27 July 2015

I Miss You Gram...

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20 July 2015

One Day I'll Marry...

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.


01 July 2015

Delicious 11 - Emily's Home Sweet Home

Updated 17 July 15: As I write this, there are known bugs/issues with the game. Some have been fixed, and GameHouse recommend redownloading the game. Check out the known issues HERE. I've redownloaded the game, and have now 100% completed it :)

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

Today's game is...

Delicious 11 - Emily's Home Sweet Home (Platinum Edition)
Release Date: 18/6/15

The 'Delicious' Series is one of my all time favourite series. Each game adds to the story of Emily, with her family and friends. And as a new instalment is added, the gaming only gets better!

I will be posting more about Emily/Delicious games - visit my navigation page, or scroll through my Emily posts here.

Discover Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home and help the O'Malleys fix up their dream house! After a warm welcome, some neighbours reveal a different nature. A turbulent time follows in which Emily and Patrick must go above and beyond to stop their house being repossessed. A house is a house, but can you help them make it home? Enjoy Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home now!

* Help your favourite family repair and fix up their dream house before it's too late
* Complete 60 exciting time management levels and 30 extra challenging levels
* 6 amazing restaurants
* Prepare lots of new customisable menus, enjoy extra daily challenges, and decorate by unlocking every achievement

I'm so excited to finally be playing another new Emily game! A big THANK YOU to GameHouse, who GAVE me the game, along with five copies for my own giveaway.

I chose to play this in Normal mode (for the first time round). Download a free trial HERE!


The Basics
The aim of the game is to help Emily in a restaurant (or house, garden etc.), earning enough money/points to continue to the next level/day. In some cases Emily will take a break, so you will play as one of her friends or family members. If you haven't played an Emily game before you're in for a treat!

Simply: 1) Make the products the customer orders. Some products are made in multiple steps with different ingredients/items. 2) Take the order to the customer. Make sure they don't wait to long or they will get angry (which means they will pay less or leave without paying!). If you entertain your customers, they'll stay happier for longer (happier customers give bigger tips!). Only customers that sit at tables/bars can be entertained (not customers at the counter). 3) Accept payment for the order, and 4) Don't forget to clear the tables ready for the next customer! 5) Keep on eye on some items as they run out and more will need to be prepared.

Along the way you will be able to purchase items from the store that will help (decorations, entertainers etc.), and/or you will be given help e.g. a Cleaner. Instead of Emily cleaning tables herself, the Cleaner can be sent to do that - this frees Emily up to prep and serve customers. The Entertainer improves customers' moods (Tip: If the restaurant is busy, serve customers at the counter first, and keep seated customers happy using the Entertainer) 

Bonuses: Extra tips/points are given if you collect money from multiple customers at the same time, if you serve complete orders, if you deliver multiple orders at once, if you serve a customer fast (Quick Bonus), if you complete mini challenges, and if you catch Carl the Mouse during the level.

Game Modes
Choose whether to play in Beginner, Normal, or Advanced mode.

Level completion
This time we play restaurants, with ten levels/days per restaurant. If you are playing the Platinum Edition there are six fabulous locations, giving us 60 levels! PLUS there are 30 extra challenge levels, bringing gameplay to a total of 90 levels!

Every level can be completed by reaching either one, two, or three star score. Complete each level's mini-challenge to receive a diamond (new feature!), and unlock menu items/products. If you do want to get all the trophies/decorations for Paige's room, you will need to complete all levels to three stars (The Graceful Ballerina trophy/decoration).

Emily's House/Diamonds
Diamonds are awarded when the extra challenge is completed during a level. Diamonds are used to buy items for Emily's house :) Click Emily's House on the Map to see new unlocked items for purchase.

100% completed house

Trophies/Decorating Paige's Room
Trophies are back, yay! I love trying for the extra achievements. This time your trophies are actually decorations for Paige's room - how adorable :) Click Emily's House on the Map and go to Paige's Room. There are 21 trophies/decorations to earn.

The Butterflies: Finish the Garden.
The Wood-Carved Owl: Finish Talon Lake.
The Sunflower: Finish the Farmers Market.
Toy Ferris Wheel: Finish Happy Funtime Land.
The Little Kitchen: Finish Emily's Place.
The Snow-Coloured Curtain: Finish the Ski-hut.
Paige's Name Sign: Had an order on your tray before it was ordered.
The Graceful Ballerina: Achieve three stars on each day.
The Little Golden Camera: Unlock every photo moment (there are 12).
The Blue Giraffe: Watch the entire credits.
The Lovely Tea Set: Serve 500 drinks.
The Tiny Band Set: Entertain a table 100 times.
The Quick Bunny: Serve 250 products quickly.
The Pink Resting Chair: Walk 100 miles.
The Full Storage Chest: Choose every product in every environment at least once (there are 165 choices).
The Sturdy Play-Horse: Finish all the Challenge and Bonus Levels.
The Cupcake Beanbag: Unlock all products (there are 112)
Carl, The Mouse Cuddly: Find all 60 mice.
The Decorative Lamp: Buy all items in all restaurants (there are 62 items).
The Night Light: Buy all items in the house (30 items)
The Full Princess Outfit: Unlock and Collect Everything!

100% completed trophies/decorations

Memorable Photo Moments
There are 12 moments throughout the game that need to be captured/photographed. Watch for the sound, sparkly circle around the moment, and the camera icon - click to take the photo. These are then displayed around Emily's House. If you do want to get all the trophies/decorations for Paige's room, you will need to capture all 12 (The Little Golden Camera trophy/decoration).

