28 June 2015

Five winners for my Delicious Emily Giveaway

Updated: 10 July 2015. I've tried to internet-stalk winner Charlotte Denise, but she hasn't responded or emailed me. It's been more than 14 days... so I have ONE COPY TO GIVEAWAY! 

Updated: 11 July 2015. Congrats to Becs, who snapped up the 5th free copy of the game :)

A big CONGRATULATIONS to my five winners! Each will get a code from GameHouse that allows them to download Delicious 11: Emily's Home Sweet Home for FREE :)

Jenny J, Yawniebug, Angela Nathan, Kim Dallmeier, and Becs, you are my winners! Don't forget to email me (mhornblow [at] gmail dot com).

I am so excited to share the game with you. This weekend I will be playing it for the first time myself, YAY!

Please check back in and share your thoughts on the game - I can't wait to hear from you.

New characters, new challenges!! I heart Emily :)

Even though I don't look excited, here is me before this announcement (in my defense, it's cold here and Friday, so a little sleep-in with Phoebe was in order!). A "special" thanks to my brother for the photo...


  1. Replies
    1. My pleasure :) Thanks for entering. Let me know how you go with the new game. I'm almost finished restaurant four xo

  2. Just finished the game! It was great fun! Had never tried a time management style one before. Might have to look into purchasing some more, because I really liked it (and it was quite addictive!!). Thank you! :)

    1. Yay Kim! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The others are great too - you get to follow Emily's life :)