27 June 2015

Delicious 9 - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

Today's game is...

Delicious 9 - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise (Platinum Edition)
Release Date: 26/9/13

The 'Delicious' Series is one of my all time favourite series. Each game adds to the story of Emily, with her family and friends. And as a new instalment is added, the gaming only gets better!

I will be posting more about Emily/Delicious games - visit my navigation page, or scroll through my Emily posts here.

Emily and Patrick set sail for their long-awaited honeymoon in the all-new Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Platinum Edition, an exciting time management adventure where it's anything but smooth sailing. The newlyweds soon find their expectations for married life are different.

Follow the newlyweds as Patrick and Emily embark on their celebration cruise. Sailing off into the horizon of wedded bliss, Emily soon discovers she doesn't know how to relax and she certainly isn't used to having others take care of her. To make matters worse, when Patrick tells her he's excited to start a family as soon as possible, Emily's response is tepid - she's not sure she's ready for that just yet. Can they find a way to be happy?

I chose to play this in Normal mode (for the first time round). Download a free one hour trial here.


The Basics
The aim of the game is to help Emily in her restaurant, earning enough money/points to continue to the next level. In some cases Emily will take a break, so you will play as one of her friends or family members. And for the first time ever, you may be helping out somewhere other than a restaurant. If you haven't played an Emily game before you're in for a treat!

Simply: 1) Make the products the customer orders. Some products are made in multiple steps with different ingredients/items. 2) Take the order to the customer. Make sure they don't wait to long or they will get angry (which means they will pay less or leave without paying!). If you entertain your customers, they'll stay happier for longer (happier customers give bigger tips!). Only customers that sit at tables/bars can be entertained (not customers at the counter). 3) Accept payment for the order, and 4) Don't forget to clear the tables ready for the next customer! 5) Keep on eye on some items as they run out and more will have to be prepared.

Along the way you will be able to purchase items from the store that will help (decorations, entertainers etc.), and/or you will be given help e.g. a Cleaner. Instead of cleaning tables herself, the Cleaner can be sent to do that - this frees Emily up to prep and serve customers. The Entertainer improves customers' moods (Tip: If the restaurant is busy, serve customers at the counter first, and keep seated customers happy using the Entertainer) 

Bonuses: Extra tips/points are given if you collect money from multiple customers at the same time, if you serve complete orders, if you deliver multiple orders at once, if you complete extra challenges, and if you catch Carl the Mouse during the level.

Game Modes
Choose whether to play in Beginner, Normal, or Advanced mode.

Level completion
This time we play episodes, with five levels per episode. If you are playing the Premium Edition there are 18 episodes, giving a total of 90 levels!

There are six fabulous locations that we get to play through three different times.

Every level can be completed by reaching either a Target, or Expert score. If you do want to get all the Collectibles/trophies, you will need to complete all levels to an Expert score.

Customer Types
For the first time in.... ever (??!!) there is nothing explicitly said about the types of customers and whether some types have more or less patience than other types. There ARE some recognisable customer faces from other games, as well as some new faces. And there are definitely still some customer types that have more or less patience than others (e.g. Older customers have more patience).

Emily's family and friends are back! I have a helpful list of characters here.

The Store
All six locations have their own store, and each store is larger than ever before! This means when we return to each location a second and third time we have more things to buy. The store also includes new types of items, not just decorations! For example, some locations have 3 x energy boosters for the server during each level, and 3 x 'instant happy' items for the customers during each level. I really like these features :)

Mini-Mouse Game
The mouse mini-game continues, and he's wearing a pirate eye-patch = too cute! Find Carl the mouse on every level for 100 point bonus! Don't forget to listen for his squeak - you will get two or so chances to find him a level (Note: No visible mouse holes appear in this game, so there are no 'easy' finds). Check the Episode page to make sure you have found Carl for all levels.

The Episode page is also a great way to see where Memorable Moments will occur, and your achievements for each level: there is a gold star for an Expert score, and I will explain all about Golden Hearts next!

New to Gameplay

"Collect Emily's Friend's By Earning Golden Hearts"
The newly weds get to do some relaxing! We serve Emily and Patrick, and they pay us in hearts (love/appreciation) - get enough hearts to fill up the big heart on the bottom right of the screen, and you'll earn a Golden Heart for that level. Once the Golden Heart for a level has been achieved, the happy couple will sit back with golden hearts above their heads, and will refuse to be served again that level :) You need each level's Golden Heart because they add up to unlock a character.

My tip for serving Emily and Patrick: seat and serve them fast, and you should only have to do it twice or so each level. If you do delay them (and they lose patience), it might be three times or more! Watch their order bubble - you can actually see their patience going down using the light green line.

There are THREE characters that aren't unlocked by Golden Hearts, but rather by achievements: reaching 1) Expert on every level, 2) purchasing all items from each store, and 3) Finding Carl the mouse on every level.

Hearts also unlock the chance to capture Memorable Moments. These are collected in the Photo Album. Once unlocked it means: at some point during that level you will need to click to take a photo, so keep your eyes peeled! Remember, the episode page shows a Polaroid camera next to any level that has a Memorable Moment. The Photo Album will tell you how many hearts you need to unlock the next Moment.

Secret Game!