01. Meeting Grace, Level 1-1
02. A Whole New Ball Game, Level 1-7
03. Best Friends Forever, Level 2-16
04. Medal for Heroism, Level 2-19
05. Fast Asleep, Level 3-24
06. Little Help From My Friends, Level 3-30
07. Twinkle, Twinkle, Level 4-37
08. Happy Tree Friend, Level 4-39
09. Almost Done, Level 5-45
10. Marissa's Trophy, Level 5-50
11. Exchanging Gifts, Level 6-51
12. Everybody Dance Now, Level 6-60

Customer Types
Each restaurant has different types of customers. Customer type dictates patience and tips levels, as well as how complex they tend to order. Use customer types to prioritize serving orders, especially when you are busy. To view customer types, click on the menu while inside a level. I've also posted the types for each restaurant below.

Menu/Product Choices
In Delicious 10: Emily's New Beginning, we altered the menu to suit customer types. In Delicious 11 we unlock items as we play, then set the menu before the start of each level. In the below example, after level 1, glazed donuts are unlocked - these are faster to prepare than an apple pastry, so I will choose to use the donut on my menu instead. The ultimate goal is to unlock the items that are faster to prepare, give bonus tips, and, in some cases, don't burn as easily or are spill-proof!

While on the Menu screen, click any item to see the different choices.

Click on any locked item to see how to unlock it.

Your Tray
Your tray can hold a limited number of items - as you progress, the tray will get bigger and hold more. So happy to see that the tray now as divisions on it so you can easily see how many items fit on it! If you add something to the tray by mistake, click on the item to remove it.

Emily's family and friends are back! I have a helpful list of characters HERE.

The Shop
All six locations have their own shop. Emily can upgrade the restaurants with items that improve tips and the patience of customers.

Mini-Mouse Game
The mouse mini-game continues! Find Carl the mouse on every level for 100 points! Don't forget to listen for his squeak - you will get two or so chances to find him a level (Note: No visible mouse holes appear in this game, so there are no 'easy' finds). Check the Map to make sure you have found Carl for all levels. If you do want to get all the trophies/decorations for Paige's room, you will need to find all 60 mice (Carl, The Mouse Cuddly trophy/decoration).

Secret Game
There is a hidden game on the Map! Did you find it?? By levels 28, 29, 30 is a plane ride - click it, then watch the skies - you'll see Emily flying a plane! Click her and unlock: Emily's Air Race :)

It's a bit touch-and-go, but hold the mouse button/click to fly and go higher. If you hold the mouse button too much, Emily does a loop hehe There are coins to collect, and even Carl the Mouse gets in on the action.


Customer Types

Emily's parents, Edward and Evelyn, take a tour of the O'Malleys' Dream House... Yes, it needs a lot of work! Emily and Patrick plan to fix it up (they wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise).

Thankfully no-one was standing under the chandelier!

A racket brings the family outside, where a blonde is yelling about her daughter not winning a pageant (uh-oh). She introduces herself as Sharon Stepford - Councilwoman, President of the Snuggford Hills Neighbourhood Association, and the O'Malleys' neighbour.

Stepford Wife, errr, I mean Sharon Stepford ;) knows exactly who Emily is... That's why she picked Emily to run the Delicious Foundation Fundraiser. Emily is NOT prepared for that! But she is pleased to be able to meet all her new neighbours.

Level 1, Mini-Marathon: Walk 100 yards (Easy)
At the end of the day Sharon stops by with her daughter Grace (who seems to be enrolled in a LOT of classes: singing, dancing...). Sharon has the nerve to ask Emily to "spruce" the place up a bit - Emily is planning to, but has been busy. Paige and Grace Meet (Memorable Photo Moment). So cute!

Level 2, Decoration Central: Put up the decorations (Take that Sharon :P )
Edward discovers there is wood rot in the house :( That's why the chandelier fell through the floor so easily. He gets the debit card off Emily so he can buy new supplies/tools.

At the end of the day Edward gives Paige her own bunny! Emily is not impressed (I'm guessing Grandpa didn't check with Emily first hehe). Paige promptly names her Daisy (which reminds me: where are Snuggy and Rosie??).

Level 3,  Speedy Service: Get 5 quick bonuses (Serve customers quickly)
Emily's BFF Francois visits! Turns out he was a tour guide in the Big City, but it wasn't for him (too many "complaints",  aka questions, from people hehe). Evelyn told Francois how stressed Emily was, so he's come to help out as our Cleaner! (Turns out he and Emily's mum face-chat every Wednesday night haha).

At the end of the day Sharon and Grace visit. Sharon has heard good things about Emily's decorations (phew!), so now she wants to tackle the safety issues. Emily takes safety very seriously... unfortunately Daisy chooses that moment to bite Grace! Sharon overreacts just a little bit... hehe

Challenge Level 1, Infestation: Find all the mice and reach the target! There are 33 mice to find (yikes!). They appear in random order, two at a time - listen for the squeaks!! Don't worry if you miss any as there are plenty of chances to click (numbered below randomly).

Level 4, Tool Time: Receive all Patrick's tools (Chuck the Delivery Guy delivers three parcels)
Emily and Paige meet Moon Blossom and her son Hemingway. Emily doesn't have any of the foods Hemingway can eat (e.g. gluten-free, non-GMO, fair trade vegan corn dogs!). Moon Blossom suggests Emily come to the Farmers Market, where they sell the freshest bio-produce around.  She even offers Emily a "non-exploitative temp work" for the Fall, which is perfect timing for Emily (and the money they will need to fix up the house!).

It looks like Sharon's dropped by too - and put up an 'Accident Free' sign...

