20 May 2015

Delicious 11/Emily's Home Sweet Home - Reveals!

The 'Delicious' Series is one of my all time favourite time management game series. Each game adds to the story of Emily, with her family and friends. And as a new installment is added, the gaming only gets better!

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Hi Emily/Delicious Game Fans!

Are you as excited as me about the new Emily game?! It's called Emily's Home Sweet Home!

Did you take part in GameHouse's Facebook Party today? For those that missed it, there were some cool reveals for the brand NEW Emily game, including the fact that it will be out in JUNE! I can't wait for next month :)

And Angela's Game will be out in July!

There were numbered posts by GameHouse (I've copied most of them here), as well as comments and questions/answers. Some of the things I picked up:
  • The new game WILL have menu choices, just like Delicious 11 (New Beginnings). 
  • GameHouse were asked if there would more children ('Emily' replied): "Babies? I don't know if I'm ready for that now.... Taking care of Paige is lovely, but a lot of work!"
  • The new game will have 90 levels - 60 numbered levels and 30 extra challenges!
  • GameHouse were asked about whether we could HEAR Emily: "That is a fantastic idea Christine! With all the games coming out this year that will be a lot of talking. Not sure if I am up for that..."

My hopes for the new games:
  • Trophies and achievements! And definitely the ability to play the game is Advanced mode.
  • Definitely the challenge of matching menu items to customers (I'm a glutton for punishment hehe).
  • That naughty mouse Carl find his true love too! How about Mr Carl and Mrs Daisy Mouse?!
  • The idea that the house is being renovated as we go is exiting as I love Time Management Games that involve building too -- but I wonder how much extra game play we get?? 

Post #2 I promised you a look behind the scenes, so let me introduce my team: Barbara (Community Manager), Michel (Franchise Director), Marlies (Copywriter), Erik (Founder and Chief). Fire away!

Post #3 My new game Delicious - Emily’s Home Sweet Home is coming soon! The trailer isn't finished yet, but I want to share a first sketch already.

Gasp!! Who is the lady in the red shoes?! (I bet her pie isn't as good as Emily's!)

Post #4 We’re about to go on an exciting new adventure! Do you have an idea what’s going to happen in the new game? 

I’ll lift a tip of the veil… Emily’s Home Sweet Home isn't all that sweet: After a warm welcome in our new dream house some neighbors reveal a different nature…

Post #5 You've asked me when the new game will come out... Well, as you all know tight deadlines are not exactly my cup of tea. Things just keep happening while I’m making my plans. However, I can tell you this: The new game will be ready sometime in June!

Good to see there is a 'Premium' to this game too - that should mean EXTRAS yay!

(Post #6 This is my first Facebook Party ever… How’s my team doing? Let me know with your reactions!)

Post #7 As you can see Patrick will have to roll up his sleeves for a big renovation!

(Post #8 Remember to refresh your browser once and again to keep up with the conversation!)

Post #9 In the new game we can really use your help fixing our new home! Just out of curiosity...what does your dream house look like?

I use Pinterest to dream about my ideal decor - check out some of my ideas here!

(Post #10 Are you enjoying my party? We certainly are!!! If you just stopped by, we’re numbering all posts so feel free to scroll to Post 1 to catch up.)

Post #11 Dear dear, Paige is growing up so fast! She’s very self-willed (it’s like Angela all over again…) and extremely adorable. It seems like it was just yesterday that she was born! Like if you have children and share the same feelings.

Some gorgeous sketches of Paige were posted. She definitely is growing up fast:

Post #12 Time for a nice sneak-peek! Do you want to see all cozy new restaurants in the game? If you guess the number of levels in the game, I’ll show you! Comment below with your guesses!

The answer is: 90 levels! Awesome, I can't wait :) It looks like 60 levels, with 30 extra challenges to complete along the way!

Post #14 Some levels in the new game are extra challenging. But I’m sure you’ll finish them all!

I LOVE extra challenges!

Post #15 Do you remember all of my previous adventures?

Of course ;) How did you do?! (see the next post for the answer!)

Post #16 I’m so impressed! You really are Delicious experts! You can find the right answer in the image below.

(Post #18 I had a fantastic time and so did my team (they’re still a bit overwhelmed by all of your enthusiastic reactions…) Hope you enjoyed!!)

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