There is a hidden game on the main menu page! Did you find it?? I've read that you need all the Collectible Characters to unlock the game, but I found it with no characters unlocked. Simply click randomly and repeatedly around the main menu to find Emily and Patrick's Speedboat Race! (There is no particular 'thing' to click on; just click around until it opens)

Just don't get eaten by a giant fish...

Let the Honeymoon Begin!

Emily and Patrick are finally happily married. Jimmy, Angela, and Francois sail by with an offer the newly weds can't refuse ;) In true Jimmy style: a guy owed Jimmy, so now Jimmy has a cruise ship - the perfect setting for a Honeymoon! It looks like Emily's friends and family are coming along for the ride...

Episode 1: The Pool Deck, 'It Starts with a Splash'
Francois works at the Pool Deck (yes, even Emily is surprised that her BFF is working!). Emily being her generous self offers to help out, but Francois insists that she and Patrick just relax by the pool. This means we get to play as Francois! Tip: As soon as a customer heads towards the pool, get a token ready!

Level 2, Emily points out that the ship isn't moving yet... Cue the first extra challenge: find and bring Jimmy the right tools so he can fix the ship! There are five to find (he will ask for them in a random order). Tip: Don't forget to keep chopping limes now that two drinks need garnishing. One click will keep Francois chopping - five is the maximum that can be prepared in advance.

For the first Memorable Moment, Emily and Patrick spot a whale - don't forget to click to take a photo. At the end of the level we meet Josh, who is going to help out Francois (why doesn't Francois look happy about that?!). Thanks to some duct tape (typical Jimmy), the engine is fixed and the voyage begins.

Level 3, Patrick is teaching Josh how to cannonball into the pool. Angela makes a comment about Patrick being a natural Dad, making Emily look uncomfortable - is Emily unsure about having children...? Josh helps out by cleaning the tables. Tip: Shrimp take a little time to grill, giving you time to prepare a different item, BUT don't let the shrimp burn! They will 'ding' and turn pink when they are ready. 

Level 4, Francois and Josh are arguing over who can serve the fastest, with poor Emily in the middle! Patrick suggests a competition: whoever serves Angela and Jimmy the fastest, wins. The extra challenge is to serve the couple before the time runs out. At the end of the level Patrick announces the winner (even though he's not wearing a watch hehe).

Level 5, Josh wears his 'King of the Pool' crown, upsetting Francois. Meanwhile Patrick's attempt to talk to Emily about having children ends with an "accidentally" spilled drink on Patrick. When the pair leaves to buy some new clothes, Francois is plotting like an evil genius to get back at Josh (this is NOT going to end well!).

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Francois.

Mice by Level
01. On the upper-deck, peeking over the mosaic wall to the right.
02. On the upper-deck, peeking over the plants at the end of the mosaic wall.
03. Just above the pool-ladder.
04. By one of the token machines.
05. By the water spout (I think that's what it is?!)

Episode 2: The Boutique, 'Coming Apart at the Seams'

Jimmy shows Angela around the Boutique... then tells her she's running it before he leaves! At least Jimmy sent a Cleaner, Eddie, to help out! This means we play the boutique as Angela :) This is the first Delicious game we get to manage anything other than a restaurant.

Simply: Customers go into changing rooms, order clothes they want to try on, and Angela makes/delivers them. Same with shoes! I didn't notice the shoelaces at first - don't forget to select the shoes AND the laces. Customers are also served from the counter and table with all sorts of other items, including jewellery and drinks.

Level 1, Emily and Patrick buy some new clothes, and Angela is proud to make it through the time by herself! Emily tries to talk to her sister (about having kids maybe??), but Patrick interrupts... Level 2, Angela spots a sewing machine used by the previous staff and decides to make some of her own clothes to sell :) Evelyn makes a quick visit (Angela and Emily's mum). I wonder how many other friends and family will turn up?!

The extra challenge is to fix the sewing machine before the level ends. The second Memorable Moment has Emily looking stunning in a sparkling green evening dress. At the end of the level Kate, Patrick's little sister, pops in with her new perfume, which is also going to be sold in the boutique.

Level 3, Angela starts making her own clothes. This also means we have to sew more items when they run out. Tip: You can make up to five of each item in advance. Just click the fabric colour and then the pattern. Kate loves the designs and suggests that Jewel Jacobs, from World of Fashion, would too! And who happens to be on board, but Jewel Jacobs herself! The extra challenge is to clean-up the store: there are eight items to find.

At the end of the level Patrick reminds Emily that he never got an answer to his question (about having children), but Kate interrupts by wafting her perfume until Patrick has a coughing fit! Emily avoids answering again...

Level 4, We find Emily alone in the boutique looking very confused :( Poor Emily is worried about balancing her life and having children. Patrick arrives and they find Angela buried under a pile of fabrics. She has spent all night preparing for Jewel Jacobs! At the end of the level Angela is still too busy to talk with Emily - she promises to make time tomorrow.

Level 5, Kate brings Jewel Jacobs to the boutique. Jewel sees Angela's clothes, saying they are quite nice - the designs, not the fabrics. Jewel promises to give Angela some new materials to work with. And that means Angela is STILL too busy to talk with Emily! Patrick suggests a trip to the Spa to help Emily with her stress.

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Angela.

Mice by Level
01. Peeking out from the head of the female mannequin.
02. In the wall mirror to the very left.
03. Peeking out from the jewellery cabinet.
04. Next to the Red/White Polka-dot Shirt.
05. Peeking out over the top of the changing rooms.