Paige is adorable helping out with the lemonade :)

Meanwhile poor Patrick is trying to fix the hole in the floor properly.

Challenge Level 2, Terrible Tray: Work with the slowly breaking tray! To start with the tray can hold five items. This slowly breaks down to four, then three, then two, then one spot! Use the ever-decreasing tray to still make your target for the level.

Level 5, Efficiency Above All: Serve only full orders (It IS more efficient serving an order all at once, plus serving a complete order gets you a bonus!)
Billy Beauford, Snuggford's Roller Coaster King, stops by the Garden. He leaves his son, Billy Jr, to help Emily out by entertaining customers with his skateboard tricks. Emily gets an offer to work at Happy Funtime Land for the summer! (And the Garden has been accident free for one day!). Tip: Ribs take a few seconds to cook. Don't leave them too long or they will burn! A new Grill can be purchased from the store for 150, which makes it harder for the meat to burn. 

At the end of the day Sharon and Grace arrive. Now Sharon wants to talk to Emily about the cleanliness level!! She announces the Foundation committee will be meeting at the Garden tomorrow, and that everything must be perfect. Paige and Grace play in the mud.... uh-oh! (We'd much rather have an Angela Original anyway :P ). Back to being accident free for zero days...

Challenge Level 3, Your Inner Botanist: Only flower orders during the entire day! I failed my first time trying this. I did unlock the White Oleander, so swapped out the Blue Hellebore (which earns a bonus tip). During my second attempt (sooo close!), I unlocked the other two flowers: Pink Columbine and the Red Rose. Using the three unlocked flowers this level was a breeze :)

Level 6, Food By Committee: Serve the committee their food
Patrick has finished the floor... but has just realised the woods don't match. Emily tells him it doesn't matter - that he could just stain the wood to match, but Patrick wants everything to be perfect. Emily comments that they have almost spent the money she made from selling to Wu (in Delicious 10).

At the end of the day Francois talks to Emily about his future - everyone is settling down, and he still doesn't know what to do with his life. What is his talent??

Level 7, A Good Start: Get your first star in the first half of the day
Emily meets Aaron Mahoney, and his daughter Marissa ("future Winter Olympic gold medalist, 2022"). He's come to check out Emily's "gnarly" food. Impressed, he offers her a job at the Ski Resort he manages! Now Emily has work for Fall, Summer, and Winter :)

At the end of the day (day two with no accidents!) Brigid and Antonio visit :) Brigid has bought a gift for Paige: a plastic softball set (she used to be an ace player when she was younger). "And now in news that surprises no-one, my mother-in-law is good with a baseball bat" haha (Memorable Photo Moment). She tries to show off her skills, hilariously hitting Antonio's car!

Challenge Level 4, Because I'm Famous: Don't lose any VIP customers. I found this one straight forward - make sure you serve the VIP customers first. Use Billy Jr to Entertain other customers waiting at tables.

Level 8, Hide and Seek: Find all the scouts
(Back to zero days without an accident! Thanks Brigid :P) Emily meets the local Den Leader and his scout pack: Earnest Templeton, and the Snuggford Scouts Pack 167 (complete with Earnest's daughter, Enid - the last on the left). Emily receives ANOTHER job offer, this time at the Scout Camp!

Paige, bless her, scares the whole Pack with a spider. They reappear randomly - find all eight.

At the end of the day Sharon visits with Grace - this time wanting to give Emily advise on how to get her "mediocre" tips up. Emily is fuming! Unfortunately Paige and Grace have a little fight over a toy...

Level 9, Happy Days: Serve five ecstatic customers of each type (This means serving an order to a customer while they still have all their patience/hearts - it doesn't include collecting money. And remember, there are four customer types)
Poor Emily is pretty upset over what happened between Paige and Grace - she thinks she doesn't set a good example. Patrick tells her she's a natural parent, and that soon she won't have to worry (about Sharon) as the fundraiser will be over.

It's at this point I bought the new cider vat from the Shop - it's spill-proof?! Hallelujah!!

At the end of the day Sharon visits. Emily is pretty fed-up, asking her whether it's about the menu, furnishings, entertainment, or lack of organic cruelty free dried seaweed?! It turns out it's about the revenues, which are now up over 15% on last year - go Emily! Paige and Grace desperately want a play-date (of course Grace has swimming and Spanish classes today! This two year old has a busier schedule than I do!), but the mums set a date for tomorrow.

Challenge Level 5, Cloudy Day: People will enter in a mood. I found this one straight forward - we have Billy Jr to entertain seated customers (serve counter customers first), and customer types to help prioritize serving: Seniors have High patience, Regulars and Kids have Normal patience, and Yuppies have Low patience. To add to the challenge, the serving tray is down to three items!

Level 10, The Full Order: Make every product in the garden! (I didn't wait for customers to order: I simply added every item to my tray and then removed them - this includes the bouquet of flowers that has one of each flower, and the three different ways the sandwich can be made)
Sharon drops off Grace (along with a folder of instructions). Edward and Evelyn take the girls on their play-date. This means Emily has to top up the lemonade today.

At the end of the day Paige and Grace run into the house... and Grace falls into the hole!! Oh no :( Sharon calls the city, and has the house declared uninhabitable. They've got 24 hours to leave their home :(

Mouse Location
01. At the left end of the main counter.
02. In the vegetable garden.
03. On the roof of Daisy's cage.
04. By the lamp-post.
05. On the upturned bucket.
06. Peeking out from the lemonade jug.
07. Between the ribs and the BBQ/grill.
08. In the flowerpot to the left of the counter.
09. To the very left of Paige's lemonade stand.
10. Hanging upside down in the tree, under the birdhouse.


