to the customer type mix. Day 3 we're up to 4 tables and a target of $1,550. Day 4 we have 3 x four-seaters and 1 x two-seaters, along with a target of $1,600. Day 5 there is a new menu item: a Banana Shake!

Menu items:
Tea, Cappuccino, and Banana Shake
Bagel, Salad, Chocolate Cookies, and Apple & Nut Pie (more Cookies and Pie can be baked!)

Finishing these three restaurants unlocks another three. We even get a change of restaurant decor, and the counter is stretched to allow three customers to be served at a time!

Restaurant: Cut the Mustard (LoL!!)
Use a businesslike approach to deal with all the people that flock in during lunch. The reward for completing this restaurant is an employee who helps clean up (yay!).

Day 1: it looks like we now have a Turbo oven, cool! A target of $2,000 means serving a lot of Business Women, and doing it very quickly! Luckily there are a few Tourists and Ordinary Men to balance things out. Day 2: we up to five tables (3 x four-seaters and 2 x two-seaters). Day 3: seating gets balanced out - 6 tables (3 x four-seaters and 3 x two-seaters)! Day 4: 4 x four-seaters and 2 x two-seaters! Day 5: we get the new menu item Banana Shake.

Menu items:
Tea, Cappuccino, and Banana Shake
Bagel, Salad, Chocolate Cookies, Apple & Nut Pie, Spicy Pumpkin Soup, and Spanish Tomato Soup

Restaurant: Ambiance Supreme
The youngsters would like to hang around your restaurant for hours. Luckily they need to go to school from time to time! Make sure your finger is ready to press the blender button (I'm guessing that is a hint re: shakes!). The reward for completing this restaurant is Cherry Liqueur Chocolates.

Day 1: $1,400 is the target today! Day 2: tables change to 3 x four-seaters and 1 x two-seater. Day 3: Strawberry Shake gets added to the menu. Day 4: another increase in table size (4 x four-seaters). Day 5: Spanish Tomato Soup gets added to the menu.

Menu items:
Tea, Cappuccino, Strawberry Shake, and Banana Shake
Bagel, Salad, Chocolate Cookies, Apple & Nut Pie, and Spanish Tomato Soup 

Restaurant: A Single Bite
I think there is an event going on. There are Tourists everywhere and everybody seems to have a lot of time to spare. The reward for completing this restaurant is a larger tray again (six items can fit!).

Day 1: we start with an easy $1,200 target and only four tables. And because I did 'Cut the Mustard' before this one, I have my cleaner employee to help me out :) Day 2: we keep four tables, but change the configuration (2 x four-seaters and 2 x two-seaters). Day 3: new menu item! a Strawberry shake. Day 4: tables change again, 3 x four-seaters and 1 x two-seaters. Day 5: Chocolate Cookies are back on the menu.

Menu items:
Tea, Cappuccino, Strawberry Shake, and Banana Shake
Bagel, Salad, Chocolate Cookies, Spicy Pumpkin Soup, and Spanish Tomato Soup

Finishing these three restaurants unlocks another ONE:

Restaurant: Citta Grande
Welcome to the big city, where crowds of people move through each day. Do you have enough time to serve everybody in a friendly manner? Don't forget that city-dwellers are quick to take offence! The reward for completing this restaurant is one Star!

Day 1: we've got the turbo oven (yay), and all our rewards - however, for the life of me I can't find where my Cherry Liqueur Chocolates are!! The target is $1,600 - 2 x four-seaters and 2 x two-seaters tables.  Day 2: tables change again (3 x four-seaters and 2 x two-seaters) and a target of $1,700. Day 3: tables change again (4 x four-seaters and 2 x two-seaters) and a target of $1,800. Day 4: more four-seaters, 5, and only 1 two-seater. The target is $1,900. Day 5: all the tables are four-seaters and we have a target of $2,000.

I have to say, boy am I pleased that things have changed for the better in the Delicious series hehe But the game had to start somewhere - now I'm going back to the future, where there are trophies, Carl the mouse, Emily's family and friends...

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