Episode 3: The Spa, 'No Time to Relax'

Much to the Honeymooners' surprise, Patrick’s mum Brigid runs the ship’s spa! This means we play the spa as Brigid. She drops some big news: that Patrick's Dad has left her for someone 'nicer' :( They do have a rocky relationship, and she says she's doing okay...

Level 1, The extra challenge is to collect three packages for the Spa. Tip: You'll need to pick more flowers to make the essential oils. A maximum of six can be picked in preparation. 

The Spa feels much busier than the Pool or Boutique to me, plus we're back to having no cleaner so there is a lot to do! Tip: The Spa has an old-fashioned record player with different coloured options - the colours match the robes customers are wearing. To make the same colour/group of customers happy, choose the matching coloured record. The Store has a golden record to can purchase - play it to make ALL types of customers happy.

Level 2, Emily is feeling much better after her first day of relaxing. But when the talk of Brigid being a Grandma comes up, Emily starts cleaning to avoid the subject!

Level 3, Emily is now helping out at the Spa, much to Patrick's frustration. While Emily takes on the role of Cleaner, we still need to keep Patrick happy for a Golden Heart. The next Memorable Moment is Patrick by himself, getting a love-bite from a plant! Low and behold Uncle Antonio, Emily's Uncle, walks into the spa. Jimmy asked him to help out on the ship and he couldn't resist seeing his favourite niece. Antonio spots Brigid, immediately forming a crush on her!

Level 4, Uncle Antonio gives Emily some advice: to pay attention to her new husband while she is working. And that's the next extra challenge: go to Patrick four times when he calls. Spending some time together has put smiles back on Emily and Patrick's faces :)

Level 5, Antonio is still hanging around -- to be close to Brigid ;) At the end of the level Jimmy visits (managing to insult Brigid twice), and then presents her with her new spa helper: Antonio! Jimmy then whisks Emily and Patrick away for a dinner.

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Brigid.

Mice by Level
01. In the empty alcove/shelf.
02. By the faux counter (that has lotions and potions).
03. Peeking in through the window.
04. In the ice, by the tea.
05. In the grinder (watch out Carl!).

Episode 4: The Piano Lounge, 'Entertaining Possibilities'

Another surprise, the ship's Piano Lounge is run by Emily's parents! Evelyn and Edward say they are running it temporarily, until Jimmy sorts out his staffing issues (ha!). This means we play as Evelyn (Cleaner) and Edward (Server). Unlike other Delicious Games, if customers sit at the piano bar, they do NOT need a Cleaner after they are finished dining (nice for us!).

Level 1, Tip: Five of each meat can be prepared in advance; same for the potatoes and vegetables going forward. Orders can be left in the cooker too - they won't burn! It's a great way to have an extra serving waiting in the wings. Level 2, Evelyn seems in a very good mood (I wonder why...?). The Memorable Moment is Emily and Patrick dancing on the stage. Emily looks gorgeous in the green evening dress!

At the end of the level Emily comments on her mother's weird behaviour. Edward tells them that John Tones, the singer, is on board. Emily remembers that her mum used to date John before he was famous!

Level 3, Patrick has ten beautiful roses for ten days of marriage - how romantic! When Evelyn tests the microphone she gives him such a fright that he loses all the roses. That's right, we get to find them in the next extra challenge. Tip: The tenth rose is a tricky one - it will appear IN the oven once you cook your first order of meat or potatoes!

Level 4, Evelyn is panicking that the Piano Lounge is not good enough for John Tones (he's played Vegas after all). Edward needs to work on a 'Welcome' sign, which just happens to be the next extra challenge: build the sign before the level is over.

Level 5, The legendary John Tones arrives. He looks familiar ;) At the end of the level Evelyn and John are getting a little too cosy for Edward's liking. He and Emily have a great father-daughter heart-to-heart :)

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Edward and Evelyn.

Mice by Level
01. On the coffee tray, at the back of the restaurant.
02. On the stage.
03. On the kitchen counter, to the left of the waffles.
04. On the carpet, to the right of Emily and Patrick's couch.
05. Peeking in through the glass above the hot food station.

Episode 5: The Kids Club, 'Kid Crazy'

Emily and Patrick take a wrong turn, and end up at the day-care! This means we play as Emily (Cleaner) and Patrick (Server) for this episode. To earn Gold Hearts it's two kids, Eric and Emma, that we need to keep happy. They look a lot like a young Emily and Patrick :) Some of the other kids are definitely modelled on familiar customers from previous Delicious games.

Level 1, Emily spends the whole time trying to unlock a drawer to free Jimmy (while Patrick deals with the kids). Yup, the kids might have had the right idea locking up Jimmy hehe The extra challenge is to find eight "tools": these need to be delivered to Emily (she will ask for them in a random order).