Customer Types

Emily and Patrick have 120 days to bring the house up to code... or the city will have the house demolished! The family are all going to help them get the work done :) And the O'Malleys will stay with Edward and Evelyn until then. Luckily Emily can start work at the scout camp today, because they are going to need the money!

Level 11, Keep 'em Happy: Serve at least ten ecstatic customers
Tip: Toast marshmallows over the fire - there is time to prepare other items before the marshmallows burn.

At the end of the day Den Leader Earnest, and his daughter, Enid, check in on Emily. There is a Super Scout award, and Earnest thinks Enid can win it. It turns out there is a bonus if Emily can make the restaurant really profitable - Emily and Patrick need that extra money!

Challenge Level 6, Safety First: Don't give kids any knives or matches. Funny this should be a challenge as I was JUST thinking how dangerous it is to give kids matches and knives hehe. Tip: Canoeing is introduced - keep an eye out for people needing a paddle.

Level 12, Backpacking: Repack the backpack
Ten scouts are off on an adventure - overnight camping. Enid doesn't like adventure camping, but she needs to lead an overnighter if she wants to have a chance at winning the Super Scout award (I think her dad wants her to win it, more than she does!).

At the end of the day Emily is back home with Patrick. Mayor (Maggie) Tyler arrives with the news that Sharon has pushed through a new order that any house as old as the O'Malley's with serious plumbing issues can be declared a public health risk and be demolished TWO WEEKS after it's been condemned! :(  The Mayor can't help them... Patrick says he'll do some research...

Level 13, New York Minute: Serve ten customers within a minute (I actually tried this a few times - I completed it after waiting for a bunch of customers to build up, and by having upgraded my menu)

Comment: I found the honey and almond granola bar a bit too hard to work out - maybe it's my laptop screen, but whether the bar had honey or not was hard for me to see! Thankfully the cherry and pecan bar is much easier to use!

Poor Enid returns from the hike looking worse for wear - she fell into a creek, after having an allergic reaction to some rye grass, after getting them lost! Francois is there to help her look on the bright side... (and to help Emily out as the Cleaner)

At the end of the day Emily sits and talks with Enid. Enid likes some of the scouting stuff, the technical/science/construction/craft side, but doesn't like the adventure side so much. Emily asks to borrow Enid's scout handbook...

Challenge Level 7, First Come, First Served: Serve the customers in the order they arrived. Make sure you remember which order customers arrived at the counter, bar, tables, AND the canoe!

Episode 14, A Different Specimen: Find the plants for Enid
Emily and Enid read the handbook together - it says all activities need to be supervised by a member of staff. Enid's dad is busy all week leading nature hikes... but Emily is a member of staff too :) Enid wants to do botany, which involves collecting a lot of samples. Her ankle is still sore, so Emily offers to get them for her.

At the end of the day Patrick wants to show Emily his progress in their bathroom... It doesn't go so well! They need to get a professional in to fix it... which is going to cost a lot of money...

Episode 15, Charred: Don't burn any food
Emily can't believe they are living with her parents! They think they have a few moments alone together... ;)

Where is Paige getting that phrase from?!

Abseiling is added today - very cool! At the end of the day Earnest announces to Enid that she's doing a skit tomorrow - Enid is horrified! Francois tells her that he'll take care of it...

Challenge Level 8, Really Messy: Some customers leave a large mess for you to clean 

Episode 16, Building Up: Hand Enid the model parts (There are eight parts. She will ask for them in a random order)
Enid's working on a hydrology model for her engineering badge. Emily is going to help by finding and handing the right part to Enid when she asks.

At the end of the day Enid and Francois do their skit - good ol' Francois has found a bunch of cheesy jokes that make everybody laugh. "A true friend is someone you can count on, no matter what" (Memorable Photo Moment).

Episode 17, Bigger Than Required: Only use two spots on your tray
The Den Leader has some great news - Emily got her bonus! Francois adds that there is more great news - Enid got her hydrology badge! But her dad doesn't seem to care much about that, nor do the other scouts. Poor Enid :(

Tip: Stir the stew/soup every-so-often to prevent it boiling over. There will be an alert to stir it if you leave it too long. At the end of the day, Emily is back at her parents house - Patrick has tried every plumber in town and none of them will take the job! Sharon has threatened them with loss of permits and contracts :(

Challenge Level 9, One Wrong Move: Don't waste any products

Level 18, Cleaning OCD: Clean three tables in a row, three times!
The winner of the Super Scout award is announced, and it's.... Marta Mariotta?! Enid isn't worried, but her dad sure looks disappointed - he takes her off to start working on her outdoor skills for next year!

Earnest and Enid return - Earnest has a sick stomach due to eating the wrong berries! Enid knows how to save him though :) See?! Being a scout isn't just about the adventure ;)

Level 19, Taking a Break: Don't serve anyone for 30 seconds
Patrick STILL can't find a plumber that will take on their job. No-one wants to cross Sharon :( Edward stops in to pickup Paige and a movie ticket drops from his pocket... 'The Grubwork Gang'! It turns out he's taken Paige five times - that certainly explains where she got that phrase from!! Edward defends the story (he loves it as much as Paige does). It gives Emily an idea...

At the end of the day Emily calls the Scout Leaders and tells them what happened with Enid and her Dad. They present Enid with the highest scout award for her bravery, the Medal of Heroism! Yay Enid (Memorable Photo Moment). Emily asks Enid for a favour... (could it be to help solve the O'Malley's house troubles??)

