03 June 2015

Delicious 11/Emily's Home Sweet Home - Out this Month!

The 'Delicious' Series is one of my all time favourite time management game series. Each game adds to the story of Emily, with her family and friends. And as a new installment is added, the gaming only gets better!

I will be posting more about Emily/Delicious games - visit my navigation page, or scroll through my Emily posts here.


Hello again Emily/Delicious fans!

Emily's new game is out June 4th on the Amazon Appstore and for GameHouse FunPass holders, or 16th for the rest! Fingers-crossed I get to post some previews for you soon :) I can't wait to play!

In case you missed it, here is my post from the Facebook reveals on Home Sweet Home. And HERE is my giveaway post - I have 5 codes to unlock/download the new game for FREE (expires 26 June 2015, NZ time)

GameHouse have launched Emily's very own website - join to become an Ambassador!

I'm also interested in Angela's game... I wonder if it will be as good as her sister's game series?! ;) Today on her page the release date was updated to "a few weeks" time. It will be a 4 level game to start with (with success it will be expanded).

Right now it's storming outside - I'm snuggled up with my own "Snuggy", Phoebe (pictured below), and working on finishing my walkthrough for Delicious 9: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise! Phoebe thinks she can help, but playing with the mouse tires her out ;)

Emily's cat Snuggy:


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