Of course, Jimmy has no one to run The Kids Club, so Patrick offers. Level 3, Little Jayden has stolen Jimmy's keys! Patrick, again proving how good he is with kids, offers to chase Jayden in exchange for getting the keys back. The extra challenge is to catch Jayden five times. When Patrick catches Jayden, he tickles him and we hear a cute little giggle! Jimmy truly abandons the honeymooners to the kids once he has his keys back. The Memorable Moment is Eric giving Emma a flower - adorable :)

Level 5, Angela drags Jimmy back to The Kids Club to apologise for leaving Emily and Patrick there. Patrick surprises everyone by offering to stay a little longer! At the end of the level Jayden is sad to see 'Pat' go... And Emily is sad for different reasons: she babbles to Patrick about him being too prepared (for kids), and that she's under too much pressure to hand him babies straight away. Jimmy interrupts, letting everyone know that they have finally reached a port and can disembark...

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Jimmy.

Mice by Level
01. In the basket just above the yellow car.
02. Peeking over the top of the bottle warmer.
03. Peeking over the top of the oven.
04. Peeking out from the bottom table.
05. In the pink shelves.

Episode 6: The Beach, 'Throwing Dirt'

We finally disembark to a Beach in Greece... Patrick tries to talk to Emily about what she said at The Kids' Club, but Emily wants to try to enjoy the beach. Who should be there running the food stand but Brad, an ex-suitor of Emily's!! It looks like Brad has some relationship problems too - with different ladies!

This episode we play as Brad, and at first without a Cleaner. Level 2, This Memorable Moment is Emily and Patrick watching baby turtles make their way down to the sea. Level 3, Brad's girlfriendS (yes, more than one!) visit, giving us the next extra challenge: give attention to them six times. Watch for when they visit. Tip: When the fish and crab run out you need to fish for more - but your catch is random, so you will catch either a fish OR crab. It might take a number of tries to stock up on both (maximum of five each). Cooking these is like the shrimp on the Pool Deck - you have time to prepare other food while these cook, but don't let them burn!

Level 4, Another ex of Brad's is not happy at all (Brad, her sister?! Really?!!). She breaks his bead necklace. Brad falls to his knees and calls out the name "Ivy" when he realises his necklace is broken. Our extra challenge is to find all 18 beads! (That is a LOT of beads). At the end of the level Emily fixes Brad's necklace.

Level 5, Patrick helps a child on the beach re-build his ruined sandcastle - and that's the extra challenge that needs to be finished before the end of this level. We still have to serve Emily and Patrick together to achieve a Golden Heart. Tip: It is easier to get Patrick fixing the castle after you've got the heart. At the end of the level Brad tells Patrick that he's really good with "munchkins". Patrick actually apologies to Emily for being good with kids! He tells her he likes kids, loves her, and that they are in the perfect place in their lives to have kids! Emily is angry - she's spent her whole life to get where she is in her career and she doesn't want to give that all up now...

... And then THIS happens. Poor Patrick has gone viral!

Will Emily or her friends/family notice that Patrick has been left behind?!

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Brad.

Mice by Level
01. In the bushes by the tree.
02. Peeking out from the top of the cash register.
03. Peeking over the top of the left pillar.
04. Peeking over the top of a beach chair.
05. In the empty basket next to the shell.

Episode 7: The Piano Lounge, 'Not Entertained'

Patrick has been left on the beach, and we head back to the Piano Lounge. A 'Previously' button now appears on the Episode Page - click on it to get a nice little summary of where we left the characters last time we visited the location. We play as Evelyn and Edward again, and only have Emily to serve for a Golden Heart.

We find Emily sad, telling her Dad how her talk with Patrick went (train wreck!). Unfortunately Edward's mind is preoccupied... Could it be over Evelyn's attention to John Tones?!

Level 1, John Tones is the Entertainer - send him to seated customers to boost their mood. At the end of the level Emily tries to talk to her mum about Patrick, but Evelyn is too busy swooning over John (oh dear).

Level 2, Evelyn AND John Tones are missing from their duties at the Piano Lounge. The food isn't up to John's standards (uh-oh), so they've gone to find more supplies. Emily decides to keep her problems to herself for now (her Dad has his own problems!). This means we lose our Cleaner and Entertainer for this level (yikes!). The extra challenge is to receive eight parcels of supplies. At the end of the level Evelyn and John return - John is still not happy with the supplies he has found, but he's going to make-do. Evelyn still looks like she is smitten with the singer :(

Level 3, Just to put salt on poor Edward's wounds, John's entourage is dining at the Piano Lounge - the extra challenge is to serve them and keep them happy. At the end of the level John and his entourage go too far, and Edward throws a punch - go Edward!

Level 4, Edward feels terrible for losing his temper and Evelyn isn't talking to him! Meanwhile no one has talked about Patrick's whereabouts! The Memorable Moment is a 'magical' appearance by Snuggy! Watch the stage to take the photo ;) At the end of the level Emily talks to her mum - who has no regrets about her marriage to Edward (phew!).

Level 5, Evelyn eventually notices that her daughter isn't happy, and finally Patrick is missed! Emily tells her mum about the big fight she had with Patrick. Evelyn gives her some advice, and suggests he may have gone to see his own mum... At the end of the level Evelyn apologies for Edward's behaviour to John, and John goes too far (again). Now Evelyn will need to apologise to Edward!

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock John Tones.

Mice by Level
01. Peeking over the couch next to Emily.
02. Peeking over the counter next to the cocktail.
03. Next to the ribs.
04. Next to the cream for the waffles.
05. Peeking through the left pot-hole (I hope he's got a snorkel!)