Challenge Level 10, Catch The Wave: Groups of customers will arrive in waves

Level 20, The Receiver: Receive all the packages (There are six)
Enid and the scouts arrive to help Patrick! She takes charge, talking drywall and supplies :)

At the end of the day Sharon arrives with the inspector... and they find NOTHING wrong :) The plumbing is newly replaced, as is the sewer line, and everything is working up to code! Yay Enid!

Enid and Emily hug - with Emily promising to visit the scout camp again soon :)

Mouse Location
11. In the grass, under the Talon Lake sign (next to the pole).
12. Peeking out from the totem pole.
13. To the left of the counter.
14. Top of the totem pole.
15. Peeking over the vat.
16. To the left of the cash register.
17. By the stool at the bottom of the screen.
18. At the top left of the Talon Lake sign.
19. Hanging upside down from the Talon Lake sign.
20. In the soup!


Customer Types

Emily arrives at her new job. Billy Beauford welcomes her, explaining that they will be running Happy Funtime Land's first ever End of Summer-Bration! Billy Jr will be helping as the Entertainer, and Samantha as the Cleaner.

Level 21, Let Me Entertain You: Entertain at least five customers
Emily's first day goes smoothly... except at the end Billy Jr and Samantha just abandon her - and litter! Meanwhile, back at the O'Malley house Sharon strikes again - this time the city wants greater highway access for the neighbourhood... so the house is going to be demolished to make room for the new road :(

Challenge Level 11, Sick Cleaner: The cleaner is absent today

Level 22, Food Fight: Clean up the food fight remains (There are 12 burger bits to find)
Emily arrives to find Billy Jr and Samantha throwing burgers at each other! She is not impressed. She tells them they need to get with the program - no food fights, cleaner tables, and work together!

At the end of the day Emily and Patrick sit down in the garden with the Mayor and Emily's parents. The Mayor explains that Sharon has the council under her thumb, which means the highway access measure is likely to pass :( The ray of hope is that if enough signatures can be collected from 'Snuggfordians', then the measure can be postponed until the city can hold a town hall meeting. But they need 100 signatures...

Level 23, Sugar Rush: Create 40 sugary snacks (I added then removed a LOT of funnel cakes to my tray hehe)
The Rollercoaster King himself stops by to see how things are going. Emily is honest - says things could be going a lot better with the kids. Instead of helping her, Billy gives his kids an advance on their pay! At the end of the day both the kids ask for the day off to attend a horror convention - the fun-park is too busy to lose both staff, so Emily asks them to take 1/2 day each.

Challenge Level 12, Party Hard: Several groups arrive that order a lot of food

Level 24, A Great Memory: Take 6 pictures of Mom and Paige riding the Ferris Wheel (Very easy - wait by the camera for them to go past. You can snap them twice at a time if you are quick)
No Billy Jr OR Samantha today! Evelyn arrives with Paige - Paige is missing her mother. The ferris wheel is fixed ready for the Summer-Bration, so Evelyn and Paige ride it :)

Back at Emily's mum's house, both Patrick and Emily had the "worst day". Emily complains about Billy's kids - they definitely don't want to be working, and she is starting to dread the Summer-Bration as much as them. And poor Patrick is having trouble getting signatures for their petition...(Memorable Photo Moment).

Level 25, I Need New Soles: Walk 1,000 miles.... I think they mean yards (Poor Emily hehe. Do lots of extra walking from table to table to make up the distance)
Billy ALMOST tells off his kids for missing work... He's going to be out drumming up business for the Summer-Bration, and leaves Emily in charge :) Samantha wants a sleep over in the Haunted House after closing - her Dad agrees, but ONLY if she works extra hard for Emily. At the end of the day Emily has to re-clean tables :(

Challenge Level 13, Infestation II: The mice are back. Catch 33 and reach the target. Same rules as the first infestation (numbered randomly below).

Level 26, The Repairman Scare: Hand the tools to the repairman (There are eight. He will ask for them in a random order)
The rollercoaster is being fixed today - Samantha and Billy Jr think it's funny to scare him with a fake spider. He drops his tools everywhere! Emily gives the siblings the hard word - work or don't get paid; work extra hard and get a bonus. Will they listen??

The kids do a great job today, earning their bonuses... They even thank Emily! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come...

Level 27, Fully Loaded: Launch three full rollercoasters (Six people fit into three carts to make it a full ride. They will ask for their photo before they get off. These are stored under the rollercoaster button)
Billy is back today - EVERYONE in Snuggford is talking about the big Summer-Bration Spectacular! The kids aren't happy to be working the last weekend of the Summer... At the end of the day Emily and Patrick arrive at their 'condemned house' to find a council worker boarding it up :( They still need more signatures...

Challenge Level 14, Are You Not Entertained?: Get 100 extra score for every table you entertain!

Level 28, Filled with Hot Air: Blow up the wacky waving inflatable arm man
The place is looking great - decorated for the Summer-Bration. Poor Emily is worried about the house :( And the kids are clearly up to no good... At the end of the day Samantha and Billy Jr at least have the nerve to look guilty about their stunt - customers demand refunds, and their poor dad looks defeated :(

Level 29, Money Maker: Get 850 in tips
The kids feel really bad about yesterday. They apologised to their dad, who said he forgave them, but he can't even look them in the eye. Emily tells them it's one thing to say sorry, but another thing to make it up to him. It looks like the pair are going to try... Emily invites her friends to help boost the takings :)

Enid and the scouts help boost the takings (did you spot her?) At the end of the day Billy checks the receipts and is blown away by the increase. The kids even refuse a reward?! Emily's definitely having a positive influence on them :)

Challenge Level 15, Money-Back Guarantee: Only ecstatic people give you points

Level 30, Keeping Healthy: Don't serve kids any drinks or fried snacks (You can still serve kids slushies)
Emily arrives at work to find all her friends and family gathered. It turns out Samantha and Billy Jr talked to their dad about letting them gather signatures!! (Memorable Photo Moment)

At the end of the day Sharon is getting ready to bulldoze the O'Malley's house! The gang arrive just in time - they have 1000 verified signatures, so Sharon will have to wait for the council meeting. Before Sharon leaves she threatens the Mayor with the upcoming elections!

Billy Beauford and his kids stop by and give Paige a fun ferris wheel toy :)

Mouse Location
21. In the snow cone/slushie machine.
22. Between the table and the rollercoaster cars.
23. Hanging from the toilet sign.
24. To the right of the rollercoaster button/controls.
25. In the toy-box, under the counter.
26. Behind the hedge.
27. In the loop-the-loop of the rollercoaster :)
28. At the bottom left of the screen, below the table.
29. Peeking out from the lemonade/Cola/Water bottle station.
30. At the left end of the counter.


Customer Types

As we head into Fall, Emily starts work at the Farmer's Market. Moon Blossom welcomes here (after forgetting her name), and Hemingway is making a pine-cone bird-feeder.

Level 31, Bonus-Frenzy: Get 20 combos, chains, or bonuses
At the end of the day Uncle Antonio bursts in on Patrick, who is busy repairing the house. Antonio was trying to help... He has with him two people from the Snuggford Historical Preservation Society. They want to make the house an historical landmark! Antonio found out the house used to belong to an astronomer named Gekko Flasker... aka Geikensfleischer (say that ten times fast :P ). The house wouldn't be demolished, but it does mean it would have to be restored EXACTLY like it was, following all the Historical Society's rules. Oh boy...

Challenge Level 16, Hungry, Hungry Customers: Double orders for table customers

Level 32, Tent-alizing: Put up the play-tent
Emily is stressed about the house :( Moon Blossom offers her some lavender tea (very sweet of her), while Emily sets to work putting up Hemingway's toxin-free play tent. Thankfully Francois is back to help out as the Cleaner. Tip: With the fresh juices, you can keep eight pieces of each fruit ready/prepared. At the end of the day Moon Blossom and Hemingway manage to get stuck in the tent hehe And it looks like Moon Blossom has an admirer - Sun Lotus is his name, and he leaves her a beautiful sun catcher that he made.

Level 33, Smile More: Keep every customer at four hearts or more
Emily and Moon Blossom talk about the crush Sun Lotus has. Moon Blossom says he keeps asking her out, and she keeps making excuses. She thinks she doesn't have the time - she's never left Hemingway with a sitter.

At the end of the day Edward is discussing Johannes Geikensfleischer (who discovered a comet) with Emily and Patrick. He thinks they are lucky... but Emily reminds him that if the house becomes a landmark they might not be able to live in it :(

Challenge Level 17, Two's a Charm: Checking out a single customer at a time doesn't give any score

Level 34, Don't Worry: Reassure Moon Blossom (Watch for her five times)
Emily has the great idea to mind Hemingway for ten minutes at a time - to ease Moon Blossom into getting a sitter for a longer period of time. How kind of Emily :)

At the end of the day Emily is up late at night trying to think of a solution to their new problem. She reads that Johannes was often confined to the attic of the house, because he was unwell. Emily suggests they preserve SOME of the house... (I spot Snuggy and Rosie!)

Level 35, Out of Stock: Create 45 re-stockable products
Hemingway is getting frustrated at his mum's over-protectiveness (no climbing trees). However Moon Blossom is feeling better about leaving him with a sitter. At the end of the day when Sun Lotus visits, Moon Blossom's attempts at getting a date fail.

Challenge Level 18, Running Low: Everyone is ordering re-stockable products

Level 36, The Danger Zone: Hand Moon Blossom the tools she needs to build a fence (There are eight tools. She will ask for them in a random order)
Hemingway is never going to climb that tree! His mum has decided to put a fence around it, so she doesn't have to worry about him climbing and getting hurt. Moon Blossom get her date!

At the end of the day Emily and Patrick are showing the Historic Society their restored attic, complete with a replica telescope. All goes well (until the window frame falls off...)

Level 37, Stay Prepared: Never have zero stock of anything
Emily and Patrick are worried about whether the Historic Society will hold off making a recommendation to the city. And Paige climbs the stairs all by herself (with mum walking behind her just in case). At the end of the day we get their answer... :(

Emily and Patrick don't let it keep them down - they take Paige up to the attic to gaze at the stars :) (Memorable Photo Moment)

Challenge Level 19, Keeping It Fair: Serve a table, then serve the counter, then server a table...

Level 38, Save The Date: Serve Moon Blossom and Sun Lotus
It's the day of the big date. Sun Lotus arrives to take Moon Blossom out... and she suggests they stay at the Farmer's Market. The date doesn't go that well :( At the end of the day, Emily is up late into the night researching again - she has an idea...

Level 39, A Good Start II: Get the first star in the first half of the day
Sun Lotus visits to say good bye to Moon Blossom - it's almost winter and there isn't enough work in Snuggford :( Moon Blossom has lots of regrets - if only she'd been braver... That thought makes her kick down the safety fence and let Hemingway climb the tree! (Memorable Photo Moment)

At the end of the day Emily reads from Johannes own words about the house. She hopes she can convince the Historic Society that it wouldn't be true to Johanne's memory if the house didn't have a happy family living in it...