Episode 8: The Spa, 'The Grand Gestures'

We head back to The Spa, where Antonio is still crushing on Brigid. He is our Cleaner for this episode. Brigid hasn't seen Patrick, but she tells Emily to stay put for a while - surely Patrick will come by soon... (oh dear!)

Level 1, Tip: Always keep an eye-mask sitting ready on the ice. At the end of the level 'Casanova' aka Antonio is still try to charm Brigid - unfortunately for him, she is NOT interested... and he can't take the hint.

Level 2, Despite Emily's advice, Antonio continues to court Brigid by sending six bouquets of red roses! The next extra challenge is to receive all six deliveries during the level. Tip: You need to grind the sugar and almonds for the scrubs - unfortunately you can't leave prepared scrubs in the grinder, so grab them before they disappear. Brigid unleashes her temper on the poor delivery guy (his name is Chuck - he pops up in other Delicious games).

Level 3, Patrick still hasn't shown up, but Brigid puts it down to him being scared Emily will yell at him again. Emily's attempt at yoga is the Memorable Moment hehe And Uncle Antonio's attempt at a poem for Brigid is hilarious :)

Level 4, Roses didn't work, poetry didn't work, so now Antonio is trying to paint Brigid! That's the next extra challenge this level: paint Brigid before the level is over. Have him paint when he's not cleaning up.

Level 5, No grand gestures this time (Antonio promises). A customer hears them talking about Patrick and shows them the video of him getting knocked out on the beach! Emily freaks out, rushing off to borrow Angela's phone so she can call Patrick!

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Chuck the Delivery Guy.

Mice by Level
01. To the very left, by the lavender.
02. In the pot for the roses.
03. Peeking in the window.
04. On the bar.
05. By the faux counter (that has lotions and potions).

Episode 9: The Boutique, 'Fashion Victims'

Emily rushes into The Boutique, completely out of breath. Brigid helps explain what has happened to Patrick, and Emily tries to use Angela's cellphone to make a call... except there is no reception! Angela tells Emily to wait until there's a signal. At the end of the first level Jewel Jacobs drops off a box of fabrics for Angela. There are three models onboard and Jewel wants Angela to create a mini-collection for a private viewing. That's exciting for Angela, but a lot of pressure...

Level 2, There is still no cellphone signal! Angela needs some inspiration for her new designs, and that's the next extra challenge: find the inspiration Angela asks for, and then put it in her sketchbook (the order is random). There are five things to find. At the end of the level disaster strikes: Kate drops perfume over the new fabrics and ruins them. Angela isn't fazed though; she's going to use fabric she has around the store.

Level 3, Look out for the Memorable Moment - Emily trying on some stylish sun-wear. At the end of the level Emily talks to her sister about her fight with Patrick. And Emily still tries for a signal!

Level 4, Heidi, one of the models, arrives at the Boutique. It turns out the other two models stayed on the beach with Patrick! Heidi expects to be paid and Angela doesn't have enough money... so she recruits Emily and Kate to model instead. She still needs one more model... I wonder who it will be?

Level 5, Angela has to start sewing her collection, and Francois is the third model :) The next extra challenge is to sew clothes on Kate, a mannequin, and Francois before the end of the level. Jewel Jacobs ends up making Angela cry. Poor Angela. Even her friends and family telling her how great her designs are doesn't help :(

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Kate and Jewel.

Mice by Level
01. At the counter by the charms.
02. Next to the skirt pattern.
03. Next to Emily's couch.
04. Above the two wall mirrors.
05. On the male mannequin's head.

Episode 10: The Kid's Club, 'Small Steps' 

Emily finds herself back at the day-care centre. The children unsupervised (Jimmy!) - she decides to take over. We play as Emily, with Jayden as our Cleaner. Again, Eric and Emma take over as the Golden Heart earners.

Level 1, The children ask after Patrick, making Emily burst into tears. They try to comfort her. Level 2, The children arrive early to clean-up as a surprise for Emily! She is impressed and let's them play while she finishes tidying the rest. That becomes the next extra challenge: tidy four messes before the end of the level.

Level 3, A sleep-deprived couple drop off a baby, much to Emily's shock! Make sure you watch the baby to see what she needs (milk bottle, pacifier, or nappy change). The Memorable Moment is Eric and Emma drawing a picture of Emily and Patrick - so cute :)  Emily does really well with the baby - she even gets called "ma-ma"! Perhaps Emily is better with children than she thinks ;)

Level 4, The extra challenge this level is to tickle Jayden seven times, which means we lose our Cleaner. At the end of the level the parents finally return to pick up their baby! Level 5, The children band together and convince all the passengers that the ship should be turned around - and finally Jimmy agrees too! Looks like we are heading back to the Beach, and poor Patrick, soon.

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock The Cruise Kids (Jayden, Eric, and Emma).

Mice by Level
01. By the milk box.
02. Behind the soft-toys at the back table.
03. Peeking through the left-hand window.
04. By the doll (Emily doll hehe) and the block.
05. By the cash register.

Episode 11: The Pool Deck, 'Revenge is Best Served Wet'

Emily heads back to The Pool Deck to watch for the beach. She finds Francois decorating the deck for a crowning ceremony for Josh, 'The King of the Pool'. I don't like the look on Francois' face though... Tip: The pool rings have to be retrieved after they've been used. Click them and they will return to the pile.