Level 40, Over-Stocked: Have every product fully stocked at the end of the level
Emily gets the good news that their house isn't going to be a landmark! All the Society wants to do is put in a stained-glass window in the attic to honour Geikensfleischer.

At the end of the day Moon Blossom and Hemingway arrive at the O'Malley's for a play-date. Annnd, fate brings Sun Lotus to the house to make the stained-glass window! That's the good news... The bad news: Sharon sneaks inside and calls her contacts - she wants to make sure the O'Malley's house is never a home :(

Challenge Level 20, We Want It Fresh: Products kept too long on your tray will spoil

Mouse Location
31. Behind the wooden pole for the awning over the workbench.
32. Behind the wooden pole for the awning over he quiche station.
33. At the left end of the counter.
34. Hanging down from the workbench awning.
35. Under the painter's easel.
36. In the soup maker!
37. In the top quiche oven!
38. On the tree branch.
39. By the lemon/apple barrel.
40. Between the vase and the pie crust.


Customer Types

Level 41, Ski Retrieval: Retrieve the skies within 25 seconds
Emily arrives to run the ski lounge while Aaron Mahoney helps his daughter Marissa train. He hopes she'll take the State High School Slalom Championship this year. At the end of the day we find Patrick working on Emily's dream restaurant - he's going to get the house up to code AND build Emily's bistro.

Challenge Level 21, Sleepless Nights: Emily is tired and walks slowly if she walks too much

Level 42, Snow Package: Receive the ski-equipment (There are six packages. Watch for Chuck the Delivery Guy)
Aaron has bought his daughter some top of the line ski gear to help with her. Emily needs to look out for the packages being delivered today. At the end of the day Angela visits!!! Yay :)

Level 43, Type-Cast: Serve five of the same customer type in a row (I chose to serve five Seniors right at the start of the level)
Uh-oh Sharon visits the Ski Lounge. She's come to tell Emily that the town hall meeting about expanding the freeway as been scheduled - and it's going to be 'onsite' at the O'Malley's. Poor Grace and Paige just want to play :(

Meanwhile Patrick is struggling to deal with all Sharon's council road-blocks: permits, codes... He is not going to let Sharon win!!

Challenge Level 22, Grill Master: Make 25 grill products

Level 44, Tangled: Untangle the skis
Marissa is having trouble with her new ski bindings - her dad always wants everything perfect. Emily says she'll help untangle them.

Level 45, Dessert Storm: Create ten of each dessert type
Emily starts the day by calling people who signed their petition against Measure 21 - the first one she calls has changed his mind :( It looks like Sharon has been doing some more dirty work... At the end of the day Patrick is still hard at work on Emily's restaurant. (Memorable Photo Moment)

Challenge Level 23, Ms Clean: Clean the tables within 13 seconds

Level 46, Food-Training: Serve Aaron and Marissa
Emily learns that Marissa doesn't really like racing :( In fact she HATES it! But she doesn't want Emily to tell her dad.

Level 47, Speedy Service II: Get 12 quick bonuses
Sharon is onsite with the inspector. Apparently the bricks are too thin and the fireplace is a hazard. Sharon (and the Council) are prepared to offer Patrick HALF of what they paid for the house, or zero, which is what they'll get if the house is condemned :(

At the end of the day Aaron comes looking for Marissa - she's been missing since dinner last night (and missed TWO training sessions).

Challenge Level 24, Not Like They Used To: Appliances will break during your day

Level 48, Garbage Explosion: Clean up the restaurant
Marissa is still missing, and her dad is very worried :( Emily says she'll keep an eye out, and in meantime there is a restaurant to clean:

At the end of the day Marissa crawls out from her hiding spot! She wants to stay hidden, but Aaron walks in... and she finally tells her dad she doesn't want to race. He only wanted to make her feel confident - that she could do anything. They make up :)

Level 49, A Few Angry Men: Serve exactly eight angry customers. I let Seniors and Socialite Skiers get angry, aka down to one heart, because they give the lowest tip. Also, I watched for when they only ordered one item e.g. skis or when they sat at the bar.
Emily arrives at the house with a surprise for Patrick - all their friends and family to help finish the renovations.

At the end of the day that wicked Sharon sabotages the scaffolding! :(

Challenge Level 25, Infestation III: Revenge of the mice, find 40 mice and reach the target!

Level 50, Tray Efficient: Serve three full trays of items
Marissa goes ahead to compete in the slalom contest - she has fun with her dad, and comes third :) Aaron is super-proud of her! (Memorable Photo Moment)

At the end of the day it's time for the meeting :( Even Sharon's own daughter thinks she's being mean!

Grace and Paige decide to runaway together, and climb the scaffolding! Sharon has to admit that she removed some of the bolts :(  Emily uses curtains to catch the girls when they fall - what a relief!!

Sharon finally has to admit that everything she did was wrong - and because of a spoiled pageant season that Grace doesn't even enjoy... Sharon calls off the inspections - the house is no longer condemned!! Yay :)

Mouse Location
41. On the mantelpiece.
42. On the meat by the grill.
43. On the second level of the sweet tray.
44. Peeking over the grill.
45. Above the liquor bottle, by the liquor shelf.
46. Looking in the window.
47. Peeking over the cocktail glass.
48. Under the coffee/tea machine.
49. On the mantelpiece.
50. On the middle table.


Customer Types

Emily can't believe it - she finally has her own restaurant again :)  Patrick has done such a great job! Now that everything is finished, Emily wants to have a small house-warming party for their friends and family.

Level 51, Bigger Than Expected: Only use two spots on your tray
Edward is the adorable Entertainer, playing the guitar, while Evelyn is the Cleaner. At the end of the day Angela arrives to say goodbye to Emily. She's heading back to the Big City. The sisters exchange gifts (Memorable Photo Moment), and when their mum arrives they have a heart-to-heart just like old times :)

Challenge Level 26, Three Courses: Table customers will order three times.

Level 52, Looking For Paige: Find Paige! (Find her eight time. She will appear in a random order)
Emily warmly welcomes Moon Blossom, Sun Lotus, and Hemingway into her restaurant. The happy couple are going to have a Bliss Ceremony (professing their devotion to each other before the rising sun. Then they'll sing and dance until nightfall - repeating their devotions before the ascending moon!). She asks Emily to be her Spirit Maiden - Emily doesn't know what that is, but accepts :) Meanwhile Hemingway is off to slide down a hill on cardboard - Moon Blossom has learnt to let him be free :)

At the end of the day Emily talks to Patrick about getting a part-time nanny for Paige. It's getting harder for Emily to keep her entertained in the mornings. She promises to conduct thorough interviews... (I love their cute bedroom!)

Level 53, Efficiency Above All: Only Serve FULL orders
Francois visits - turns out he helps at Patrick's flower shop, Brigid's Spa, with Uncle Antonio's duck decoy carving (hehe), and Emily's dad's-whatever-her-dad-does! He's still looking for something he loves to do. Emily tells him she's looking for a part-time nanny... Francois agrees to fill in until she hires someone!

At the end of the day we see Francois with Paige. At first he isn't sure what to do with a two year old. But he quickly finds himself having fun :)

Challenge Level 27, Business Friendly: Only serve Business people today

Level 54, Re-supply: Receive the supplies (There are six packages. Watch for Chuck the Delivery Guy)
I was wondering when Sharon would turn up again! Sharon arrives to drop Grace off for her playdate. Seeing Emily having trouble on the phone with her supplier, she takes over - making sure Emily gets her supplies delivered today! Emily thanks her...

At the end of the day Sharon collects Grace, and Emily thanks her again for making sure the party supplies arrived in time. Emily decides to invite Sharon to the party!! Sharon says she'll need to check her schedule - Fridays are a bit hectic after all ;)

Comment: Just like the Honey Granola bar, at a quick glimpse it's easy to mix up an order of bacon sandwich, or, bacon AND tomato sandwich. 

Level 55, One Wrong Move: Don't waste any pancake or tap products
Aaron and Marissa visit. Marissa has turned her talents to surfing :) Aaron is coaching the youth ski team, who are currently undefeated! Both look much happier, and promise to be at Emily's party. At the end of the day Francois and Emily are interviewing Zoe for the nanny position. It looks like Francois and Paige maybe sabotaging the interview ;)

Challenge Level 28, Pancake Panic: Restock pancakes within 8 seconds

Level 56, Mess Hall Queen: Serve the scout group
Earnest and Enid, and the Snuggford Scouts Pack 167 visit today. They present Emily with a totem they carved themselves.

At the end of the day Enid excuses herself to use the bathroom - and fixes the leaking faucet! Earnest thanks Emily for all she did for Enid - her confidence is through the roof, and the other scouts look her for leadership! Emily reminds them to come to her party :)

Level 57, Money Maker: Get 1,500 1,260 in tips (Please note the tip has been lowered to make the challenge achievable - the fix is in the new download for the game)
The Historic Society arrives - Emily asks if they are checking up on her, but they've just come for breakfast hehe. Emily lets them sample the new sandwich she's thinking of adding to the menu: the 'Geikensfleischer' :)

At the end of the day Francois and Emily are interviewing Shaniqua for the nanny job... It doesn't go well for her hehe

Another interview sabotaged by Francois and Paige!

Challenge Level 29, Busy, But Energetic: Emily walks a lot faster!

Level 58, Housewarming: Put up the decorations!
Emily and Patrick discuss the nanny situation, while putting up decorations. Emily's a little worried about the invitation list - it's grown huge! At the end of the day Emily is waiting for her next nanny interviewee... It turns out the candidate is Francois! Paige just got a new nanny, yay Francois!!

Level 59, Sole-Searching: Walk 1,500 yards
Billy Beauford and his kids, Billy Jr and Samantha stop by the restaurant. They have some coupons for Emily to handout. The park is normally closed at this time of year, but the kids had an excellent idea for a promotion: Happy Funtime Land's Ghouliday Season Spooktacular. Emily promises that her and Patrick will be there :) She invites them to the party of Friday.

At the end of the day Emily is worried about the party - Patrick assures her - they can do anything after what they've been through :)

Challenge Level 30, Single File: Customers can only line up in one line

Level 60, Everything is Everything: Make all products in this restaurant
Emily arrives at work to find her family in the restaurant. They're all here to help prepare for the party :)

Let the party begin! Sharon arrives a little late, with new curtains for the restaurant (the old ones were ruined when Emily used them to rescue the girls from the scaffolding).

Emily and Patrick make a speech to their friends and family - thanking them for all their help.

Billy Beauford pipes up thanking Emily :) The crowd thanks her for everything she has done!

Now it's time to dance! Everyone gets in on the action :)

Mouse Location
51. Peeking over the pancake batter.
52. Seen through the right-hand window, top middle window by the sidewalk gutter.
53. Just outside the front door.
54. Behind the right-hand heart banister by the stairs.
55. In front of the family portrait.
56. In the kitchen corner by the juice and pancake toppings.
57. In the middle of emily's couch.
58. To the left of the sweets counter.
59. By the green front door.
60. To the right of the sweets counter.