Level 2, The next extra challenge is to make a throne before the level is over. Francois seems to be having second thoughts about being mean to Josh - let's hope so! Level 3, Magazines have blown all over the deck. The extra challenge is to find eight.

Level 4, Josh has told his parents about the ceremony, and even bought Francois a present - his own crown! The Memorable Moment is Emily surrounded by friendly seagulls. At the end of the level, Josh's mum comes to thank Francois for being such a good friend to her son. Francois is definitely starting to feel bad...

Level 5, Francois is desperately trying to remove the bucket from the top of the throne! At the end of the level Francois tries to save Josh...

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Jimmy's Parrot.

Mice by Level
01. By the salad.
02. Peeking over the side of the ship, under the water-slide.
03. By the back table, by the lifesaver (could be hidden behind an order bubble if customers are seated, so keep an ear out for Carl's squeak).
04. At the bottom of the water-slide.
05. In the middle of the pool-rings.

Episode 12: The Beach, 'Landlocked'

It's back to The Beach, and poor Patrick. This episode takes place "a few days earlier". Patrick gets to help out Brad while he waits for the ship to return. Adding water-skiing is very cool - I love seeing the customers whiz past the screen hehe. Instead of seating and looking after Emily and Patrick, we look after happy new couple Georgeopolos and Jenny-Lee.

Patrick can't believe Brad's behaviour towards women, and hopes Emily will be back soon. Level 2, Brad is exhausted, lying on the beach - so the next extra challenge is to clean up 15 items! There are three different bins (glass/plastic, paper, food), and items must be tidied into the right bins at the right time! At least Georgeopolos steps in as our Cleaner, which means we have only Jenny-Lee to serve.

At the end of the day Patrick learns that Brad had his heart-broken, and that is why he is dating so many girls at the moment. The name of Brad's lost-love... Ivy! (the same Ivy from Brad's broken bead necklace).

Level 3, the Memorable Moment is between Georgeopolos and Jenny-Lee.... and a clam! Brad even gives Patrick some advice about his fight with Emily.

Level 4, Patrick spots a strange purple flower unlike anything he's ever seen. He wants to take a sample to show the World Wide Flower Association (WWFA). That's the next extra challenge: spot ten flowers. They pop up randomly, and you will have more chances if you miss any.

Level 5, WWFA offer Patrick a job! He's going to have to talk to Emily first... At the end of the level, Emily arrives at the beach! They both apologise for the fight and hug, happy to see each other.

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Georgeopolos and Jenny-Lee.

Mice by Level
01. By the luau/pig.
02. Peeking over the counter, at the left end (opposite end to the cash register).
03. Next to the drinks and Patrick.
04. By the tree trunk.
05. Peeking out from the top of the tree.

Episode 13: The Boutique, 'Stitching Up'

Happily back on the boat, we start the third cycle of all the locations. Emily and Patrick check on Angela, who is still very upset - she has lost faith in herself. Eddie, the Cleaner, has brought in his brother, Freddy, to help. Freddy works the sewing machine, which is a big help.

Level 2, watch for the Memorable Cinderella Moment between Patrick and Emily. Emily finds Angela's design book - her and Patrick have an idea to get Angela back on track... They just need to get Angela out of the boutique for a while. Tip: Click on the lipstick to see four different colour choices - red, pink, purple, and orange. Clicking once will make the colour wheel spin around twice (it will stop when you've clicked your choice). 

Level 3, They don't have to try very hard to get Angela away! The extra challenge is to build a runway (in two stages) before the level is over - could this be a surprise fashion show?! Tip: The nail polish works like the lipstick - there are three colour choices (red, blue, magenta/fuchsia).

Level 4, Emily gets Freddy to help make Angela's designs. The results are fantastic. All Emily needs now is some flower arrangements - this reminds Patrick about his job offer. He tells Emily that she doesn't need to worry about kids now because he's going to investigate rare flowers... Poor Emily is confused all over again!

Level 5, The surprise fashion show with Angela's designs goes really well (don't Emily, Francois, and Kate look fantastic?!)! People want to buy her designs right away :) Angela is finally smiling again.

The extra challenge this level is to sell Angela's fashion: keep an eye on the orders for Angela's designs from the runway too. At the end of the level Angela thanks her sister, and Emily reminds her that she is a great fashion designer :)  Patrick suggests they head back to the Spa for some relaxation after all the work at the Boutique.

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Eddie and Freddy.

Mice by Level
01. Behind the makeup counter.
02. By the table.
03. By the earrings and the watch.
04. Top of the very left changing room.
05. Peeking through the glass at the top of the stairs.

Episode 14: The Spa, 'Trial and Error'

Brigid jokes with Patrick about his time on the beach (poor Patrick). But she's too busy for much else. Antonio is the cleaner, while Emily and Patrick get to take a break.

Level 1, At the end of the level Emily and Patrick talk to Antonio about his love-life. He's not having much luck winning Brigid's heart. Level 2, Brigid gets a call from her ex that leaves her angry. Emily and Patrick advise Antonio not to pressure her... Watch out for the awesome mud-monster Memorable Moment with Emily and Patrick hehe.

Level 3, Brigid is still getting calls from her ex. The extra challenge this level is to answer the phone four times. At the end of the level Antonio suggests some relaxation techniques... which does not go down well with Brigid (or the telephone, which ends up in pieces)!!

Level 4, Antonio wishes he'd listened to Emily and Patrick's advice and not pushed Brigid so hard. Brigid arrives - Emily takes over the cleaning so that Antonio can help put the phone back together. The extra challenge this level is to find the eight phone pieces. Don't forget to keep Patrick happy for that Golden Heart. At the end of the level Brigid says that no-one sees how hard she works; that she just wants things perfect. Antonio tells Brigid that she has done a fantastic job with the Spa - that is was nothing before she started running it.

Level 5, Brigid seems in a much better mood - could it be because of what Antonio said? Emily is back relaxing with Patrick, and Antonio is the Cleaner again. At the end of the level Francois turns up with a gorgeous indoor picnic! Antonio had arranged it all before Brigid's breakdown. At first it seems like Brigid is going to be angry... but she gives Antonio a kiss on the cheek :)

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Uncle Antonio.

Mice by Level
01. By the almonds and sugar.
02. By the mud-masks.
03. In the spa :)
04. Peeking out from the left-hand spa.
05. In the camomile flower pot.

Episode 15: The Pool Deck, 'A Magical Reunion'

Emily and Patrick make their way back to the Pool Deck and Francois. Francois needs Emily's help - Josh hasn't been back :( It's going to take a LOT to make it up to Josh after what Francois did. This means Emily steps in as the Cleaner.

At the end of level 1 Emily asks Francois what kind of things Josh likes: wizards and castles... Where will they find a castle on the ship?! At the end of level 2 Jimmy turns up with flyers for an open mic night - Francois is hatching a plan...

Level 3, Emily has gathered some stuff... for Francois' plan?? The extra challenge is to put together the prop before the end of the level - that looks like a castle ;) Watch for Patrick's Memorable Moment.

Level 4, Francois tried to talk to Josh, but Josh said he will never come back to the pool :(  Patrick has a plan to use "magic" to get Josh to come back...

At the end of level 5, Patrick is dressed as a wizard... and he brings Josh to the pool! Francois dresses as an evil king, so that Josh 'the hero' can defeat him. To turns out there is one more challenge before the level is over: a three-part sword fight. Watch Josh's moves and click to replicate them.

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Josh.

Mice by Level
01. On the deck by the ladder into the pool.
02. Peeking over the plants.
03. Near the bottom of the slide.
04. Between the counter and the BBQ.
05. Peeking over the top of the BBQ.

Episode 16: The Kid's Club, 'Kid-Friendly'

The props from the Pool Deck need to be returned to the right places, so Emily and Patrick find themselves back at the day-care. Emily declares it open again, with her serving, Patrick cleaning, and Eric and Emma earning the Golden Hearts.

At the end of level 1 Patrick tells Emily he heard that she run the Kid's Club while he was on the beach. I think he's impressed :)

Level 2, Patrick and Emily try a little reverse phycology on the kids, getting them to try something different: Hide and Seek!  The extra challenge is to find ten kids by the end of the level, so keep an eye out for Jayden (he appears in a random order each time).

Level 3, Eric and Emma are playing puppets as Patrick and Emily - too cute :)

Level 4, Patrick gets a call about his job offer. He asks if can bring someone with him... then tells them he will have to think about it... Watch Eric and Emma for the Memorable Moment. At the end of the level Emily tells Patrick that maybe they should start looking for a bigger house when they are back. Patrick agrees, but it turns out he's not really listening - he's too distracted by his job offer!

Level 5, Emily rocks a baby to sleep saying "grá mo chroí" - this is Irish meaning "my love, my darling" / or "love of my heart" is the literal translation. What she says next surprises Patrick, making him drop a box of balls...

The extra challenge this level is to find 16 balls.

At the end of the level, Patrick tells Emily they need to talk: his new dream job means lots of travel and time without Emily. Emily reminds him how much they love each other and that they will make it work... Evelyn visits, looking terribly sad. She hasn't seen Edward for days :(

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Robodog 3000 XT.

Mice by Level
01. Peeking over the top of the top crib.
02. Peeking over the top of the cake decorating station.
03. Peeking over the ice.
04. Peeking through the window, above the lolly-pop.
05. On top of the pink bookshelf.

Episode 17: The Piano Deck, 'End-ertainment'

Emily and Patrick visit Evelyn at The Piano Lounge. She explains that Edward saw John kissing her! Emily offers to help her mum set-up for the talent/open mic show. That means it's just Patrick earning the Golden Heart, while Emily cleans-up.

Level 1, The extra challenge is to receive six boxes, so keep an eye out for Chuck the Delivery Guy. At the end of the level Jimmy arrives with the news he's sold a ton of tickets for the talent show. Patrick leaves to search the ship for Edward.

Level 2, Emily talks to her mum about her confusion now that Patrick has a job offer. And the talent show starts! First up is Francois and Josh sword-fighting - the extra challenge is to follow Josh's moves for two fights (like we did in Episode 15-5). Unfortunately Patrick still can't find Edward...

Level 3, Second act is Angela showing off her new fashion line, 'Sailing the Seven Seas'! The extra challenge is for Angela to take six photos - watch for the signal from Angela. Edward is still MIA...

Level 4, Third act is Brigid and Antonio... Playing the banjo and the harmonica, errr no the violin and the flute!! The Memorable Moment is Francois snorkelling by (followed by a very large shark!), so keep a look out. The last act is a surprise... Evelyn is picked as a 'volunteer' from the audience to announce... Edward and The Studs?!!

Level 5, Evelyn is on the stage dancing with her stud ;)  So Emily is serving and Eddie is on clean-up duty. At the end of the level there is an extra challenge: follow Evelyn and Edward's dance moves three times (like the sword fighting). The pair make up :)

There is one last surprise act: Patrick, with Eric and Emma! He tells the story of their honeymoon, with Eric and Emma acting it out hehe: They had a huge fight, then Patrick got stranded on the Island, and they both worked during their honeymoon. On top of that, he received a job offer that would mean lots of time away from Emily.

Patrick invites Emily on stage telling her that it was still a perfect honeymoon because he got to spent time with her... And that he is turning down the WWFA job to be with her :)

Josh announces that they have reached land - and that they are back in Snuggford. Emily and Patrick are glad to be home - and so is everyone else :)

At the end of the Episode, if you have all the Golden Hearts, you unlock Emily and Patrick.

Mice by Level
01. Peeking above the cash register.
02. Between the table and the open mic poster to the left of the stage.
03. Above the oven.
04. In the white coffee mug.
05. Peeking through the big port hole.

If you're luckily enough to have the Premium Edition, then you get:

Episode 18: The Beach, 'The Epilogue'

We kick off THREE MONTHS LATER: Everyone is gathered on the beach with Brad... for his WEDDING! It looks like Brad made up with Ivy :)

Brad is serving, with Ivy as the Cleaner. Emily and Patrick are back in relaxation mode - and need to be served for the Golden Heart.

At the end of level 1 Brad proposes a toast to Emily and Patrick - they helped him have the courage to call Ivy :)

Level 2, Angela is on the phone - she is now the proud owner of her own boutique!! She has a lease in New York and fabrics on the way. How exciting for her! Ivy gets Angela's attention so that her wedding dress can be finished. Now it's Brad's turn: the extra challenge for this level is to have Brad's suit fitted. At the end of the level... Jimmy is selling the ship?! (I think the whole family will be happy to hear that hehe).

Level 3, Antonio and Brigid arrive on the beach. It turns out the pair are opening a Spa together in Snuggford... just around the corner from Emily's restaurant... uh-oh... hehe Watch Emily and Patrick for their Memorable Moment of romance :)

Level 4, Francois is a bit sad because everyone is moving on and he still doesn't know what to do with his life; he can't always be 'Emily's Francois'. Emily tells him he will always be her Francois :) Plus, Francois is missing Josh. I guess all that time on the pool deck together made them great friends. At the end of the level Edward and Evelyn zoom past the beach in a speedboat. On the beach, Evelyn tells Emily that Edward took her to a beautiful cove... that was perfect for skinny dipping! Emily's face when she hears this is hilarious! TMI Evelyn LoL

Level 5, Tonight is Brad and Ivy's Wedding. Unfortunately there is a seagull infestation! The extra challenge for the LAST level is to shoo away eight seagulls.

At the end of the level, Brad and Ivy get married :)

(The speedboat driver is watching from his boat hehe)

Then it's party time! Patrick tells Emily she is more beautiful than when he married her, and he gives Brad a piece of advice: DON'T GO ON A HONEYMOON CRUISE! hehe

(Is that Antonio with his arms around Brigid?! His persistence paid off hehe)

Mice by Level
01. By the statue of Neptune.
02. Peeking over the salt and pepper mills/shakers.
03. By the feta cheese and olive.
04. In the speedboat!
05. Peeking out from the top of Emily and Patrick's swinging seat.

The end of the game unlocks a special scene that hints at the next Delicious/Emily Game... If you miss this the first time, you can play it from the Collectibles section (bottom right hand corner: the film strip with Emily and Patrick's face on it).

If you have: all the Golden Hearts, reached Expert, and found Carl the mouse on every level, as well as purchased all the items from the shops, you should have ALL the Collectibles.

Wow, what a HUGE game - so much happened! Don't forget to post your comments and questions below! The fun keeps going with the next game in the series: Delicious 10 Emily's New Beginning.


  1. In the first level of bonus game where is the mouse? I've looked everywhere

    1. Hiya! Carl the mouse should be by the sand statue of Neptune. So, keep your eyes on him! (that's for the 1st level of the 'Epilogue' - Episode 18). Have fun!

  2. i need mouse location for episode 19!! =(

  3. You can just make out his ears behind the counter in the middle of the room :)

  4. I can't get all the memorable moments. Are they hard to see sometimes because I keep missing them...such as episode 11... it's driving me crazy to keep replaying levels just for that.

  5. As cruise refers to a journey or voyage, while honeymoon means a traditional leave or holiday taken by newlyweds.
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  6. I found got all hearts, got expert level on all levels and unlocked all characters except for the boat in the back. It says to do that I have to buy all upgrades. I can't get anymore money to get the last 2 upgrades. I see the extra level down bottom corner scene, it wont unlock. How can i get more coins?

  7. Got all collectibles but can't get into bonus games /episodes (19)....

  8. How do I answer the phone on level 19-1

    1. Hi Ann, you should be able to answer it when it rings - you need to watch for it, then click?

  9. I do click on the icon when it rings but nothing happens. That's why I asked. Perfect score up to this point.